How to find which users to engage with in Facebook Groups?

Wouldn’t it be the most amazing thing if everyone you tried to talk to on Facebook actually used it?

Isn’t it so annoying when you send a message to your friend or post happy birthday but they never get back to you?

Imagine being a marketer with 4000+ friends and visiting their profiles only to find their last post was a year ago.

What a waste of time, right?

There’s got to be a better way!

The king of online congregations

It’s no secret Facebook is the king of congregating people in groups.

In the last few years, they even changed their marketing and their platform to focus on Groups.

So it’s no wonder that every coach, leader and guru is teaching how to use and grow groups.

I’m no exception, but I want to focus on who to engage with and how to find them in Groups.

What are they teaching about groups?

One thing you’ll notice about most coaches and online marketers is they are teaching you how to behave in groups.

They tell you how to find groups and then what to do in those groups to become “the guy” (or gal) that everyone loves.

Don’t get me wrong, I think that’s a great idea, if you have time to dedicate to the task.

You see, the way it works is you need to post regularly in the group, then you need to spend time reading everyone else’s posts, then you need you comment on their posts.

But that’s not all, you need to do that in 5-10 groups for it to be worth it.

After a while – months maybe – people will recognize you as the one who knows the answers.

How do I save time and talk to active people?

Instead of working so hard at finding posts you can comment on and become that person, what if you could just talk to the people who are active?

I’m not saying to go to groups and send messages to people who post there, that would be spam.

But, I do know that the people posting in groups and commenting are the ones that are active.

That’s obvious right? But how do you take advantage of that?

I mean, if you start commenting on their comments, you’ll be the weirdo who’s obviously after something!

So, what’s the answer?


The power of Notifications and how to use it

You probably have noticed that anyone commenting or reacting to your stuff ends up as a notification.

Sure, you don’t see them all but you see most.

What if you were the one in other people’s notifications?

Do you realize that if you are in their notifications often enough, they will start to recognize you?

To get there, you need to be commenting on their stuff, right?

What I do is find the groups that I think my target market is in, then check the groups for posts and comments and lastly visit those people’s profiles and engage on their posts.

Lots of work, right?

There is a better way

It takes a lot of time to check the groups and navigate the comments and then the profiles of those people.

What if I told you there was a tool that did that for you and gave you a nice and neat list of users to engage with?

I know you might be worried about automating Facebook activity and that’s not what I’m talking about.

The tool only gives you list of profiles to visit – these are the people who commented and posted in groups you tell it to.

The tool is called Active Group Users and you can find it at

The coolest thing is that it even keeps track of which ones you’ve visited and lets you track how many comments and reactions you did.


You can certainly do the thing in Groups that the gurus and coaches tell you.

Be the one people in that groups notice as the most helpful person and they will definitely be open to hearing from you.

Or, use a tool like Active Group Users and short circuit the time it takes to connect with the ones that are actually active.

Watch the video to learn more on this and how to use the tool.

And don’t forget to share – your friends (and I) will thank you!

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