How to Get Leads to Want to Hear About your Offer?

Wouldn’t it be the most amazing thing if every 2 or 3 people actually was willing to check out your offer?

That’s what everyone says is your goal, right – get people to just look at your offer.

If no one looks at your offer, no one will every buy – that’s a guarantee.

So it makes sense that leaders tell you to talk to as many people as you can and get them to just check out your offer.

All leaders agree that your number 1 goal should be to get people to look at your offer.

First is friends and family

And because it’s really hard to get strangers to check out our offer, leaders all tell you to talk to your friends and family…

They even tell you to ask them for a favor – yuck!

I did that too you know, it’s especially awful when you change offers, I know it was for me, going to 5 or even 10 different companies – no one wanted to hear from me!

That’s where most people are after 6-12 months of trying to convince their friends and family.

So then we turn to strangers.

Then it’s strangers

The next logical step is to talk to strangers – if you haven’t given up!

I did that, for a while – I would walk up to strangers in gas stations, grocery stores, malls, fitness centers, restaurants, you name it!

I actually got pretty good at it, but it still eventually got the best of me.

Sure, you can get good at talking to strangers, but you still need to go out there and find them.

You need the time and spend money on gas and all that… eventually you run out there too.

What’s next?

Going online to find new people to talk to

That’s right, just like you, I eventually figured out where everyone was and I thought it would be so easy!

Let me tell you, I was so excited at first about this – I could find a ton of people online in groups and message them!

I could send them friend requests and comment on their posts, then just send them my link to check out my offer!

Easy right? Not so much.

That didn’t work too good – got blocked – ignored and called a scammer and spammer!

I was crushed! I was so close to quitting! But then, I learned about attraction marketing

Doing the attraction marketing thing

Then I learned about the concept of getting people to reach out to you.

So, I created content that my ideal prospect would like.

I engaged on their posts – I hung around in their groups – I became “the expert”

Then I waited – well, it was a LOT of work – especially when I decided to go on all platforms!

I mean it works, I have lots of people who know me know and like what I do.

I’ve made sales because of that, but still….

Then I learned how to use notifications to MAKE people learn about me!

Leveraging notifications

It’s pretty easy to miss but what is the one thing that pretty much everyone does on social media, at least once in a while?

They check their notifications – they use it to decide what to engage on.

By making yourself show up in their notifications, they see your face and it’s only a matter of time before they recognize you.

If you show up in their notifications every few days, you’ll go through these thoughts in their mind over time:

  • Who’s this new person?
  • Oh there they are again!
  • Hmm, wonder who they are?
  • Ok, I recognize this person – let me check their profile
  • I know this person
  • I like this person
  • I trust this person

And we all know that before someone buys from you, they need to trust you.

What’s best way to get in their notifications?

You could just comment and react to anything in the timeline or you could go through your friend list.

You could even become that “expert” in the groups they are and answer their questions.

But let me ask you this: What is the thing everyone who posts on Facebook actually want?

That’s right, they want people to like, comment and share their stuff they post!

So, give them what they want – you’ll show up in their notifications and they’ll eventually trust you.

Simple right? Well, maybe not that easy when you have 4000+ friends

Who should you engage on?

So, then you need to figure out who’s posts to engage with, right?

My secret is my Active Group Users Chrome Extension.

It’s a tool that will go to the groups you choose (when does your target market hang out?)

Then it will go find the users who are active in those groups and give you a list.

You use that list to engage on their posts and keep track of who you engage on and how long ago.


If you want to get your ideal prospect to know, like and trust you, they need to see you in their notifications and be happy of that.

By engaging on their posts in their profile, you are sure they will like to see you in their notifications.

To keep track of who you visited and how much you’ve engaged, use Active Group Users Chrome extension at

Check out the video to learn more and as always, make sure to share this with your friends.

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