Top 10 Simple Online Strategies to Grow an Audience Fast!

It’s always important to go back to the basics once in a while as a refresher.

Of course, it’s also important to discuss as a content creator like me because my audience is always growing.

Maybe you’ve been around for years following me or maybe this the first article your read from me!

Either way, knowing these 10 simple online strategies to grow an audience fast will serve you well!

What do I mean by Simple?

Before we get into these Simple Strategies, let’s cover what simple actually means.

Well, more accurately, what I mean by simple.

To me, simple means something that can be done by following a few steps.

It doesn’t mean easy or quick, although it could be easy and quick too.

Think of driving a car – you probably think it’s easy to do now, but when you first started driving, I’m sure you didn’t think it was easy!

You learned the simple steps to driving though – look in mirrors, hold steering wheel, press gas and go.

Well, maybe more to it, but I’m sure you get the idea.

What are the 10 Simple Online Strategies to Grow an Audience Fast?

Let’s start by simply listing these 10 strategies and then we’ll get into each in a little more detail.

Before we do that though, you might be interested in an eBook I wrote a few years back called “The Top 10 Simple Online Strategies that actually Attracts Customers and team members to you” – you can get it at

The strategies in that eBook are very similar but I’ve learned a few things since then, so here’s the list:

  1. Know your audience
  2. Know your offer
  3. Stick to one
  4. Setup online presence right
  5. Don’t post about product or company
  6. Create content regularly
  7. Use tools the right way
  8. Engage on everything
  9. Connect daily
  10. Learn the 80/20 rule

Now, let’s talk about each of these…

Strategy 1: Know your audience

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years is that you can’t sell anything to anyone if you try to sell it to everyone.

I used to not believe in that but it’s definitely true.

The real secret is this: you don’t need to figure out who your audience is, you just decide who they are!


After that, it’s a question of deciding their likes and dislikes, their pain and pleasure points, etc…

This is the only way you’ll be able to know how to talk to them in your posts and videos.

Strategy 2: Know your offer

Another one I struggled with was knowing my offer.

I thought: sure, I know what I’m selling – it’s color is blue, ingredients are X, Y and Z and it’s called ABC!

Problem is none of that matters when you’re trying to sell it.

What you need to know is what your offer gives your client, what we call benefits instead of features.

For example, if your product helps to loose weight, the feature is weight loss but the benefits are sleeping better, feeling sexier, having other envy you shape, feeling good about wearing a bikini… stuff like that.

When you know your offer’s benefits, you can then connect those benefits to your audience’s likes and pleasure points.

Strategy 3: Stick to one

You’ll definitely be tempted to offer different products and play around with your offers and messaging.

That’s one thing that needs to be stopped.

You need to stick to one strategy, one goal, one offer and one audience!

Do this until you get results (meaning sales and income) or decide it’s not right, but give it lots of time.

Strategy 4: Setup online presence right

As you build your online presence, you’re going to use Attraction Marketing strategies.

That means using social media to get people to know who you are, what your values are and what you’re about.

There’s lots to be said about social media marketing, but the basics of it is to have a profile picture of yourself, have a good BIO and cover photo and post public posts.

Also, if you’re going to use multiple platforms, make sure to have same cover photo, profile picture and BIO so people know it’s you.

Strategy 5: Don’t post about product of company

You might be tempted to post pictures of your product or talk about your company.

After all, that’s what Coke, Nike and Walmart do, right? Why can’t you do the same?

If you don’t, people will think you’re not talking about that because you’ve got something to hide, right?

Wrong – well, sure, they can think that but that’s not a reason to do it.

Just don’t do it! You won’t get better results if you do – I promise you!

The truth is that people who see what product or company you are offering will just google it.

They will most likely either find negative reviews on it or someone else to buy it from.

Strategy 6: Create content regularly

One of the most important things is to produce content regularly.

That can be daily, weekly, 3 times a week or once a month, but be consistent.

Of course, you content needs to speak to your audience and be about the benefits they will get from your product.

Well, not always – you also need to be posting about you so they get to know you – remember, it’s attraction marketing at work.

Strategy 7: Use tools the right way

When I say tools, I’m talking about your camera and your words.

There are 2 things I believe strongly in:

First, when recording video, try to look at the camera as much as you can – this is telling the viewer that you are looking at them.

Second, in posts or in talking during recordings, use the singular form as you are talking to a single person.

You might feel like you are talking to your 2000 Facebook friends or your 10,000 YouTube subscribers but in reality there’s always just one person looking at your video or reading your post.

Strategy 8: Engage on everything

This one is so important – if you don’t engage, you are heading for a slow death on social media.

When I say engage on everything – I mean as much as you can…

React to posts – comment on posts – reply to comments

The reason why it’s so important is because the platform will only show your posts to others if it deems you worthy of it.

That is decided based on your activity – posting alone isn’t enough – they want active people and will reward you for it.

Strategy 9: Connect daily

Simply put, every day, you should be trying to connect to new people.

This can be by engaging on their posts, but eventually, you’ll need to send them messages, have zooms with them or talk on the phone.

Without that, you might as well not be in business!

Yes, I know it’s harsh, and we all want the business where we don’t need to talk to anyone, but that only comes after a long time of connecting daily.

Strategy 10: Learn the 80/20 rule

When we talk about posting content regularly, what I didn’t clarify is that the content can’t always be about the same thing.

If it was, people would quickly get bored and move on.

That’s why all leaders talk about posting using the 80/20 rule – or the 90/10 rule.

Post 80% value and 20% offers.

Value refers to posting thing that your audience considers valuable – they are willing to trade their time for it.

What I mean is their time to read your post or watch your video is very valuable to them – they could be spending that time on other thing, so treat it as a valuable favor they are doing for you.

How do you make your content valuable enough to them?

Post about your life, post entertaining things, post inspirational things, post results from others, post things to teach them, etc…

Only 10-20% of the time should you be posting about your offer.


I know this was a long post and believe me when I say, it’s not enough.

It’s supposed to be about Simple Strategies and having so much to say probably makes it not as simple as I’d want.

Still, I hope you can see that it’s not very complicated to follow these strategies.

You’ll also want to check out the video as I talk more about all this in it.

Share with your friend too – they need to see this – use the social icons.

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