How to become a Group Hacker to find Hottest prospects?

I bet you have heard of ways to use groups to find leads and grow your audience.

It’s try that over time, using the basic strategies taught by leaders and gurus, that you will find some leads.

I’ve actually been doing that myself for years and I have found some new friends and new clients too.


It takes so much time to weed out the hottest leads from the not-so-hot leads!

What is a Group Hacker?

So, before I get into the actual topic for this post, let me clarify what I mean by Group Hacker…

Because, let’s face it, anything with the word “hacker” has potential for being seen negatively.

No one wants to be associated with negativity – at least not if given a choice.

A group hacker is someone who understands how groups work, how to find the right groups for a particular niche and how to find the most active users in the group and outside of it.

As a Group Hacker, you have an advantage over all other social media influencers out there.

How do leaders teach you to use groups?

There are two main ways to use groups, first as a group owner and second as a member.

Group owners have totally different reasons to use groups than someone who’s “just” a member.

As a member, leaders tell us to engage in the group on the posts by answering questions and becoming “the expert”.

The idea being that, over time, other members will start to recognize you and know you as that expert.

It’s a great strategy to be sure but it’s slow to achieve that result – typically years depending on group size.

As a group owner, it’s a totally different ball game and we won’t get into that here.

Why become a Group Hacker?

As a Group Hacker, you can still do some engagement in the group to achieve the same status but you’ll be focusing more on member’s personal profile posts.

The reason is that even if someone posts in a group, say to ask a question, and you answer it, this might be the only time this member ever sees your face.

What you want to become is the person they see in their notifications all the time.

Let’s face it, Facebook is notorious for only showing us in notifications only when it feels like it.

You might not even show up in their notifications when you answer their question as a matter of fact!

What do you do as a Group Hacker?

The activities that you’d do regularly, every day if you want, are these:

  • Visit the group
  • Find the posts in the group
  • Take note of who posted those posts
  • Visit those member’s personal profiles
  • Determine if these users are active on Facebook or not (how many public posts do you see)
  • Go back to group and look at comments on the posts
  • Do the same for the post commenters

After doing this for a while, you’ll know who is most active and you can engage with those people and not worry about the ones who just post or comment in the group.

As you can imagine, this will take a lot of time too but you’ll get results a lot faster by focusing on the people who will actually see your engagement on their posts.

What does the manual process look like?

You might be thinking you don’t have time for this and I can certainly understand that sentiment.

When I first started doing that, I quickly because overwhelmed with hundreds of profiles to track!

It wasn’t the easiest thing to do but I would spend some time every day just looking at who posted and commented and track the number of times in a google sheet.

After a week, I was able to start to see who was most active because they would have posted or commented 2-3 times in that week.

Then I was able to engage on the most active people by going to their profile and commenting on their posts.

I would engage on 2-3 posts of 10-20 people every day and they started to recognize me pretty quickly.

When I chose to send them a private message, they didn’t ignore it because they recognized me from their notifications.

Cool right?

There’s even a better way!

To be honest though, it was still pretty time consuming.

As a programmer, I know that any repetitive task can be automated too so I started to work on a tool.

Now, I use a tool called Active Group Users which is a Chrome Extension! Find it at

It does all the work to find the most active users in groups for me!

Then all I do now is just click the links to visit people’s profiles.

It even tracks when last visit to a profile was so I don’t visit the same person every day!


I’ve been using the tool for almost a year now and am working on improving it even more but it’s been a godsend for me.

Check out the video to see it in action as well as gain more insight into the process of Group Hacking.

Hopefully you’ll find it as useful as I do but either way, you can learn the skills to do it all yourself too.

Oh, and don’t forget to share this will all your online marketer friends, they’ll love you for it!

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