What is an Ask Campaign and How to setup an Ask campaign?

Have you ever thought of the fact that a sale happens only when all questions are answered?

It’s true, think about it, you won’t buy something if you feel you don’t know what you care to know about it!

That’s why it’s supper important, especially online, to make sure you answer all of your prospects questions!

Sometimes, those are called objections, but that’s a topic for another time.

You are the expert!

You might think you know all the questions your target market wants answered.

You are the expert after all, right?

Well, you’re probably wrong about that!

You need to humble yourself and ask them what they want to know using an Ask Campaign!

Maybe though that you do know everything, right?

Do you really know everything?

Before you go off and say you’ve been doing this for years and are indeed the expert so don’t need to ask others what they want, let me ask you this:

What if the best target audience (those that will pay) have different questions than you thought?

Truth is that no matter how smart we are and how long we’ve been doing something, we still can learn.

Not to mention that we tend to forget the things we learned in very beginning since they are second nature to us now.

Because of that, you need to use an Ask Campaign.

What is an Ask Campaign?

The idea of an Ask Campaign is to find out exactly what your best target audience wants to know and then give it to them.

There is more than one benefit to this – other than actually answering their questions, they will feel you care about them!

That’s the million dollar value of an Ask Campaign!

It’s a simple page that asks a single question – What do you want to know most about X?

How to create an Ask Campaign?

When you google this question, you’ll find that Russell Brunson from Click Funnels talks about it in his book Expert Secrets.

It’s not surprising then that you can create one with Click Funnels.

In the video below or above, I show you the results of that Google search and the page that shows up but since Click Funnels released 2.0 officially the day after my recording, that link doesn’t work anymore!

I’m glad I was able to get that recorded though to at least show you examples.

Still, it’s easier to create than I originally thought with a custom field.

Why would they answer your question?

Obviously, this depends on where you are on your journey, but it might be not so easy to get people to answer a question if they are paying for your offer.

This is why, you most often will use an Ask Campaign when you are first creating your offer and will be putting it together based on the answers.

As Russell explains in the book, to sell your expert advice as a digital course, you first have to prove to your audience that it’s worth buying.

This is why you typically start with a free workshop where you teach it to a beta group.

These people are the ones who answered your question because you gave them a free ticket to your $197 or $499 workshop!

The Ask Campaign basics

So, your Ask Campaign will be as simple as this:

  • Tell them what your workshop is about
  • Tell them they get a free ticket by answering the question
  • Ask them the question

That’s it! Of course, the wording you use makes a huge difference and will affect how many responses you get.

Once you have collected 100 or so answers, you put them together and create your workshop modules or sections based on the top 10 or so questions you got.

Don’t forget to setup an email autoresponder to capture their email, their question and respond to them so they know you got it.

This will also allow you to get back to them to send them workshop link and to remind them of the workshop date.

Using Click Funnels to Create an Ask Campaign

It’s not very complicated to create an Ask Campaign, as all you need is a new form element which you set to custom.

Here are the steps:

  • Choose a simple opt-in template
  • On the form section, add a new element and choose text area
  • In the configuration of that, set to custom and give it a name (like question)
  • Edit any text around it and setup the funnel like a normal opt-in funnel

Each question will show up the contacts details

Delivering your workshop

After you’ve put together your workshop, you need to deliver it.

With 100 people answering your question, you should get 30% attendance or so.

This will get your some testimonials which you must save as that is gold to grow your business.

Of course, this post isn’t about a workshop or course, but you get the idea.


Although an Ask Campaign is relatively simple to understand and setup, there are lots of pieces to it.

You’ll most certainly want to checkout the video to see exactly how I do it so you can do it easily too.

Don’t forget to share this post with your marketer friends too.

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