How to get Endless Content Ideas for your Posts?

Finding content ideas is a very common struggle with online marketers using social media!

I know I always wonder what to post next and I’ve used many different tactics to find content ideas.

Recently though, I found this new way to find content ideas that was staring me right in the face!

Pretty crazy and quite easy to use I tell ya!

Why would you need content ideas?

I guess we start with clarifying the reason why online marketers need content ideas.

It might be obvious to you, but if it’s not, read on, otherwise feel free to skip to the juicy parts below.

To start with, an as online marketer, your number 1 goal is the same no matter what your offer is.

To get sales, right? I mean, sure, you have to care about people and all that good stuff because you’re not gonna get any sales if you don’t, but still, you want sales.

It would be so easy if we had the millions to spend on ads but we don’t, at least I don’t, so we need to post content regularly.

Why is most important about your content choice?

This content must be interesting to your audience because the social platform will not even share it if no one engages on it.

That’s just how it works. You post, 1 or 2 people engage and platform shares it to find others to engage.

Doesn’t matte how good you think it is, it all has to do with getting engagement.

Without initial engagement, your content will go nowhere and no one will see it.

So, you must choose content that your audience is interested in, which is why you need to know who your audience is.

What are other ways to find content ideas?

Over the last 5 years, I ‘ve learned lots of ways to find content ideas.

You start by deciding who your audience is, what they like and don’t like and get ideas from that.

Then, you look at what others are doing in your market space and get ideas from their content.

Next, you can look at your content from the past that did well and get ideas from that.

But, your missing out on one of the best places to find new content ideas!

What’s the best place to find new content ideas?

Mind maps!

What are mind maps? They are visual representations of the concepts in a particular piece of content, like a course or a book.

You might be think that’s great but I can’t invest in all the course I’d need to buy to find all those mind maps!

Well, you’re in luck – it will cost you almost nothing, just like it did me!

What if I told you that you can get access to 1000s of mind maps for next to nothing?

Where’s best place to find Mind Maps?

If you can find 1 single mind map that is about a course that your audience would be interested in, you can easily get dozens of great content ideas.

What if you had access to 1000s of them? Sure, not all would be interesting to your audience, but plenty would.

The place to find those 1000s of mind maps is in a PLR site – a Private Label Rights web site.

There are tons of those and you can look them up, but the one I use has a lifetime license for a ridiculous price!

Get your access at and forget about ever running out of content ideas!

What is a Private Label Right site?

Before moving on, let me explain what a PLR or Private Label Right site is.

Basically, they publish new content every month that you can use, resell or even white label and resell.

The content varies from one site to the other but the one I use publishes PDF eBooks, Courses and even software.

I’ve taken many of the courses there and re-published them to my own course hosting web site click eCourse (which you can use too for free by the way).

Some PLR sites have a monthly or yearly membership fee but the one I use is lifetime access for $37 right now!

Using PLR site for it’s Mind Maps and content ideas

One of the things about the content on PLR sites is that some content is for personal use only, some is for resale and some is even white label master reselable.

The white label means you can change it and use it as your own content.

But for content ideas, you just need to find courses that your target market would be interested in that has a mind map in it and get dozens of ideas from just one course.

Of course, if it’s a course you can resell, you might even offer it to your audience but that’s a topic for another day!


Finding content ideas by looking at what others have done is always the best way and using a PLR site and course Mind Maps is the best and fastest way I found!

It’s pretty great when you find a Mind Map with 20 or even 50 content ideas that are perfect for your audience.

Imaging having access to 100 or 1000 of those course, all with ideas for your audience!

So make sure to get your own access to the best Private Label Rights Site at for a measly $37 lifetime access!

Oh, and checkout out the video as I show you exactly what I’m talking about here.

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