How to Turn Cold Prospects to Buyers Fast with Automated software?

We all start building our online business to get sales and all leaders tell us to not focus on that.

I gotta tell you from experience that it’s probably the hardest thing to do!

I also have to tell you that it’s very true that if you’re always thinking about making money, you won’t!

So, how do you stop obsessing over money and still get there?

The Know Like Trust Ladder

What I found that is the most common message from every single leader and guru is that people need to trust us before they buy from us.

Leaders will tell you to focus on creating content regularly, being consistent and connecting with people.

I’ve found a simpler way to put it…

Have them climb the know, like & trust ladder!

How does climbing the ladder get them to buy from you?

Think of it this way:

Marketers will tell you to exposes prospects to your offer.

Sales people will tell you is takes 7-10 exposures to make a sale.

Personal branding experts will tell you to create content about you!

Put is all together and see each rung of the ladder as an exposure and realize that your prospect needs to get to the top of the ladder to buy from you.

They can’t get to the top without taking each step on the rungs of the ladder

How does the Know, Like & Trust process fit the ladder?

Each rung of the ladder is an exposure to you and your content.

As they see more content each day, the go up the ladder one rung at a time.

They start off having no idea who you are, never having heard of you and then the know you.

As they keep going up the ladder they start to like you and eventually trust you.

Keep in mind they can jump off the ladder anytime – they might decide they actually don’t like you for example if they are a dog person and you’re a cat person.

And that’s okay because you only want people who like you to go up the ladder with you.

How do you find the right people to take up the ladder?

This is where it gets interesting when considering what online leaders and gurus teach.

They all say to do these things:

  • Create content regularly, be consistent and congruent with your offer
  • Engage every day with posts in feed, on friends profiles and in groups
  • Have conversations with new prospects daily

There’s one thing missing from this process and that’s control of who you connect with

In every guru’s training, you leave it to the platform to decide what posts and people to engage with.

In the beginning that makes sense because you’re still learning about the actual process, the tools and the platform but after a while that gets old.

You end up seeing the same 20-30 people in your news feed – there’s got to be a better way!

There’s a better way!

I eventually learned to connect with those that were the most active on the platform.

I would go visit the groups my target market was in, find those who posted or commented all the time and connect with them.

Problem is was that this process was super time consuming.

Don’t get me wrong, the difference between choosing who to engage with and letting the platform choose for me was night and day but it was a lot of work to find those people.

That’s why I created a tool to the hard work for me – a simple software!

Simple software is the secret

What if you had a simple software that you told it the groups and it went in those groups and gave you the list of the people to connect with?

You wouldn’t have to spend hours browsing groups and taking notes of who is posting and who is commenting and then checking if they are active, it would do that for you!

Imagine having a list of the most engaged prospects in your most targeted groups every day!

You’d only need a few minutes a day to engage on posts, not hours!

Get your free software on my workshop!

I’ve decided to give this software away for those that are serious enough to take an hour to attend a workshop.

In this workshop, I’ll show you how to use this simple software and give you free use for 90 days!

I’ve been doing the workshop live and you can always register to the next session at

Hope to see you there!


Remember that it’s all about getting your ideal prospect to go up the know, like & trust ladder and to do that, it’s as simple as getting them exposures to you.

By engaging on their content, you are exposing them to you because you’ll be in their notifications and they will eventually check your profile out.

Also, Facebook will show them your posts in their news feed because of the interaction between you and them.

Watch the video as I go through lots of this in greater detail.

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