What is the Best Kept Secret to Growing Your Audience Trust Factor?

If you’re just starting out I imagine you wouldn’t know what I’m talking about.

But if you’ve been at it for a while, I’m sure you know how important it is that you gain the trust of your audience.

To be honest, that’s something I never really believed that much when I got started way back in 2015!

I thought it was all about have a quality product that people needed and that was it!

Boy was I wrong!

Why is a quality product not enough?

Before we answer that, let’s bring us all into the same place of understanding.

When we say you need to grow your audience’s trust factor, we mean that they need to trust you as a person…

Mainly because these days online, people do not care about a product or a company, they care about people.

That’s why we hear about personal branding, being yourself and being genuine.

No matter how amazing and great your product is, unless people trust you as a person, they are most likely not going to buy…

Why do we need to grow our audience’s Trust Factor?

Let’s think about the basics here… when a neighbor moves in next door, what would it take for you to buy something from them?

Say your new neighbor sold used cars, insurance, soap or was a realtor, what would it take?

If you think about it, you’ll answer that you’d need to trust him because no matter how great his car, the insurance he sells, that soap is or the homes he’s listing are – you wouldn’t want to be swindled into paying more either.

That’s why you need to grow the trust factor of your audience in you.

How to grow your audience Trust Factor in you?

This is where we talk about trust factor and what it means to grow it in you.

It might sound silly but it’s basic human need to trust others, we need that as much as we need to breath.

When we live in an environment that we trust no one, we feel alone and helpless and that’s not good for our health.

Sure, some will say they are happy to live alone but that’s not the point.

Just know, it’s a human need to trust others and we all have it no matter what we may think, it’s in our instinct and subconscious needs.

Ok, so what?

What does that tell us?

Why do we care?

Well believe it or not, trust simply comes from familiarity and marketers know this which is why we buy things after seeing ads often enough.

How do you get people to trust you on social media?

It’s pretty simple to get people on social media to trust you…

All you have to do is be seen by them enough!

not as easy as it may sound though…

Regardless of how easy or not it may be, gurus and leaders tell you post regularly and people will come to you.

While that’s true to some extent, the problem is the platform algorithm – I bet you hate that like me, right?

What is the Secret to Growing Your Audience Trust Factor?

The secret is exposure count!

What does that mean you say?

If you’ve been following along, you get that advertising causes us to trust by exposing us to the offer enough times.

What might not be clear is how and why that happens.

To put it simply, each ad we see is an exposure and sales people will tell you that, on average, people will buy after 10 exposures.

However, when sales talk about exposures, they are referring to physical presentations, phone calls and meetings, which isn’t a 30 second ad on TV or a post on social media.

On social media, it takes more exposures if we define them as a post in their news feed for example.

There’s even a better Secret on Social Media

The best kept secret on social media is Notifications!

That’s right, a Notification is actually an exposure – every time someone see you in their notifications, you’ve added an exposure to you for them.

This translates into growing the trust factor and this is just human nature.

Of course, promise me you’ll use this for good – not to swindle people!

Some will say commenting on other people’s posts is just fake engagement and it can certainly be if you aren’t caring about the actual post and your comment.

But I implore you to be honest and sincere in your engagements on social media.

Trust is something that might come automatically with exposures, but it’s lost instantly with dishonesty.


As you can see, gaining trust on social media is quite simple and getting sales is all about trust.

It’s not that easy though because the platform controls who sees what and using notifications is the best kept secret.

Because of that, I built a tool because I was tired of being at the mercy of the platform’s algorithm!

Instead of letting them choose what I see, I took control and you can too!

Learn more at workshop.jsgagnon.com when I host a free workshop on all this and the tool.

Oh, and take a look at the video, you’ll get more insight into this too!

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