What is Best way to find your most engaged prospects on Facebook?

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the last 7 year online, it’s this…

You’re wasting your time if you are only engaging on the posts in your Facebook feed!

I’ve been learning that the most important thing you need to do if to find new prospects daily!

And if you’re not using Active Group Users software to find them (learn more at https://workshop.jsgagnon.com), then you’re wasting a lot of time just finding them.

I’ve been posting a lot about this software recently but keeping it to the end of the blog as to not seem too salesy…

The truth is that I really believe this software is going to revolutionize your prospect “finding” activities.

Why not just capture pages to get leads?

You might be thinking that the leaders tell you you need to create a capture page to get leads.

I totally agree, you need to have a valuable freebie offer and a capture page to gather leads.

Those leads are super important to your business and growing an email list is still very critical to your success in the long term.

I have created 5 or 6 eBooks myself over the years, the first of which was called “12 EASY Steps to Monetize YOUR passion” back in 2016 – you can still see the crappy video I did here: http://freeguide.successwithjs.com/

The last one I did was called “The 12 Critical Steps to Your Online Success” which you can see at http://onlinesuccess12steps.com

All that to say that even with that, if you aren’t reaching out to people, you won’t go very far, like I didn’t until now.

Why do we need to reach out to people?

One of the things that all leaders will tell you is that you need to talk to people to grow your business.

When I started, I just wanted to create the content, the capture pages, the email list and not talk to anyone in person because that’s what the leaders do.

I mean, I bought stuff from all kinds of people without ever talking to them, so why wouldn’t others do that with my stuff?

Crazy, I know – I bet you think the same thing (or thought it before)

Well, turns out that people don’t buy from people they don’t know, like and trust…

Or from people that others told them they could trust – that’s why we buy from leaders, because they have tons of testimonials and “social proof”

You need that social proof before they’ll buy from you without talking to you…

Which is why you first need to talk to them!

Why do we need to find the active users?

One of the secrets of social media is that people will automatically get to know you, like you and trust you if they see you enough.

This is why leaders tell you to create content and engage on other people’s posts.

That’s super important but what we miss is ensuring we get the most active people to see us enough.

See, the problem is if you comment on a post and no one sees your comment, or visits your page, then no one will get to know you.

If you make sure to engage on posts from people who are active on Facebook, you can be sure they will see your comments, notifications and posts.

How do you find the most active users?

Well, what is an active users anyway?

An active user is someone who posts and comments regularly, most likely multiple times a day.

They are using Facebook all the time and are posting at least a few times a week.

So, if you were to keep track of all the posts of everyone and count theirs posts and comments, you’d be able to list who is most active.

Obviously, this is not an easy task when there are literally millions of people of Facebook!

Not to mention that being active on Facebook isn’t enough – you need to find people who are in your target market.

Where do you find the right active users?

This is where it gets interesting…

What if you looked in groups for the users who are in your target market, basically groups of people interested in a specific topic?

You could see who is posting in the group and who is commenting the most.

Then, you could check their personal profile to see if they post there too.

You’d want to engage on their personal profile post so they start to like you because you’re doing what they want others to do for them on Facebook, engage on their posts!

What if you could get that list without the work?

That’s where the software Active Group Users comes in.

You tell it the groups you want it to look into…

It then goes in a finds the most active users and gives you a list you can work with!

Pretty cool right?

Learn more at https://workshop.jsgagnon.com


It’s clear that posting content that your audience is interested in is important so your profile is attractive to them – that’s the whole premise of Attraction Marketing!

What’s not so clear is who you can engage on to grow your audience and fill it with prospects who know what you’re about.

I hope it’s obvious to you now that the best people to engage with are the ones who are active on Facebook and finding who the active users are is key to that!

Using Active Group Users software is the best way to find them too!

Watch the video to see how to do that and more on why it’s the best kept secret!

Make sure to share with with your friends too! They need to know this.

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