How to Create a Course In Minutes that you can sell in 2023?

With the new year upon us, it’s time to look at what you need to make it big in 2023!

I bet you’ve heard by now that the e-learning industry is where you have to be focusing on.

Seriously, billions are being spent on digital courses and platforms.

Everyone now uses the internet to learn and you should get a piece of that pie!

How long does it take to create a course?

Obviously, that depends a lot on what kind of course you are creating.

But let’s talk about simple online courses that are meant to teach a topic by just explaining it with words or videos.

Most online course that people are buying these days are 10 to 20 videos of 5 to 10 minutes each.

Let’s face it, most people do not want to sit in front of a computer for hours to learn something.

They want it fast and quickly – that’s why shorter videos are the most popular.

So, how long does it take to create that? It can take from about an hour to a month depending on you level of experience and how “perfect” you want it to be.

How can you create a course in minutes?

The part that takes the longest in creating a course is definitely the creation part.

Like recording the videos, editing them, writing the scripts to follow along and the re-recording them when you’re not happy with them.

That process can take hours and even days for just one tiny 5 minute video!

Then you need to actually create the course online, where you’ll host it for people to buy which can be really quick and easy depending on the platform.

What if you could create a course without actually recording any videos?

How fast do you think that would take you to do?

What is the fastest way to create a video course?

Well, it may sound silly, but the fastest way to create a video course is to not have to create it!

Basically, just by copying a course (that you’re allowed to).

I have many course I sell that are courses I was given the permission to copy.

For example, the Octo Content Model by Marc Lalonde because I bought it and at the time he allowed it.

BTW, that course is $5000 but because you’re reading this blog post, you can have it for $499 – just use the coupon cis441 and it’s yours!

There’s a simpler way though to get courses ready to sell and that’s with Private Label Rights – called PLR.

Where to get pre-made video course you can sell?

The sites that host video course (and others) that you can sell and keep 100% of the profits are all around.

They are called PLR sites and I’ve been using one called Internet Marketing Zoom for years.

Not sure if you’ll still be able to get this deal when you read this, but as I write this post, there is a $37 lifetime deal right now!

Go to to see what deal you can get – no matter what the deal, imagine being able to sell thousands of video courses and keep all the profits!

That’s what you can do.

How to create the hosted course so you can sell it?

You can certainly do this on many hosting sites but some may not let you host PLR courses, so be careful.

On Click eCourse though, a platform I created, you can.

Go to to register a free account and then you can create a course.

With the free course, you must upload videos to YouTube or Vimeo but with Influencer plan, you can upload them directly to platform!

The video shows how to do that on an upgraded account, so once again use coupon cis441 to get a free 30 trial of Influencer plan so you can upload videos (change payment option to monthly to activate it).


Instead of going through all the steps here, I’ll let you watch the video as I go through it all there.

You’ll see how to get your PLR account, how to create a course on Click eCourse and how to publish it.

I also show you how to add coupons to your course or setup a deal for it!

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