How to use AGU to Attract YOUR Perfect Prospects to YOU?

The biggest promise from Attraction Marketing is if you build it, they will come!

That might be true, but it can take a long long time make happen, some take years for that to happen.

Don’t worry though, because I figured out the real secret and I’m about to tell you!

The thing is that Attraction Marketing works when the right people see your message enough times.

Problem is, social media, like Facebook wants to attract their customers to your content which is often not what you want.

What’s the real secret?

You most likely already know how attraction marketing works.

Post content regularly that your target market is interested in and eventually they will ask you to buy it!

Simple, right?

Problem is you’re not in control of when they see it – you either have to spend tons on advertising or you have to follow the social media rules to get them to see it.

On Facebook, that means engaging on other people’s posts so that Facebook shows your posts to others.

The real secret is figuring out what posts to engage on so the right people see your message!

How to figure out the right posts to engage on?

Once you know the secret, it figuring out how to use it that becomes the challenge.

Gurus will tell you that if you create your content the right way, craft your message perfectly, Facebook will show your posts to the right people.

While that may be true, there are so many other factors that Facebook considers (not to mention that changes almost every day) which end up reducing your results.

For example, Facebook will use your interaction in the news feed to determine how often and to who it will share your content with.

Because of that, you really need to make sure you are engaging the the right posts!

This is where AGU comes to the rescue!

What is AGU?

AGU stands for Active Group Users and it’s software that will give you a list of the most active users in the groups you choose.

The idea is for you to ask it to find the active users in the groups where your target market hangs out in.

Every day, AGU will get new list of who is active in those groups.

Over time, you will be able to tell who is most active by how many posts and comments they created in those groups.

How to use AGU data?

With the list you get from Active Group Users, you can start to choose who’s posts you engage with.

The software will automatically record who’s profile you visited as well as when you did.

This allows you to know when it’s time to visit that profile again.

For example, I visit someone’s profile about every 6 days and engage on 3 of their posts.

I do that for 20 or so different people every day which translates to about 120 different people per month.

How does using AGU attract people to you?

As you take control of your time and who’s posts you engage on, a few things will happen:

  • Facebook will notify those people that you engaged on their posts.
  • Those users will start to see your face in their notifications (an exposure to you).
  • They will eventually start seeing your posts in their feed.
  • You will start seeing their posts in your feed.
  • They will automatically start to know and like you.

This all happens because of how exposures work and how Facebook works.

By them seeing you in their Notifications and their news feed, they will start to be familiar with you and like that you are engaging on their content.

Automatically attracting them to you!

How are they your perfect prospects?

You might be thinking: How are these my perfect prospects?

Well, for one, they are interested in what you have to offer because you found them in groups where you know that your ideal clients are hanging out in.

Secondly, they are actually active in Facebook because you know they post or comment in those groups.

Lastly, they are beginning to know and like you by the sheer power of exposures.

Where can I get AGU?

Active Group Users is a paid software which allows you to manage your interactions with Facebook profiles that are active in the groups you choose.

There is a free 14 day trial that you can get at

We also have a weekly demo at on Thursdays at 8pm eastern.


Although you could find the users in groups yourself and just engage in the groups, I’m sure you’ll agree that it can quickly become unmanageable!

That’s why you need Active Group Users (AGU).

Get that free 14 day trial and find out for yourself!

Watch the video to learn more!

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