What is the Best kept Secret to Finding and Nurturing YOUR Perfect Prospects?

Leaders will tell you different things when it comes to attracting your perfect prospects.

Most of it is true too but there’s one secret they don’t tell you – either they don’t know it or they don’t realize it’s power!

I learned about this secret years ago when one my favorite leaders, Diane Hochman, said something about posting to groups.

It didn’t really dawn on me at that moment, but what she said resonated with me and I discovered a way to use that secret to nurture my perfect prospects.

It’s not about engaging in the news feed

Leaders will tell you to engage in the news feed and that is definitely a great thing to do when you get started in your online business.

It’s important because it teaches Facebook what you are interested in so they show you more of that and less of what you’re not interested in.

Also, it’s how Facebook decides if it will share your posts in other people’s news feeds, or at least impacts it.

The problem though is that after a while, you’ll see content for the same 20-30 people in your news feed.

That’s because Facebook has determined you are engaging on posts for those people which is surely true.

The Secret is not about posting content regularly

Another important thing that leaders tell you to do is post content regularly.

Some say every day, some say 3 times a day, some say once a week.

How often you post will depend on your content type but what’s most important is being consistent with your content frequency and type.

Even though it’s super important to post content regularly, posting will not give you the results I’m talking about.

That being said, posting to groups regularly is sorta related to the secret I’m about to share.

The secret isn’t about knowing your avatar and your offer!

True, knowing exactly who your avatar is, is definitely super important and without that, you’ll post randomly and attract randomly too!

I actually wrote an eBook for you on defining your avatar, definitely get it if you want to clarify your avatar even better than what you’re done up to now.

It’s called “Top 10 questions to clearly define YOUR Avatar!” and you can get it at avatar.jsgagnon.com.

As for knowing your offer, that’s also super important and I wrote another eBook about Attraction Marketing which covers both your avatar and your offer.

That eBook is called “The 5 Simplest Social Media Organic Steps to GETTING the SALE!” and you can get that at attractionmarketingtruth.comhttp://attractionmarketingtruth.com/.

The secret isn’t even about posting and commenting in Groups!

I think the most valuable activity that leaders tell you to do is definitely posting and commenting in groups.

Of course, it needs to be in the right groups but if you can figure out where your target market hangs out in, then engaging on posts in those groups is definitely gold.

However, doing that activity takes so much time and most of us just don’t have that time to spend.

Truthfully though, if you didn’t know the secret I’m about to reveal, this would be the best way to spend time on Facebook engaging on posts.

How I found this secret

Going back to Diane Hochman, she said that posting in groups was super important to do.

She also said that she shares in 20-30 groups every single day – I’m not sure if she still does that, but at the time, she said this:

Sharing in groups is not about getting people in those groups to see your posts, but about having your friends see the notification of you sharing in the the groups.

– Diane Hochman

BAM! That was such a golden nugget back then – still that IS NOT THE SECRET.

Today, this strategy doesn’t have the same results but last year, I remembered what Diane said and it got me thinking…

What is the secret?

I hope you read everything else up to here because knowing what is the secret will not help much without understanding the rest.

The secret has to do with understanding that attraction marketing is all about exposures and how often your target market sees you and your message.

I asked myself what was so great about people seeing that I shared to a bunch of groups in their notifications?

Well, it’s because it causes an exposure to me on them and each time, that brings them closer to knowing me, liking me and trusting me!

So the secret is being able to take control of them being exposed to you and that’s by taking control of their notifications!

How can you take control of their notifications?

Well, to be fair, you can’t fully control that just like you can’t control who’s news feed Facebook decides to show your posts on.

But, you can decide who’s posts you engage on so they see you in their notifications.

The trick is knowing who’s posts are best to engage on and what I’ve found is that it’s your most ideal prospects that you find in your most targeted groups.

After they see you enough in their notifications they have no choice but to start knowing you, liking you and trusting you!

The real secret is control and tracking

The hardest part though is keeping track of the list of people and your activities with them.

I mean, you don’t want to be visiting the profiles of the same 20 people every day, that would be not very productive.

Instead, you want to visit 10, 20 or even different 30 profiles every day making sure you don’t visit the same profile multiple times in same week.

This way, you are guaranteed to visit (for example) 210 different profiles per week!

Imagine what would happen if those 210 people began to see you in their notifications all the time?

How to leverage this secret?

What if I told you to go find those users or profiles in groups?

Find the users who are regularly posting and commenting and focus on them!

In theory that’s perfect but in practice it is extremely difficult to manage all those profiles!

This is where software comes in.

I created a software called Active Group Users that looks at the groups you tell it to and finds who posts and comments to give you a list of the most active people.

You then use the list the software gives you to engage on people’s posts.

Simple and so powerful!

Get your free 14 day trial at https://ActiveGroupUsers.com


If you skipped here to find out the secret, I hope you go back to read the rest of the blog post to understand this secret because without understanding it, it’s not much of a secret.

In the end, taking control of your time on Facebook by engaging only of your most targeted prospects who are also active is so much better than wasting time on random post in your news feed.

Get that software and become a master of your time and turn your ideal prospects into perfect prospects who actually trust you and buy from you!

Watch the video to get more insights into this amazing secret!

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