What is Secret to Fastest way to Massive Success in 2024?

Imagine if you could get 10x or even 100x results in 2024, wouldn’t that be great?

I know, it sounds too good to be true and most things that sound too good to be true can’t be true.

I promise though, that this isn’t one of the times – but you’ll have to read on to find out why.

What I’m basically talking about is reversing a simple activity that most leaders tell you do do.

What is essential to online marketing?

Many of us, including me, often start without a solid foundation.

It’s probably because leaders tell us to take imperfect action and just go for it instead of waiting for everything to be perfect.

Eventually, we do get to the point of realizing we are spinning our wheels if we don’t set the foundation before taking that action.

The foundation I’m talking about is this:

  • You must be YOU!
  • You must KNOW your OFFER!
  • You must KNOW your AVATAR!

When those are clear, everything becomes easier.

But, that’s not the secret!

The one thing that sets leaders apart.

If there’s one thing that sets the leaders apart, it’s this: connections.

That’s why we are taught and encouraged to connect with people and build relationships.

We do this by sending friend requests, by sending private messages and inviting people to a Zoom call.

Because we realize this is essential to success, we make this our priority and that makes sense.

The problem is that we are limited by the fact most people we reach out to have no idea who we are and just ignore us, so we need to connect with many more people.

On top of that, the social platforms limit our ability to connect, so we get stuck in minimal numbers.

How can we break free of the minimal numbers?

One way to go beyond numbers the social platform limits us to is to spend money on ads.

I’m guessing that if you are reading this post, you probably don’t have the unlimited funds it takes to break through with paid ads.

So, what’s the answer for the mortal who can’t afford ads?

It used to be that creating content daily that spoke to your audience was enough, so we would do that and over time, you’d build a fan base who would buy from you.

Truth is, that’s still pretty much the best approach today, but with a twist.

What is today’s best approach?

Today, in 2024, it’s still true that you should do the following:

  1. You need to understand the social platform you are using.
  2. You need to know what Personal Branding is all about.
  3. You need to understand Attraction Marketing.
  4. You must create content regularly, if not daily and post it.
  5. You need to be engaging on other people’s posts.
  6. Must reply to their comments on your posts.

But you know all that, right?

So what’s the twist?

And what’s the secret?

What’s the twist?

The twist in 2024 is pretty simple – it’s so simple that you probably don’t think it makes a difference.

It’s about taking control of your engagement on Facebook.

Take a minute and think about how you are engaging on other people’s posts on Facebook right now.

I’d venture to guess you’re basically opening up the app and commenting on posts in your news feed.

I can hear it now – “what’s wrong with that?” – “what should I be doing instead”?

What’s wrong with engaging on posts in the news feed?

The main issue with simply engaging on posts in the news feed is that Facebook decides what you see.

In the beginning, that’s probably fine, it was quite fine 5 years ago!

You see, the problem is that if Facebook decides what you see, they can be in full control of your time.

What happens to most of us is we get sucked in to commenting on more and more posts and end up spending hours, literally 4+ hours a day on the news feed.

I know I used to do that (now I spend only 30 minutes engaging on posts of my choice).

The other problem is that we end up seeing the posts from the same 20-40 people in our feed but we should be engaging on 100s of people’s posts.

What should you be doing instead of engaging on posts in the news feed?

Leaders did recognize this lack of control and started telling us to use groups to find people in our niche, or target market.

Once again, for a while, that did work great, but as always, the algorithm adapted and they created a group feed instead of showing us posts.

We can still go back to the group posts and see most posts but that strategy is also going away as an efficient use of our time

Instead, in 2024, you should be using a list of profiles to engage on every day.

Don’t let Facebook decide who’s posts you engage on by looking at the news feed, you decide by looking at your list of profiles.

What’s the secret?

With all that being said, you might still be asking yourself this question.

The secret is understanding how the human brain works relating to becoming attracted to an idea.

What does that mean?

Well, a person get attracted to an idea if they see it enough!

How does that help you?

Well, this explains why someone eventually grows to trust you to buy from you after seeing your posts and comments on their posts.

That’s because it takes many “seeing you” to get to know you, then more to get to like you, then more to get to trust you.

How can we leverage this secret in 2024?

As you might have guessed, this is what attraction marketing is all about and this is why social media worked so well over the last 10 years or so.

People would follow you, you would create content, they would see it all (or most) and because of that grew to trust you.

Today, Facebook controls what they see so we need to do things a little different to get it to work like that.

Another twist in this approach is that you don’t connect with people for a while.

This is where the 10x to 100x results come in.

What is wrong with old connection strategies today?

In the past, I’d tell you to connect with 10-20 people a day by sending friend requests and PMs.

You couldn’t connect with more because Facebook would block you and that’s still true today – they see big number of any activity as SPAM so they put you in jail.

Using that strategy, which you can still do today, you might get 1-2 conversations a day and get a sale for every 20 conversations.

If you do the math, that means you’d get these results:

  • Send 300-600 connections every month.
  • Have 30-60 conversations a month.
  • Have 1-2 sales a month.

If we follow that strategy, we might end up with 25 sales in a YEAR.

What if you could get 250 to 2500 sales in a year? Crazy right, but hear me out.

How to 10x or even 100x your results!

The problem is our impatience! We want results NOW and we don’t understand foundation and scaling.

Imagine instead that you took 6 months to build your foundation.

That means, no connecting for the first 6 months – just posting and engaging on posts.

The difference would be that out of every connection you send, you’d have 90-95% responses as well as 90-95% sales from those responses.

Because of that, you wouldn’t send 10-20 connections a day, but instead only 2-4 a day.

Which could look like this:

  • Send 60-120 connections every month.
  • Have 54-108 conversations a month.
  • Have 48-97 sales a month.

That means you could make 288 to 582 sales in the last 6 months of the year. Quite a difference from 25, right?

I know this is hard to believe, but imagine if you do more than 4 connections a day!!!

Even if you got 50% or 10% of these results, the power in waiting 6 months to set a solid foundation can’t be denied.

How to set that solid foundation?

That foundation is built the same way that all leaders teach with a twist.

The twist is you don’t use the news feed of group list or friend list, but instead a list given to you from Active Group Users software.

By using that list, and letting the software know what your engagements are every day, you will know with high confidence that your foundation is ready.

As all leaders will tell you, growing your Personal Brand involves creating content regularly, engaging on other people’s posts and replying to their comments on your posts.

The next step, having conversations, is what we are delaying for 6 months.

If you use Active Group Users every day, engage on 20-60 posts from 20 different profiles, and re-visit those profiles every 6 days or so, you’ll have hundreds of people ready for you to talk to them after 6 months!

Imagine how those conversations will go!


I know delayed gratification is one of the hardest things to do for anyone, but especially for us entrepreneurs looking for quick results.

I’m sure you’ve heard though how big of a difference you can achieve if you delay some activities.

The real secret i is to be patient and do the foundation work but if you don’t understand why, it’s easy to fall into that trap of trying to have those conversations too quickly.

Watch the video to get some more insights on this important topic!

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