Why Should you WAIT before Sending PMs and Friend Requests?

I’m sure you’ve been told that you need to have conversations with people to actually make sales.

It’s definitely true that having conversations is the best way to build relationships and that is the best way to make sales.

Even if you aren’t trying to sell products, you might be looking to “sell” being in your group or on your email list.

This is why almost every leader tells you to send PMs and friend requests when you start your online journey.

What do leaders tell you to do?

Most leaders and mentors teaching about online marketing using attraction marketing and personal branding on Facebook will tell you that you must do these activites:

  1. Know your avatar and your offer
  2. Setup your profile so your avatar knows who you are
  3. Post regularly
  4. Comments on other’s posts and reply to comments on your posts
  5. Send 5-10 PMs and Friend requests per day to have conversations daily

All these activities are absolutely, 100% required, to make sales on Facebook.

What I’m suggesting is waiting before you start doing sending those PMs and Friend requests.

What if you don’t wait, what results can you expect?

I don’t know about you, but when I first started online, I followed those steps.

I would send those PMs and Friend requests daily and was pretty discouraged after just a few days.

Of course, leaders would tell you to just keep going because it takes time and I totally get that, but there is a better way.

If they don’t know you, you will most likely get a low response of 5% to 20%.

Being conservative, let’s say 10% reply and 10% of those who reply end up buying, so it would look like this:

  • If you send 20 PMs a day you would get 2 to respond and have a conversation.
  • That’s 600 PMs per month and 60 conversations per month.
  • Which means 7,200 PMs, 720 conversations and 72 sales per year.

Pretty good but it can be a lot better with a lot less rejection to handle if you build your foundation first.

Why should you WAIT?

Even though it’s 100% true that you will get results with conversations, I propose that you wait before doing that.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying to sit on your behind and do nothing while you wait because that will make no difference at all.

But, if you wait to have conversations why you follow the other important activities all leaders teach, you will, most definitely, have huge differences in results.

While you wait to connect with others, you’ll still need to do the attraction marketing and personal branding dos.

By doing those activities, people will notice you, your content and your comments and by the time you reach out to them, they will most likely know and like you!

What can be difference in result if you wait?

How much of difference do you think if would make if they liked you already when you sent them a PM?

It’s very likely that 90% of people you reach out to, i.e. send a PM and friend request after they know and like you will reply.

Assuming you build your brand, create content and engage on comments and posts, those who have seen your face, content and comments enough would know and like you.

If you reach out to them, results will be quite different. Even though it’s likely that 90% will reply, let’s be conservative and say 50% will and 25% of those will buy.

Here’s how different that would be:

  • You still send 20 PMs per day and 10 turn into conversations.
  • That’s 600 PMs per month but 300 conversations per month!
  • Which means 7,200 PMs per year, 3,600 conversations and 900 sales per year!

I imagine right now you’re thinking this is hard to believe and having 300 conversations per month is ridiculous.

I’d agree with you, so you can just send less PMs per month, say 5 per day instead.

What’s the bigger problem though?

Even though you believe it’s possible to get better results by waiting until they know and like you, maybe you’re thinking: “How do I know that they like me????”

That’s a great question and to be honest, it’s a pretty hard one to answer if you just do those activities.

You might be able to remember that you’ve commented on a lot of this person’s posts for example.

But in reality, if you comment on 50 posts a day, that’s 1,500 posts per month, the likelihood that you’ll remember who’s posts they are after 2-3 months is pretty low.

So what’s the solution? Tracking!

Being able to pull up a list of who you have engaged with the most.

How to get that list and track your activities?

You could use spreadsheets or word documents to track your activity, or even go to your activities feed in Facebook.

That is a lot of work but it’s your time.

The better way is to use a tool that will get you list of active users and let you track your activities on Facebook.

I created that tool because I was tired of now knowing! It’s called Active Group Users and you can learn more and even get a free trial at https://ActiveGroupUsers.com/trial/


In conclusion, if you wait and set your foundation right, your results can skyrocket.

I suggest waiting 6 months, I know if sounds long, but it’s worth it.

Use Active Group Users software to eliminate your wasted time on Facebook news feed and track your activities so you know when someone is a hot lead and is ready for you to reach out to them.

Watch the video for more insights on this important topic.

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