How to Never run out of Content ideas for your Posts?

If there’s one thing I often struggled with over the years, it’s coming up with content ideas.

It’s so frustrating especially because you know that content is king and every leader tells you that you must create content regularly.

One thing I did was use quotes a lot – I even wrote a program that would take quotes and images and randomly put them together and give me an endless series of quote images.

Quotes will only get you so far though because the real secret is to create unique content that comes form you and your mind.

Are you missing out on the best source of ideas?

When you think about it, the best way to get ideas is from comments you post of other people’s post.

Think about it, if you’re doing what leaders tell you, which is the following:

  1. Know your avatar.
  2. Know your offer.
  3. Setup your profile to win.
  4. Comment on other people’s posts.
  5. Post content regularly (we’ll get back to this one)
  6. Have conversations to make sales.

That’s pretty much what all leaders tell you to do, but most of us try to do #5 before #4 and you’ll soon see why I list them like this.

Why are comments the best place for ideas?

The reason your comments is the best place to get ideas is because you are commenting on a post from your avatar, so you’ll say something your avatar will like.

Then, you can take that comment and use it as a post.

But wait, you say, it’s not always my avatar – or – I can’t post all those comments as content!

Well, you’re right but you can solve both those problems with two tools I use all the time.

How to always comment on your avatar’s posts?

The first thing you’ll want to use is a software called Active Group Users which gives you the list of active users in groups you choose.

When you start using this software every day, over time, the list of users will become more and more close to your avatar.

After about a month or so, you’ll be able to always just visit the right posts and comment on them.

This will give you an endless stream of post ideas.

But, how do you use those comments to create posts?

What do you do with these post ideas from comments?

You might be thinking you need or that text posts, like images or videos too.

What I’ve been doing with the comments I use for posts is this:

  • Use Facebook background style posts, put the text and do screenshot for image to IG
  • Create a MEME image with me in it and put that text on it.
  • Use the topic as a video idea – either reel, story, live or just video post.

There are other ways you can use those comments but that’s what I’ve been doing with them.

Only problem with that is you will need a place to save those post ideas.

Where to save your post ideas for future use?

The next thing you’ll need is a place to store your post ideas.

You could just use a Word document or a simple text file but that means you’d have to always do the work on the same computer.

That might be fine for you, but what if you want to create a post on the go from your phone?

There are other tools but I’ve been using Google Keep which lets you create different Notes with editing and access from your phone or a computer.

So, the idea here is that if you want to post 2-3 times a day for example and you comment on 30-60 posts in a day, you might get 10 or more post ideas in a day.

Then you want to save those ideas to Google Keep so you can use them anytime.


It’s funny because I would often think to myself how great of post a comment I put on someone elss post would make.

But I never saved it – I would post right away and that meant only one comment was good that day.

When I started using Active Group Users software (get free trial here) to focus who’s posts I even looked at, I started having more and more good post ideas from my comments and you will too!

Watch the video for most insights on this important topic!

And make sure to share this with you friends (P.S. there’s an affiliate program with Active Group Users software)

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