What is a HOT Prospect and How do you FIND them on Facebook?

Imagine talking only to HOT prospects!

That’s really the promise of Attraction Marketing and Personal Branding.

The problem is that it takes a bit longer than we are promised and then we think it just doesn’t work for us!

Is that you? Are you wondering how leaders can do it but not you?

I’m here to tell you that YES YOU CAN DO IT and we’ll talk about that now!

What is a HOT prospect anyway?

You might think you know exactly what a HOT prospect but most of us don’t really understand how to find them.

It’s really simpler than you might think – I mean leader tell you exactly what to do to find them!

We just aren’t patient enough…

Anyway, a HOT prospect is one that is ready to buy from you.

They are HOT because they know you, they like you and they trust you.

How to find HOT prospects?

Truth be told, the process is really simple when you understand what make a prospect become HOT.

All they need is to be an ideal prospect to start with and then to be exposed to you enough.

That’s it! That’s all!

The problem is we either don’t focus on ideal prospects, don’t know who they are or don’t expose them enough to us.

What are the three prospect types?

To understand how to find or create HOT prospects, you need to know what the 3 prospect types are.

First type is a potential prospect, which just means everybody.

Most beginners don’t define their avatar so they end up prospecting to everyone which just doesn’t work!

The second type of prospect is the ideal prospect, which is basically your avatar or target market.

You need to know exactly who your avatar is so you can define your target market.

Only then will you find the 3rd type of prospect, the perfect prospect which you need to nurture to become a HOT prospect.

What does it mean to expose your prospects to you?

Before you perfect prospect can become a HOT prospect, they need to get exposure to you.

An exposure is like seeing one of your posts, your comments on their posts or your face in their notifications.

It can also be getting a PM from you or a friend request which is what leaders teach.

Personally, I think you need to wait on those but sometimes it’s easier to be friends first.

In any case, your perfect prospect needs to be exposed to you many times, like 30 times before they can become a HOT prospect.

Why is it so hard to expose your perfect prospects?

As leaders tell you, it’s a pretty simple process but there are 3 problems with what they teach.

  1. You’re at the mercy of the social platform’s algorithm.
  2. Exposure become too far apart to count.
  3. You never really know how many exposures someone has had.

I mean, it’s great to understand the process, create content and engage on other people’s posts but how do you know they have become HOT prospects?

It’s pretty much impossible without a whole bunch of extra work that no one wants to do!

What if it was possible to track when a prospect becomes HOT?

Well, I found a way and create a software that you can use to do just that.

What if you knew exactly how many times you commented on someone’s posts or sent them a PM?

Wouldn’t that be the most valuable information ever?

You would be able to determine when they are HOT because you’d know for a fact that they have been exposed to you enough!

You can do that with Active Group Users software!

What is Active Group Users software?

Active Group Users software (or AGU) is a Chrome extension and a web site that finds active users in groups and then tracks your engagement with them.

Once you give it the groups where your ideal prospects hang out in, it will get the names and profile links of the users that are posting and commenting in those groups.

They, instead of wasting your time in the news feed, you simple open up AGU every morning and use that list to comment on posts.

By doing that, you are also letting AGU track your visits and comments on their posts.

Why is AGU so powerful?

As you do what you’re already doing on Facebook, you’ll know exactly when a prospect becomes HOT.

Imagine having a list of 10 or 100 HOT prospects every month! Or even more!

Of course, it takes a few months to create those HOT prospects so don’t expect results in a few days.

It’s a process that takes time but it well worth it.

I’ve been using AGU for over 2 years now and I have over 32,000 ideal prospects to work with!


Imagine having thousands of ideal prospects to work with! It’s possible.

Sure, you could just do what leaders do and after a few years have some sales and become that expert that you know you already are.

Or, take matters into your own hands and generate HOT leads yourself with what you’re already doing anyway.

Get free 14 day trial of Active Group Users software today!

Make sure to watch the video to see it in action and don’t forget to share with your friends.

P.S. We have a 50% affiliate commission program too.

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