Daily actions build online presence

Let’s talk about the 3 daily actions build online presence. When building your online empire, you need to do these daily actions even if just a little.

When you think of doing the 3 daily actions to build and online presence, you may feel like you don’t have the time to do these actions every day.

If that is the case, then just do less of them but don’t stop – you need to be doing these 3 activities daily, this is part of growing your online empire.

Activity 1: Build your audience

Daily actions build online presence
Page likes before my page got banned

Building your audience is getting more followers, more friends, more connections. Obviously, you want to build an audience that makes sense to your business. It would make no sense to connect with dog lovers if you were trying to sell cat food for example.

So keep your end goal in mind (which should be to make money and sell something – for most people anyway) when growing your audience.

Daily actions build online presence
Page likes in first day on new page

I made that mistake. I had grown my audience to 27,000 fans on Facebook and started promoting something completely different than what I grew that audience for… they were not interested in my “new thing” and reacted by un-liking my page, marking some posts as spam or “do not want to see this” which caused Facebook to ban my page – I had to start a new page.

The cool thing is though, that I learned so much over the months that I knew exactly how to grow an audience and I was able to launch a new page and grow it to 13,000+ fans in a day!

Activity 2: Engage your audience

Engaging your audience is the 2nd of the daily actions build online presence that you need to be doing.

In the online world, engaging your audience means that you like, comment and share their stuff. It also means that you send them messages.

Of course it is even more effective if you have phone calls or other live conversations with them. When doing so, your goal should be to find out their pain points… find out what they are looking for… what their problems are.

What you are actually trying to accomplish with this 2nd daily action is getting them to know, like and trust you. You may now know this, but I’m sure you’ll agree that it will be very difficult for you to sell anything if they don’t trust you.

To get your audience to trust you, they need to like you… and for them to like you, they need to know you.

It’s all a big circle.

Activity 3: Sell your audience

Daily actions build online presence
Some of the products you can sell

Selling your audience is the 3rd action you need of the daily actions build online presence that you must do.

This is probably the most obvious activity. Most people focus on this and unless you learned to grow your audience and engage them, trying to sell them is very difficult and often appears as if you are a push sales person.

Even if you have nothing to sell, and you are building and engaging an audience to eventually sell them something, if you don’t sell them anything, the cycle is not complete.

I started like that. I mean, I had something to sell, but wasn’t sure how to do it online… so I found other things I could sell online and started with that. I can help you do the same.

The system I learned to use allows me to sell online products from $7 to $1000 and many of those, I get to keep 100% of the commissions – wouldn’t that be amazing if you could too?

The best part is that I can share this system with you… and you can start making an online income right away.

Learn more about daily actions build your online presence and the system I use here.

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