Hey, my friend. So today we’re gonna talk about sleazy sales people, sleazy salesman, sleazy sales women.

And how not to be one?

So you might want to know how to certainly might know that.

If you want to build a business online, you gotta make some money, right?

Where does that money come from?

Comes from other people.

But the thing is nobody wants to be a salesperson because we feel that so sleazy.

When you think about your course or you think about your opportunity, your product, your service and you’re so excited about it.

Of course, you want to talk to everybody about it.

You want to tell everybody about it.

You want to tell them because you think it’s the best thing and they need it and you know they can benefit from it.

They can make some income from your opportunity. You know they can learn something from your course.

You know they can improve something in their life with your product or with your service.

You know that so that’s why you’re so excited you want to talk about it and that’s what makes you a sleazy salesperson, right?

It’s because you’re out there whenever you talk to anybody.

It’s always just about your product. Just about talking about your product.

Just about letting them know about this thing how awesome it is.

Nobody wants that. You don’t want that.

You don’t want somebody else to talk to you like that. You don’t want to be like if you’ve got somebody else to never each other.

You’re trying to tell you about their product. You’re not gonna want to talk to them.

You’re not gonna want to invite them to your barbeque.

You’re not gonna want to have them at your daughter’s wedding.

You’re not gonna want them around because you know that they’re just gonna be talking about their product, their service, their course.

So how do you not do that when you’re so excited about something and when we’re out there in the real world, walking around and we see ads, watching TV and there’s promotions everywhere.

So we think it’s normal to talk about our stuff because that’s what all the other companies are doing.

But the thing you have to remember is you’re not a company.

Maybe you’re trying to build a brand.

You’re trying to be a personal brand.

You’re doing attraction marketing.

All these things that you’re kind of a company, right?

That’s one of the things we teach in in personal branding, attraction marketing but you’re not a company brand.

You know you’re not Coca-Cola. You’re not Nike. You’re not Walmart. You’re not a company brand.

You’re a personal brand.

Personal brand is a person so you had to remember you’re a person.

So you’re gonna behave like a person.

You got to be social. You got to be somebody who’s interested in what other people have to say.

Not just want to talk about your thing and this is one of the things that you’ve got to learn to do is become less.

Less about you, right?

One of the things we teach in in personal development, in relationship building, in rapport building.

You need to be interested in what the other person has going on, right?

You need to be the one who’s asking questions about them.

You don’t need to be talking about your stuff.

You don’t ever need to be talking about your stuff.

That’s the thing if you’re there and you’re just asking them about themselves, about their life, about their problems, about their things.

You got to be careful.

You can’t just be asking questions.

You’re gonna be like a person who can’t stop at all.

All you do is ask stuff, right?

You’ve got to be building relationships which means relating to them.

I don’t want to get into this whole thing right now but because relate thing is one thing that you need to master if you want to be not the sleazy sales person because before you talk about your product, about your service, you have to have a relationship.

You have to have built rapport with them.

You have to be able to really they have to know that you care, right?

Remember that you must have heard this expression before.

Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care so you have to care about them and how do you care about them?

You care about them by asking them questions about what their life is all about.

What’s going on in their life?

And then by relating back to them what your life is in those things.

So I’ll just give you one example because I don’t want to get into the whole relating thing but one example is you’re talking to somebody who likes horses.

You can say, Oh hey! how long have you had your horse? Oh my God, your horse is so gorgeous. I love horses. How long have you had your horse?

And then they tell you, Oh, you know five years or ten years.

And that’s cool whatever.

So you can build that kind of connection that way but it’s even stronger when you build rapport and building rapport is about telling them about you when you ask the question so they don’t feel like you’re just questioning them.

You can say, Oh my God, I love your horse. How long have you had your horse? I’m like, I’ve had a horse since I was a teenager and I just love my horse.

What’s my horses is payoneer what’s your horse called?

How long have you had your horse?

So you’re basically relating to them some of your story. Relating to what you’re asking them about.

So that they feel there’s a connection between you and them, right?

So that’s building rapport.

It takes a while when you master that and you’re doing that in your normal conversations then it’s only natural that they eventually talk to you about something that they have a problem with or something that maybe your product or service or course or anything can help them with, right?

Like the other day, I was actually at my daughter’s birthday party.

I was just talking to this one of the fathers that was there with their kid and I was asking him what’d he do and this man started telling me he’s a teacher and how he’s starting to get less money and I started talking to him about the Course Income Secrets and the clickecourse and all this stuff.

We kind of built this rapport around courses and around this and hopefully he’s going to be one of my beta testers.

That’s how you build rapport. You talk to them and be interested in them and then eventually bring it to what you have.

And that’s how you end up becoming a sales person without being sleazy because what you’re doing is you’re sharing and communicating.

You’re connecting. You’re not just trying to sell your stuff.

You don’t want it to just be selling or stuff just you know then they’re thrilled, right?

This is what I got. Oh my God, this is so awesome.

You don’t want to be doing that and on social media, it’s exact same thing so when you’re connecting with people, when you’re going on Facebook
groups and pages and you’re commenting, you don’t want to be talking about your product.

You want to be connecting.

Same thing with sending in private messages.

You look at the profile. You see what they’re about. You send them a message that’s relating to what you seen on their profile and relating to what and
saying something about you that relates to that to build that rapport, right?

And then that’s how you build the relationships on social media. The same way you would do in person.

Just remember that. Don’t be sleazy. By being interested in them, sales will just come naturally.

Because people will like you and they’ll want to know what you have that can help them.

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