Do you think that marketing is not that simple?

Maybe you don’t even know what marketing is. ]

Maybe you hear avatar.

Anything you know about the movie, right?

]So we’re going to talk about that in a second.

So I’m just making sure I get this on my profile.

Let’s just go with that over here.w

What is marketing anyways?

You know, first of all, I’m not saying that you you’re stupid for not knowing certain

Things or you’re supposed to know everything.

Marketing is a pretty broad topic, right?

So marketing is about putting your product or service in front of other people and enticing them to buy, right?

So enticing them to exchange value for your value so most cases, it’s their value is money and your value is a course or a product or service.

So marketing is the way you present that the media may use.

The locations it’s at, the reactions you’re trying to get out of the people.

Marketing is ads, right? It’s not just ads because it has to do also with branding.

There’s a lot of things but in essence, marketing is the process whereby you get a customer to buy something basically.

So in marketing, there’s a lot of different things. There’s the avatar.

There’s target market. There’s audience. There’s advertisements.

There’s mediums. There’s Casper clique. Casper impression. Million impressions, I guess. CPMs.

I mean, there’s all these terms, CPM, CPC. All these things that you know you might not or PPC, PPI PPM, right?

All those terms, they’re just words that people know what they are.

When you’re in that space or something, right.

You don’t necessarily understand all that stuff until you start to actually use it.

Start to be in there. Start to focus on.

We’re just going to talk about target market, audience avatar, that kind of stuff and just gonna explain to you why that’s important to understand.

I’ve been talking about blue ocean strategies which is another aspect of marketing which has to do with your target market or your audience and
where you find your customers.

Okay, what is avatar, right? Avatar is not a little blue men or women in that movie avatar, right?

Avatar has to do with.. There’s a site called Gravatar which basically lets you put an image of yourself and then your icon can be shared across a bunch of different sites that support this Gravatar thing

Which is your avatar and in some nights our gaming, I realize that kind of stuff.

They say avatar is a representation of you. And so it’s kind of like your persona inside of a game.

For example, or an image in a group or something like that, right? So that’s also not what I mean by avatar. Avatar.

It’s kind of it is similar in the sense that it’s a representation of a person but and it could be a representation of you but really it’s not meant to be you.

It’s meant to be your ideal customer and it’s meant to be specific, right?

So the idea what the avatar is that it’s your perfect definition of your perfect client, your one client so it’s specific.

Their gender, their race, their age.

What do they do for work? Do they have kids or not? Where do they live?

Like every detail just like if you were describing yourself.

You’d have all these details. The date of birth. Your astrological sign whether you believe in astrology or not, whether you like flowers or walk in
the forest versus a cliff hanging.

Whatever it is that you what all this details that describe you but you’re putting it against your ideal customer.

You can take a specific person if you wanted to describe them but really the idea is to define who your perfect customers.

Who is it that you want to work with?

Who is it that you want to, you know sell to?

Who you want them to buy from you and that you’re gonna be happy with?

And you’re gonna be happy to help them and give them support and you know who is your perfect client?

Now the reason why you need that is because whenever you produce content and you produce ads or you produce videos.

Anything of that. You’re thinking about your avatar.

Who it is that you’re talking to and what are they interested in?

So that it helps you to define your content, do what you’re doing, define what you’re doing.

So that’s your avatar. Once you have your avatar then you can define your target market.

Now your target market is a broader definition of who your ideal customers are.

Multiple customers as your target market, a certain age group. Is that a certain location? Is that a certain income bracket?

Is it a certain education level? Is it a certain race? Is it a certain language, right?

All these things is your target market and when we talk about audience, it’s very similar.

It’s almost interchangeable but the difference is that typically audience is what is as used in advertisement, right?

When you say I want to advertise this. This audience is basically the tool that lets you choose your target market definition and it becomes an audience because if you’re doing an ad saying Facebook for example when you specify your audience.

Well, you can have more than one audience within your target market.

And for example, if your target market is everybody who’s 35 to 40, that it is very broad but let’s just say, you could have multiple audiences in your Facebook advertisements in different countries.

All within that same target market of 35 to 40, right?

So that’s the difference.

So those are the really very basic things about marketing and when you’re talking about the marketing, you’re also talking about branding.

Like I said, your personal branding or your business branding or your local branding or your whatever it is you’re trying to sell online, your courses or
yourself or your product or your services or your opportunity.

Whatever it is you’re trying to sell is you know is you’ve got a brand or you had a brand that’s your personal branding and your business branding.

So that people when they see that in your marketing, in your posts, in your ads, they know it’s you and that that takes a while to build up but by
having a personal brand or a business brand, you’re tuning in to exactly what it is you’re about.

What is your product about? Your company’s about.

So that people whenever they see your ad everywhere, it could be the color, same border in every single image you do with a little logo at the bottom.

Maybe you have you use the same fonts and the way you rate your text is always the same.

Maybe you use the same colors in your text.

There’s different things like that and that’s your branding right?

Your branding is important too.

So all that’s important in your marketing.

It is just how you present your product so that you get a sale.

What is your marketing strategy?

What do we mean by that when we talk about the marketing strategy?

How are you presenting your product or service or course to your potential customers?

Alright, hopefully you’ve got some value from this and if you think anybody else needs to hear this message and please go ahead and share.

I’m sure they’d appreciate and I would, too.

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