Hey, my friend! So how’s it going?

we’re gonna talk about your status not your status but your client status’.

What status upgrade are you offering?

What does that mean?

What does that mean to increase or decrease their status?

Why do you even need to think about that?

Why does that matter?

Whenever you’re thinking about anything that you’re selling whether it’s a course, a product, an opportunity or a service, you’re thinking about selling that to them, right?

Creating a funnel or sales page or sending an email out to them.

There’s all sorts of things that you’ve got to worry about, be involved in and think about.

There’s tons of things like I said,you got to think about choosing your product, your audience or your target market and figure out who your avatar is.

If you look at any marketing and and sales track tactics or marketing tactics or things like that, they talked about all these different things and it’s a ton of things that you can see on my wall here.

I have a bunch of little things and yesterday, I talked about that method I’m using right now to organize my thoughts and you can see there’s a lot of things.

All these things have to happen.

There’s more I probably need to add to it.

One of the things after you’ve chosen your product, you’ve started writing your content, you’ve decided on your copy, you got to think about the status.

If you sell something to somebody, they want a status change.

I’m not making this up.

This comes from Russell Brunson’s book, Expert Secrets, that I’ve been listening to all the time.

It’s really amazing every time I listen.

I remember other things or pick up on different things.

Today, he was talking about status upgrade so he was talking about how your client, your customer, your potential customer, your prospect.

He or she wants to know what the product is gonna do for him/her.

What’s the problem is he gonna solve?

What improvement is he gonna get?

He’s thinking about the status change in their life.

What others around them are gonna think about them when they get your product?

Or when they get the results from your product?

Or when they get whatever it is that your opportunity or your course is gonna teach them, right?

Or the money they’re gonna make?

Or what they’re gonna do with that?

So they’re thinking about that status change.

So for example in network marketing, a lot of people have a status decrease when they join a network marketing company.

That’s just because the way the society is.

People think if you ever tell your neighbor  that you’re in Amway, you’re an MLM company or something, right?

Avon or some of those companies have been around for a long time, they’re gonna be like that’s a pyramid.

I don’t want to know anything about that.

They’re gonna look at you as if you’re doing something wrong, as if you’re a bad person, as if you’re doing something illegal or whatever.

So you know they’re gonna look at you and your status is gonna be decreased because they see you as doing something wrong or bad.

Now, I’m not saying it is but that’s how you know they’re gonna see that.

We care about what people think.

It’s just human nature and it affects us and that’s why people decide things based on their status change.

So this person that’s joining a network marketing, you know how it works.

You get into these meetings and there’s all this hype about all the greatness that you get out of that.

That’s the status upgrade that they’re gonna get by joining that business.

That’s why the meetings and talks about change in lifestyle.

You’re gonna have vacations.

You’re gonna have fancy car.

You’re gonna have a big house.

All these things – they show you that because that’s the status upgrade.

You are willing then to take a status decrease for a while until you get to that upgrade.

That’s the secret in your message for your product, for your course, for your opportunity, for your service.

You have to make people see what upgrade they’re gonna get in their status.

For me to be honest, I always hated these videos attack with all this greatness, all these great things you get from doing whatever because I always felt like well, people are smart.

They know what they’re gonna get.

They know what they’re gonna get but the truth is that even if they know, they still need to see it, they still need to hear it.

So whenever you’re trying to sell them something and there’s no upgrade in their status like say, it’s a weight loss product, they need to see that it’s gonna help them lose weight so they’re gonna look  and feel better, maybe they’re gonna sleep better.

Maybe people are gonna look at them and think they’re hot.

That’s their upgrade. That status upgrade. They want that upgrade.

They want to know what it’s gonna be.

What its gonna give them.

It doesn’t matter what it is.

You could be teaching gardening.

What status upgrade would they get?

Well, they would be seen by their other gardening friends as people who know things they don’t.

They would it be elevated in their status of knowing things that the others don’t know .

So anything you do, there’s a status upgrade that can be described.

You got to show that status upgrade because no matter what there’s gonna be a status decrease when they first get your product or service.

The decreases, I don’t know, whether this will help me and I’m spending money for it so my status is decreased by the amount of money I spent.

That’s always gonna happen

That’s why you gotta show status upgrade.

You’ve got to be offering a status upgrade with your product or service, or with your course.

If you want a help on figuring out what that status upgrade is, of course reach out.

I’d love to help you figure out what that status upgrade is.

Go ahead and send me a message or comment below that you’re working on something and you’re like okay what’s the status upgrade I’m getting people with this, right?

I’d love to help you out.

Hopefully you enjoyed this message and if you think anybody else needs to know this message and please go ahead and share.

I’m sure they’d appreciate it and I would, too.

Until next time.


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