Who is this guy?

You’re seeing me on the newsfeed.

You’re seeing me on ads.

You’re seeing me on pages.

You’re seeing me everywhere.

Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Everywhere.

Who is this guy?

And you know when you have to introduce yourself.

When you have to tell your audience who you are, you might be wondering what are we talking about, right?

Do I talk about my family?
Do I talk about my successes? My failure? My financial?

You know, ups and downs and do I talk about my job.

Do I talk about just the business of building, the brain I’m trying to do?

Do I talk about just social media?

Or the product I’m trying to sell?

Like my family, my upbringing, where I grew up.

You know, what school I went to.

What do you talk about?

What am I gonna tell you about me, right?

So what and I think one of the answers to that question is it depends on your audience.

And what your target market is.

What are you trying to accomplish?

But if you’re trying to build a personal brand around you, there’s a lot of your personal stuff that you should be telling people about it.

I’m not saying that you dish out every single problem you had.

You talked about how awful your childhood was.

All these things, that’s not what I mean.

What I mean is you talk a bit about the different parts of a person’s life.

You talk about where you grew up, what kind of school you had.

You talked about your family, your relationship a little bit.

You talked about your job.

You talked about your business, your building.

You talked about pretty much everything around you.

You know who you are, what to do, what it’s all about and if you’re wondering that about me then that’s great because I’m just gonna cover that.

But before I do that too, I want to tell you that how you should be doing it is based on priorities.

What are the priorities that normally should have in life?

Family, health, your mind then maybe money and wealth and job.

That’s what I’m gonna do.

I’m talking about my family.

My family is my wife and two daughters and I have two other older daughters and four grand kids.

My wife is living out in Prince Edward Island.

This is Montreal and I live over here in Griffin town.

I work here. My day job is here which is 12 hours away from my family which totally sucks.

It’s one of the reasons why I’m building a business online.

And I wanted something that will allow me to get home to my my wife and kids.

They’re 5 and 7.

She’s basically taking care of them on her own.

That’s really a bad feeling for me.

I know that sometimes it might not seem that way because I’m so busy doing my stuff but that’s my top priority, my family.

I want to be there and I know it’s not always easy to see that because as a business person, I typically don’t really talk about that.

But that’s number 1, the family.

Number 2 is health.

What’s important for me about health is I’ve always thought that it’s important to be healthy, to live a healthy lifestyle, to not eat totally junk all the time.

You know, ensure you indulge once in a while but you know your typical meals shouldn’t be like the big portions in restaurants.

You should be eating more vegetables or you know not too much stuff that’s precooked.

You should be exercising.

I just kind of started again but I’ve been walking to work for like an hour every day, not more than 2 hours.

Now that I moved in here where I work just right next to where I live, my exercise and walking is done.

There’s a little walking which is great.

I have less commute but I still need to exercise.

We have a gym in the building so I started going to the gym and I think it’s very important.

I see my father who has trouble in walking.

He says he’s getting old but at the same time, I know lots of people that are his age that don’t have trouble walking.

I don’t know if it’s genetic but I certainly do feel that exercise is a big part of it.

You know I want to make sure that I can walk as old as I get and I don’t take in too much weight.

So health is super important for me.

That’s one of the things about me.

Number 3 is the mind, your mind.

You got to keep your mind just like your body, right?

Just like your family, you got to keep all that at the top of your priorities, right?

Your mind is all about personal development.

I’ve been into personal development since my early 20’s.

When I first got into network marketing, talked about that the 2nd book when I first got into the apartment, I got into personal development.

The company I was with had monthly book club.

They have the weekly tape club which was all people talking about their successes and their stories and that’s how I got into it.

I started reading a book every month.

Books on personalities. Books on relationship. Books on business building.

I’m thinking big,

Thinking about the finances.

So you know I got into that, right?

The mindset.

Your mind is what makes you believe that you can achieve things your mind is what makes it possible for you to do things because you learn.

So there’s learning things, of course.

Like I said, that just the whole personal development thing so you should be doing that, too.

You should be reading a book every month maybe.

Maybe a couple of books a year anyways.

That’s really really up to you.

So that’s number 3.

Again, number 1 is your family.

Number 2 is your health, of course.

Number 3 is your mind and then number 4 is worth.

Number 4 comes in is your business, your income, your job.

What it is that you do outside of all those things?

So for me, I’ve been an amazing education component to that and where I lived all these other things.

That are really not that critical, not that important but I grew up.

I was born in northern part of Quebec.

On the northern side of the St. Lawrence in Canada.

And I was there only until I was 6.

I can’t say grew up there. I was born there.

We lived in different places in Canada and I actually they’ve been in California for a year.

I’ve been married twice.

My first marriage had two daughters. They are 24 and 25. In my eldest, I have 4 grand kids.

That’s pretty awesome. I’m a grandfather.

In my second marriage, I have 2 daughters.

I can only make girls, right?

Okay, I had 4 daughters, right?

I love them. They’re awesome. They’re so beautiful.

My wife is beautiful as well.  Like I said, I’m 12 hours away.

So I’m building business.

They are in Charlottetown and I’m here in Montreal.

So education wise, I always been into computers, into entrepreneurship.

When I was at starting college, I was actually friends with a guy.

We did things about this with the stock market.

We did these fake portfolios.

We figured out buying sells schedules and we bought and sold fictitious penny stocks and we showed that we can make money.

We wanted to start a business.

An investment holding firm and it was kind of cool but you know, that never happened.

Then I got in computers in high school.

We were just starting computers. They only had 1 hour a week break.

I started that and I was good enough.

My teacher didn’t care about me going to that classes.

I knew everything. It was easy for me.

He gave me like a hundred, right?

It was pretty cool. I think it’s a cool achievement to have been able to do that.

Today, I work in computers. That’s what I do.

I’m a programmer.

I’m in DevOps which is the processes that have to do with development, making sure that developers have the tools they need, making sure their code gets produced properly and goes to the testing and goes to production in the most efficient and quality ways.

I’ve been doing that for like 30 years now.

So, that’s kind of my thing for business, for a day job.

After work, I do personal branding, attraction marketing online.

I’m also building a website and right now, I am building a website for course creators and for affiliates to sell online courses.

That’s clickecourse.com.

Of course, we’ll check that out.

It’s still in development right now and it needs to be verified and all that but it’s pretty awesome to be building that than to see the potential future of becoming successful by creating courses and selling courses and promoting courses and promoting course platforms and all that.

I am super excited and that’s where I’m going. That’s where I’m at.

That’s who I am.

What does this all have to do with Course Income Secrets?

Course Income Secrets is my platform.

My education that I’m trying to put there.

The things I’ve learned over the years.

An to teach others about the different things you need to learn to make income from the e-learning boom.

It’s going to be a regular episodes.

It’s going to be different topics that have to do with generating income online.

It’s not just about selling courses.

You don’t necessarily have to create a course or it’s not just about selling courses.

It is about courses and and digital assets.

It’s not just about you creating courses.

It’s about promoting other people’s course.

This is about you promoting course platforms, teaching others and helping others to learn how to build a brand online and sell other people’s courses and become an affiliate.

There’s so many ways to make income online.

It’s not just about creating courses.

If you want to create courses, I’m sure you have to do that, too.

That’s Course Income Secrets.

Hopefully you enjoy this message and if you think anybody else needs to hear this message then please go ahead and share.

I’m sure they’d appreciate it and I would, too.

I would love you for it and we’ll talk to you in the next episode.

Until next time.

Have a great day.

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