Don’t be Afraid to Change Your Decisions.

Almost a year ago, I changed my daily videos from “Simple Online Strategies” to “Real Talk”.

That’s a decision I made after much thought…

Today, I’m making another decision and changing it to be even more focused.

It’s going to be “Course Talk”

I know how easy it is to feel like you need to stick to it…

I mean, you’ve made a decision right?

And you’re a failure for having made a bad decision cause, well, you’re a trooper and you will do it until you die!

I’m sure you see how silly that can be lol

Well, I’m a little like that.

I feel like I should keep my decisions and sometimes it mean not making any…

So, don’t be afraid to change your decisions but start by making some.

Watch video to learn more about why I say don’t be afraid to change your decisions.

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