What’s the Best New Course Hosting Site?

It’s not easy to say what the best course hosting site is.

One of the big factors is of course what you consider to be the best.

I’m sure you’ve heard of these big names…

Is it Udemy?

Is it Teachable?

Is it Kajabi?

How about Lynda/LinkedIn?

What about SkillShare?

Or even click funnels…

Or maybe just YouTube?

Well I think its Click eCourse.

Although all those sites are great places to host an online course and each have their particular features that make them what they are…

Even though I’m the creator of https://www.clickecourse.com that doesn’t mean my reasons for thinking it’s the best new course hosting site aren’t yours…

Here’s a few…

– Private, public or community membership site
– Free Weekly marketing and course creation trainings
– News feed style updates for new course, new lessons and user comments to help promote your courses
– Great affiliate program with up to 75% commissions.
– Full white label site option
– Funnel and opt-in page creator
– Integration with 3rd party tools

And so much more.

Watch video to learn more on what’s the best new course hosting site?

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