Keep Looking for Solution

As I jog and feel my legs hurt from the activity it reminds me that I know that the only way to get rid of that pain is to keep jogging every few days…

I mean, quitting won’t help right?

This also applies to finding a solution to a problem.

We have a pretty amazing house but never got the driveway done.

It’s fine in winter and summer but in spring and fall, it’s a total mud pit lol

We’ve been looking at options but we’ve not really been keen on spending $25k to get it paved (it’s a long driveway)

I found someone last year during winter that said he could do just gravel in spring for like $5k, but when I called in spring he couldn’t anymore!

But we didn’t give up…

We just kept asking around…

We just thought: keep looking for solution!

Just like with our driveway, if anything seems like it’s not happening for you in your course creation journey, just keep looking for solution and you’ll find it too!

I bet it’ll be even better than you hoped for, just like it happened for us and our driveway…

Watch video to find out what happened to first guy and why final solution was even better!

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