Let’s talk about the basics of Social Media, or Social Media 101. What do you need to be doing on Social Media to build an Online Empire?

I’ve been doing this for over two years now. Doing Online Branding and Personal Branding, Attraction Marketing and I’m no expert. These are just things that I’ve learned over the last two years or more and I still have some improvements to make but I just wanted to give you the basics.

This is a simple strategy – The 101 of social media. What is it that you really need to be doing?

In other blog posts to come, I’m going to show you more details and hands-on tips on each topic, so make sure you register to get notified when the new blog posts come out.

1- Choose a platform

When I say choose a platform, I mean sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+Snapchat, Pintrest, YouTube and so many others. There’s a bunch of other ones out there that are starting right now too, so you see, it’s still happening and will continue to.

You can post everywhere, like I post in lots of different platforms but that’s not how I started and you’ve got to start somewhere.

You could even just do SEO or blogging

If you’re not sure what the options are and why you should go with one platform over the other,  just send me a message and we’ll have a conversation to figure out what is best for you.

So, you choose a platform and you master it. Become good with that platform; learn the tools that are available, learn the strategies, learn the algorithms…


2- Set up your profile.


Now, “HOW” to setup your profile is dependent on the platform you choose.
On some platforms are more personal, like Facebook is more about family, where you live that kind of stuff.

LinkedIn is more business, like your resume, your jobs, where you’ve worked, your skills… not so much about your family.

In Snapchat, there’s no real profile other than just going to different search engines and putting in your information in there like SnapExec.com or Ghostcodes.

Depending on which platform you choose then you’re gonna set up your profile based on that platform and again if you’re not sure let’s have a conversation.


3- Post Daily

Posting daily is something that you have to kind of get into the habit of doing depending on the platform maybe every day is too much. Maybe it’s four times a day it really depends.

Lke I said, you choose your platform, you learn the platform, you learn what to do on that platform, how to do things and then you start to do things daily.

Post daily the kind of content that your audience wants, which you also have to figure out, but these are basics.

You’re going to be doing these things that make sense to what you’re trying to accomplish.


4 – Talk in 1st person

When you’re posting on Facebook, on LinkedIn, Instagram whatever don’t say

“Hey Facebook friends”, “Hey my my peeps” or “Hey people”

Use the singular when you’re talking. You’re talking to one person. For example, right now, I’m talking to you.
Right, sure, my blog is gonna be read by ten, twenty, a hundred, a thousand, ten thousand people! I don’t know, right?

I’m hoping there’s gonna be millions! But whoever’s reading it, is only one person they’re a single person watching.
So, talk to that person. That person is your target market. The person you want to attract, talk to them!

Same thing with your posts on Facebook. When you say “Good morning”, you know “How’s your day?”

Don’t say: “Good morning Facebook friends! How are you ALL doing?”

It’s impersonal! Social media is personal! It’s for the person reading, right?


5 – Use videos – lives are even better

Use videos as your primary way of producing content. There’s lots of reasons and one of the interesting reasons is that you can take
a video and you can convert it to audio, just by taking the audio out. You can convert it to written word by just having somebody transcribe it or you do
it yourself in the beginning.

You can’t make a video from text, you’d have to hire an actor, then it’s not you! That’s part of the whole social media thing it’s gotta be about you.
That’s personal branding, attraction marketing.

Use video for that reason that’s one important reason.

Why live is better for Social Media 101?

Because live is what the audience wants for one. They want live because they feel more connected to you, because it’s happening right now when they watch it and even if
they watch the replay afterwards they know that it was live. So that means that if you had a mistake or you said something wrong,
it’s still you.

You’re a person. You make mistakes. People expect that from a person.

They don’t expect it from a company because companies edit things and they clean up stuff and the same thing with videos.

I do lives, I do Snapchat posts every single day as well as Instagram and Facebook.
I do lives on Facebook. I mean I do that, you know, lives, because there’s another cool reason about using lives.
It’s that you actually don’t have to edit it after. You don’t have to upload it. You don’t have to do anything. You do the live and it’s there!
You don’t have to then go into your editing software and then cut out the beginning and end maybe. You don’t have to upload it to the platform afterwards.
It’s kind of cool that way because you don’t worry about all that. So, it’s less work for you as an entrepreneur, as a public speaker, as a personal brand, right?
It’s less work for you, so that’s why lives.
If you have trouble with lives, you have trouble with videos, I get it, lots of people don’t like it. They don’t like being there in front of the camera! Especially with a live!

They’re like: “Oh my god! What if I do something wrong! What if I say something wrong!” – I understand.
I know it sounds harsh, but you’re really just going to have to get over that because that is how you’re gonna make it compared to somebody who’s not doing that. It’s going to make a big difference to your audience, whether you do lives or not.

6 – Give value

This is one of the things that I struggled with for a long time because I asked myself: “What does it mean to give value?” How do I know whether what I’m doing is giving value to people or not.

It’s still a hard question to answer. What is value? Basically value is something that somebody else is willing to give you something for. If you’re wanting to make some income online, that’s great, but value is not just money.

Value is, they share your stuff because they like it because they think it’s going to help somebody else. Or they comment and post. They’re going to like your posts, they’re going to do that kind of stuff. That’s also value. They’re giving their time watching your video.

How do you know that you’re giving value? Well, would you spend your time watching what you’re doing? Would you take your time to read what you’re writing? If the answer is “No, this is like, whatever” then then you’re not giving value, at least not value that you want. Of course, if you’re looking for people who aren’t like you, then that’s different.

You’ve got to figure out what your target market is. Whether they’re interested in what you have but, that’s it! You gotta give value!

Give something that – that people will want! It can be entertainment. It can be information. It can be training. It can be tips, things like what I’m doing.

7 – Give what you want.

I’m sure you’ve heard that before. Giving to people what you actually want. Like that’s how charity and tithing works. You donate money to the church or, if you’re a spiritual and it comes back to you.

People think that too literally lots of times though. You think “Okay, well, if I give to this person, they’re gonna give back to me.”

That’s not how it works! It’s intangible, some say the universe or quantum physics. There’s all these theories out there that basically say; whatever you give, you’re going to get back tenfold, but not from the same people.

It’s just going to be you give n give n give n give… Like Gary Vaynerchuk, he talks about Stab, Stab, Hook… basically saying you give n give n give and eventually you’ll get.
So he’s talking about this – in his book he was talking about asking for the sale. But it’s kind of the same principle; you giving.

If you want money, give money. If you want – friendship, give friendship. If you want love, give love. If you want admiration, admire others.
If you want people to like your posts, like their posts, like other people’s posts. If you want people to share your stuff, share other people’s stuff. Just, give what you want!


8 – Don’t SPAM

What is spamming? Spamming is sending people stuff that they didn’t ask for. It’s as simple as that.

Just ask yourself:
Did this person ask for my link? Did this person ask for my blog post? Did this person ask for a picture in their timeline? Did this person ask to be part of the group?

Don’t give people what they don’t ask for in Social Media 101!

I get messages from people like: “Hey, it’s been a while since we talked and by the way I’m just running this new business and here’s a link and you’ll thank me later!”
I’m not gonna go to their link! Let’s have a bit of a conversation! Tell me a little bit about what you’re doing. Ask me what I’m doing.

You can tell the person: “Hey, I’m just starting a new business. Is that something you’d be open to hearing about?”

Most times when people do that with me, I say “Yeah, sure, why not? What’s your link? Send me your link.”

Don’t send them without them asking for it! It’s not going to work! It doesn’t work!

I’ve tried, in the beginning when I first started online, even way before the two years online, 2008 or 2007, I was actually in this new MLM and I sent to all my friends! I just sent them a message like: “Hey by the way I got this new biz, check it out and let me know what you think”.

By the way Facebook doesn’t like that! if you’re doing that on Facebook, they’ll actually block you after a certain number of identical messages. They’ll stop you from doing it for a few days. That’s what they call “Facebook Jail”!


9 – Don’t post your company name or product name

You don’t want to be posting your company name or product.

Lots of companies out there they actually want you to do that! That’s what they say you should be doing! They would say something like: I don’t want you to post a video about using our product without putting our name there!

That’s actually what they want because you’re basically becoming their TV advertisement. Basically they think that’s how it’s supposed to be, because that’s how it’s been for years and years and years and they just want to reproduce it so that you do it for them!

Well, don’t do that! If you’re doing personal branding don’t do that! If the company won’t let you – If they actually ever tell you that you’re doing something wrong,
maybe you have to find another company!

Because the thing is that if you do that the problem is: You, kill curiosity. People that see your posts are gonna start to think you just care about selling those products!
They’re also not going to even talk to you because they’re going to go and Google that company name or product name and they will find all the negatives about it!
You know how it is, right? 90% of what’s posted about companies and products is negative. Doesn’t matter how good the company is! How good the product is! That’s what most people are going to find.

Unless you have a conversation with them first and they understand that you care about them and not selling them a product, which is by the way what you should be wanting, then you’re
going to to be in a state where they’re never going to be your customer. Instead they’re going to go on to find somebody else who they think maybe has more experience
than you or maybe has a bigger following than you and they are going to join that person or buy from that person instead of you.

Even if they think that the product or company is good. That’s why you have to have a conversation with them so that they warm up to you and they become a friend.
That’s how it works.

10- Learn Daily

Why do you want to learn daily? You know if you learn one little thing every single day after a year you’ll have learned 365 things or 366 on the leap year. You’ll have learned so much over that period that you’re going to be more valuable! You’re gonna be able to show people things that help them along.

I’ve been learning things every single day! If you’re interested in learning, I can definitely show you how I learned this, where I learned all this.

I’m going to be doing some posts as well on my blog on each of these on each of these over time so just stay tuned.
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Hopefully you enjoyed this video and if you did, I would appreciate if you shared it.

Let’s have a conversation about Social Media 101.

I would love to Help YOU to build YOUR Online Empire!

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