Let’s bee social.

Do you want to know what the difference is?

Today with being social compared to how it was and the days of our grandparents.

When I talk about being social, when I talk about generating income from courses, right?

If you’re thinking about creating a course online, it’s a lot more than just creating a course and if you want to make income from the e-learning boom, you don’t have to create a course.

There’s ways to generate income.

Anyways, we’re going to talk about being social.

When your grandfather was around, all it was just going to town hall meetings, going to local dances and just generally being part of the community, right?

There were dances. There were weekly meetings. There was the pub or the bar town that everybody hung out after work, after evenings.

Whatever depending of course on whether you were married and all those things.

But that’s no different than nowadays, right?

There still bars. There’s still people hanging out in discos and dance clubs.

That’s just part of it. People want to be in a group. They want to be connected with others.

Being social is just a natural need that we have and because there was no social media, there was no internet.

Being social had to physically being around other people, right?

That’s why families wanted big families.

Like my grandmother, she had 14 kids.

My mother is one of 14 and that’s how it was.

You had big families if you needed to have it there.

Were there’s other reasons for that?

Obviously, it depends because they weren’t a farm. S

So in the land, all that and taking care of the animals and everything. So they needed less people.

That was kind of how it worked but the thing is that it was about being social, having a big community, growing and being part of that, right?

Today, we still have this same desire, the same need to be part of a community and how do we do that?

Sure, you can still go out. There’s still some meetups. There’s still some stuff going on and it’s definitely important for you to go if you’re religious.

You go to church. All these things are still important to do is being out there, being connected with people you know.

That’s why there’s networking. That’s where there are all these different things but outside of that, we’ve become less interested in going out.

Being out of the house and we use social media a lot especially the younger, they’re learning that that’s part of their life and as adults, we tend to think.

We should take their phone away. They shouldn’t be doing that.

But remember that’s the world they’re gonna be living in so it’s better to understand how it all works and why it’s so important.

And maybe you’re wondering why did I put two E’s on B.

I’ve been listening to another audio book on branding store.

I forget the name of the author.

I’ll come find it later but it’s an awesome book.

It talks about branding. Talks about your story. Having a story for a business.

He talks about how Apple when it came back from the Lisa Fiasco.

When Steve Jobs came back from Pixar and came back to Apple and he, the new marketing was “think different”, right?

That’s what Apple’s been about.

Has been about thinking different and I was trying to think what can I use as a brand story for my new website.

The course site that I’m building that’s gonna be a really a social course site.

Bee social.

I’m not sure a hundred percent that’s gonna be the message but I think that’s what going to be my message is because I am building a lot of social components to that site so it’s going to be a site that’s about courses but about being social.

Bee social with two bees because I want to be a social bee.

I want to be part of the social bee revolution.

I want you to be proud that you’re a social bee.

That you’re part of that whole thing so that’s kind of why I’m saying bee social.

There might be another bee social.

We’ll have to look it up and all this but let me know what you think too.

So being social like today, it’s all about joining groups in Facebook, in LinkedIn, in Twitter.

Everything has groups, right?

Ways of organizing things on Twitter and Instagram. It’s a lot to do more with with hashtags.

Being part of those and there’s joining watch parties on Facebook, on watch parties and then on YouTube, there’s live broadcast and premieres.

There’s all these things that have to do with making things about being part of a community, right?

If you’re engaging and commenting and posting in groups and you’re posting on social media, you’re trying to be social.

You want to be social. You might not even realize it but that’s a need that you have.

It’s an instinct that you need to fulfill and that’s why we’re doing these things on social media.

That’s why social media is attracting us because we’re missing that in our lives.

Of course, if you are super social and you’re out and you’ve got friends, you got people coming over for supper every weekend and you got all these things going on, maybe that’s why you don’t understand why people are on social media so much and why it’s so important to them because you’re not needing that

But if you’re reading this, chances are, you are on social media and try and understand how to be social of what you need to do to build something on social media.

You gotta be social so if you need to understand more about all this, there’s the Course Income Secrets.

And there’s gonna be the website and everything else.

So I’d love for you to join in and join in the conversation.

Let me know how are you being social.

Comment below. Let me know.

What is it that you do to be social?

How are you embracing the new technologies?

Alright, hopefully you got some value from this and if you think anybody else needs to hear this message and please go ahead and share.

I’m sure they’d appreciate it and I would, too.


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