Do you think or wonder when is it too late to start something?

When is it too late to go and do something?

To get into something?

To jump into an opportunity.

To start selling a product.

To start building a brand.

To start your social media.

When is it too late to do something?

When you’re thinking about creating a course or starting to promote the platform that has courses on it where you can make an income from just people signing up or maybe you’re thinking about promoting other people’s courses.

And how do you know which courses you should be promoting?

Because you’re gonna be making an income but at the same time you want to promote the ones that aren’t old or too late to promote.

So how do you know when it’s too late to start something?

How do you know when it’s too late to join an opportunity?

This morning, I’m running late to go to work.

Luckily, my day job allows me a flexibility in my hours.

As long as I do my work, they’re happy so usually I’m early but if I’m ever late one day or so,it’s not a big deal so that’s a good thing for me.

It’s never really too late for me to go to work as long as I do my work.

But that’s not what I’m talking about.

The too late I’m talking about is opportunities.

Joining an opportunity.

I just had somebody last night. One of my friends ping me about this new cryptocurrency forex trading thing that he’s into and he’s like, Oh my God! We’re just launching. You should join right now.

And you know the thing is that whatever opportunity you’re thinking about, do you have to be willing?

Are you willing to put the effort into to make it worth doing? That’s one thing.

The first thing you got to decide whether you’re in the mindset to start something new.

But to just answer whether you’re too late or not, that really depends on the market.

Depends on whether you can find customers.

Depends on whether people are willing to buy.

How do you know that?

Of course, they talk about doing market researches and doing test ads advertisements and asking people questions and doing a survey.

You could do all that and that’s a traditional marketing way of doing things.

To me, it’s more about.. Just like Russell Brunson talks about.

How do you create a new niche?

How do you create a blue ocean?

How do you make your product your opportunity new?

How do you turn it into something that isn’t out there?

Because one of the things that makes something too late is that there’s too many other people doing the same thing.

For my course income, as my clickecourse site.

When I went on building the site to promote, to have people host their courses, there’s like tons and tons of those sites out there.

But why do I think it might work out still?

Why do I think it will work out?

It’s because of the positioning I’m putting it into and the way that I’m gonna be marketing it and the fact that I’m gonna create a new blue ocean out of it.

Because I’m creating particular functionalities, particular features and the way that I’m gonna be promoting it is gonna be different.

It’s gonna be a new thing. I’m making it a new opportunity. I’m making it a blue ocean. I’m making it so that it’s not too late because I’m the first doing it.

And that’s the thing. That’s the secret. You’ve got to be the first to be doing whatever you’re doing.

So you have to be the first.

How do you be the first?

Make your opportunity different than everybody else so you become the first.

Now of course, I’m not saying you do that. You can do that with everything.

There’s certainly limitations of course.

Like if you’re talking about you want to start selling, you want to start a company making tires, right? Making car tires for cars.

Chances are you’re gonna have a whole lot of trouble making that into a new opportunity.

It’s not impossible but it’s gonna take a lot of investment. A lot of time and effort.

I’m talking about being out there and being the first and creating the new option in making it so that you’re the first to produce or to sell or to promote or to offer whatever it is you’re doing.

Alright! So, is it too late?

When is it too late?

It’s too late is when you can’t find a way to make you’re opportunity unique to create your own blue ocean. That’s when it’s too late.

For me really, it’s never too late as long as what you’re trying to do is something that can be turned into a new opportunity, into a blue ocean.

Alright, so hopefully you enjoyed this message and if you think anybody else needs to hear it then please go ahead and share.

I’m sure they’d really appreciate it and I would, too.

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