Today, we’re going to talk about the attractive character.

You’ve heard about the attractive character.

You’ve heard about me.

You’ve heard me talking about the attractive character quite a bit and it comes from Russell Brunson’s books.

The Experts Secret. The DotComSecrets.

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I’ve been struggling with.. Ok, what is my attractive character?

If you follow Russell’s teaching, he talks about defining attractive character.

You have to define your audience, your avatar and then you have to create Seinfeld email sequences and you have to create soap operas email sequences and you have to do indoctrination emails.

It means a whole bunch of stuff but it kind of all starts with the attractive character you get.

You have to know what your character is that you’re gonna be speaking as, right?

And your emails and your posts and your content and everything and that’s one of the things that I’ve been kind of struggling with.

I have it on my wall here.

I have a list of things that I gotta do.

These are the things that have to be done.

I got to do this.

I got to figure out the attractive character.

I got to figure out my audience, figure out my avatar.

You know, all this what I just said, right?

And the thing is that it’s not that simple but at the same time it should be pretty simple, pretty straightforward.

Because it’s like anything else in marketing.

Everything in marketing is all about making a decision and moving forward and just like any other technologies, any other things you do, it’s all about
tweaking and improving and you know doing things better as you go.

I’m still thinking… What is it? What do I need to do?

How do i define this attractive character?

I don’t want to pick it.

How do I choose it?

Anyways on the weekend, I was googling attractive character.

What is the nature? How do you use? How do you define your attractive character?

Alright, so I was just googling and in those Google searches, I saw dozens of posts repeating what Russell says in his books.

And you know that’s all great. Okay fine. You know, because I’m sure some people don’t even know Russell never read the books and when they come up with those blog posts, they think they make sense.

That’s great. That’s awesome. That’s perfect. That’s wonderful.

But that’s not what I was looking for.

I was looking for some like extra advice.

What is it that you do to choose?

I actually want to put that together for you so I first have to figure out it for myself and then of course, I’m gonna show you what I did to figure it out.

But this blog post is pretty pretty good.

What’s an attractive character made up?

Of course this is the basics that Russell talks about now.

This is not my post but in here, he talks about some of the incongruencies of the attractive character.

He talks about the identity of it.

You know, leader, the adventurer, crusader, report evangelist, relented.

He talks about how you go through those, you know, levels if you will as you grow.

And he also talks about how your audience, what if your audience doesn’t like the message?

This is all stuff that Russell talks about but I like how he kind of adds his two cents to it.

It explains a little bit more.

What it’s about?

It’s Russell’s. A natural marketing secret podcast that Russell talks about the secret behind the three phases of the attractive character.

He says that marketers that had been around for a long time even before the internet, before social media and everything else.

They all say that the attractive character can’t be used to build the business.

You can’t use it to build a business and although that’s true in the traditional sense, in the social media world, it’s a little different.

But you can’t build it. You can’t use it forever.

He talks about click funnels.

I mean, obviously when Russell’s 90, he’s eventually gonna die.

So what happens if he’s the only face of the company?

The company is gonna die when he dies. It’s all just gonna dribble away pretty quickly.

Because everybody’s and everything is associated with him.

One of the things he talks about is building your attractive character and then talking about your clients successes’.

So that’s phase number 2.

With the first phase, as you talk about your own success, your attractive character successes’ and you build and you show your audience that you can help them with whatever they’re facing.

Whatever your product you’re selling, anything like that, right?

So that’s number 1, number 2 is once you start to get enough momentum, enough success and you get customers that have the success.

Number one is that right, you are the attractive character.

You’re the one that’s promoting your product, your service.

You’re the one that people buy from because they liked you so they’re gonna buy your product. So that’s number 1.

Phase number 2 is when you start talking about your clients that bought your product.

That you helped build their business how they succeed.

You start talking about their success, right?

And number 3 is your clients start talking about their client success’.

So it’s multi level. Starting with you then with your customers then with your customers’ customer, right?

So that’s kind of cool. That’s possible.

And I know that for me, when I’m doing my business, the business I’m building which is Course Income Secrets.

Which is all about generating income from the online e-learning boom that’s happening using the tools that are out there and the tools that I’m building.

I know that for me, it’s all about showing you that you can generate income.

Eventually, you want to do the same things I’m doing to generate an income.

And then eventually, I’m gonna be talking about your story, not mine and it’s gonna be the same thing.

5-10 years from now, who knows we’re gonna be?

But hopefully, it’s gonna be your success that I’m gonna be talking about.

And I’m gonna be in the dust, right?

Being left behind by all these other people that I’m gonna help succeed.

So hopefully you enjoy this message and if you think anybody needs to hear this, if you’re wondering what is an attractive character?

How do you use it? How do you define it? You know this is a little bit of about that but it’s more about the fact that it is really simple.

All you got to do is you got to make a decision.

You got to choose what you’re attractive and I got to do that I really have to do that.

I’ve been progressing and you know struggling and delaying it and think you know I got to figure it out first.

But it’s not like that you just start writing and then you use that and then you move ahead.

So that’s what I’m gonna do.

You know, I got to do that.

So that’s what I’m hoping you’re gonna do and once I’ve done it, I’m gonna post how I did it exactly.

What I did? What I wrote? What questions I asked myself? Those kinds of things so that you can do.

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