Hey, my friend! So do you wonder when is the right time to build your well?

When is that time to start thinking about a course platform?

When is it time to start asking the bank for loans, right?

When is it time to start thinking about the future?

Alright, so you might be wondering you know what kind of weird questions are those.

I’m just trying to trend this out, right?

Now I probably need to add some things to the background there.

Maybe a couple of quotes or sayings or things like that and I’m actually looking on my phone to see here if my live is there.

It’s not even showing up on my phone yet but anyway it doesn’t matter.

So I was listening to Russell Brunson again – Experts Secret book. And of course you can get that book at books.clickecourse.com for free.

When is it time right?

When is it time to start building a well?

Obviously, you’re not gonna build a well when you’re thirsty so you’re gonna build your well long before that.

You got to have the water when you’re thirsty but you got to build it along before you’re thirsty.

Say you’re trying to build a business and you need some funding..

I’m not saying that you need funding but the kind of it depends on what kind of business you have but if you need the funding, youu’re gonna
want to go to the bank and ask for loans and lines of credits.

You need to build your business long before you’re struggling and having trouble getting your funds.

So you need that ahead of time because when you go to the bank and you’re like struggling and you’re almost bankrupt, they’re not going to loan you anything.

So you got to plan ahead.

Same thing with learning a course in a course platform.

If you’re gonna eventually create a course, you need to be looking at the course platforms.

Now you can’t be waiting till you’re ready to create or sell a course.

Maybe you’ve recorded things already.

You can actually use what you’ve recorded already to put in a course and there’s different platforms.

My platform is what I would love for you to try so go ahead and try clickecourse.com.

So Russell Brunson talks about the dream 100.

He talks about building the well ahead because the dream 100 is a list of the top 100 people in your industry, in your niche that you can benefit from
being partners with.

So he talks about that’s about reaching out and building a relationship with these people.

That’s right.  Just keep your job.

I agree people shouldn’t be hating their job.

I personally like my job.

I don’t know if most people don’t like their jobs really.

So change your job, right?

The dream 100 is take your niche and say you’re in health and well care and wellness.

Well, you look at who’s making money online in health and wellness.

You look at that. You figure out who it is that’s got big audiences.

Who it is that you know it has got big list and who it is that you think would be great to get their audience.

Who would be good for you to be partners with or be helping each other.

So you build a list.

He suggests ten in different sub-niches.

So ten in say weight loss, ten in health, ten in online marketing, ten in network marketing and all in the same niche in the same target market.

OhYour job provides funding from it.

Yes, exactly. Keep your job to fund your business.

That’s definitely great. That’s definitely important.

It shouldn’t quit your job and try to go full-time and your thing.

That’s a bad suggestion. I know we’ve done it and some have succeeded but most have not.

So it’s better to keep your job.

So once you’ve got your dream 100, your top 10 in 10 different sub niches of your niche then you start to build relationship with them so
that could be getting on their list.

You’re liking their page on Facebook, commenting on their stuff that they post on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and whatever connecting with them different than these things.

Getting on their list. Buying their products. Just being the good person you want your audience to be to you.

So you be their customer. You be their top fan.

You do the things that do you want people to do for you later on.

So you do that for them to become part of their radar and eventually you have conversations.

Maybe you exchanged emails. Maybe exchanged messages on Facebook.

And you start to build a relationship and then eventually you might bring them on to an interview.

You interview them on Facebook live or do some videos.

There’s different depending on your niche.

Depending on what you’re trying to accomplish.

The goal is to build the relationships. Get closer and close to them because you can’t ask them in the beginning to promote your thing in theiremail
lists or Facebook page.

You can’t ask that that at the beginning.

So they got to know you but before they’re gonna want to get to know you, they need to feel that you want to know them.

That’s kind of how it works.

So once that all happens, then you can start to potentially grow your audience.

Being included in their audience and that’s one of things and it has to be beneficial to them which it would be if they had the same niche as you.

So they have the same niche as you. Of course, they’re going to want to have your audience be part of their stuff and they’re gonna be okay with their audience seeing your stuff.

So that’s kind of how it is and that’s your top 100 and you can’t be trying to build your top 100 when you need it.

You’ve got to start right now as you start writing that today.

Start building your top 100 list. Put your list together.

Write down their names and start. Join their groups. Join their Facebook pages.

Comment on their stuff. Get on their lists. Get their freebies or buy some of their products.

Do that. Start connecting. Start networking.

And later on, that 100 is good like your well that you started building right now.

That you’re not thirsty right now but once you have a good on that. Once your audience such going.

Once you start to have attraction and they’re ready to ask them.

Hey, can we partner? Is there anything we can do together?

Well, you’re gonna have that audience and by them, they’re gonna be willing to listen to you because they’ve known you and seen you grow.

And that’s why it’s important to build your well to start to join 100 right now today.

Alright, so I hope you’re gonna start your dream 100 list right now and I’d love to hear from you.

What’s your niche?

if you’re struggling to find names and I can help you find names, let’s have a conversation.

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I really appreciate it and they would, too. I’m sure.

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