Hey, how’s it going? So do you sometimes think you have to be perfect?

You’ve got to be perfect to build the business online? It’s like me right now.

I just finished my workout and I look like crap and why would anybody post that video looking like this, right?

So do you need to be perfect and how do you handle what others are gonna think about, right?

So we’re talking about being perfect.

How perfect do you have to be to build a business online?

Well, the answer to that is pretty simple.

You got to be as perfect as you are.

You got to be you, you got to not worry about what people think and I’m not saying that you shouldn’t let what people think affect you because we all do.

We all have this need for acceptance, right?

We have this need for others to accept us the way we are, right?

If people don’t accept us the way we are, it just feels wrong.

It feels like we’re not good enough.

It feels like you know people are going to like us.

They’re not gonna be or they’re not gonna want to hear from us.

They’re not gonna want to listen to our stories.

They’re not gonna want to buy our stuff obviously, right?

So how perfect you have to be?

Well, you have to be as perfect as you need to be for your audience to be interested in you, to like you.

If you’re looking to attract people who are snot people who only hang around those perfect people, right?

People that are that are never leave the house without completely being dressed perfectly with clothes that cost thousands of dollars and makeup and the kinds of people you see in these reality shows are these celebrity shows.

I guess you could say on TV and and I’m not saying that to be mean or anything.

I’m just saying there’s levels of perfection, right?

People perceive that’s perfect. That’s the best you can be, right?

How you look, how you dress the things you own and the people you hang around with.

That’s being perfect, right?

So that’s the extreme.

Now if you’re trying to attract those kinds of people, well probably, you need to be like that because those people would only be attracted to people like them, right?

But if you’re trying to attract people like you, like you’re real you.

Like me, I work out. I get up in the morning and I have a day job and I’m a programmer and I do things on the computer.

If you’re trying to attract somebody like you, that’s perfection you need and the part that I talked about where I worry about what people thinking.

It’s just how life is. Being worrying about what people think is just part of our nature, right?

That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t care what people think and just do what you want and what it does mean is that you should surround yourself with people who won’t put you down.

If you do something that they don’t agree with and if they do put you there, they shouldn’t be around you and and I know that’s harsh.

It’s not necessarily easy to do but you, just like for me, I’m surrounded by people that do what I do.

They do attraction marketing personal branding.

They do online income generation.

I’m surrounded by those people on the Facebook groups I’m part of.

The community I’m part of.

In real life I try to talk to people about this stuff so the ones that are interested have conversations with me.

The ones that won’t, they won’t.

So that you end up in that situation where the people around you are the people that are interested in that so then it becomes not needed for you to be perfect in the eyes of the people that are interested in what you do.

So being perfect like still doing a video like this, looking like after workout. I haven’t even showered yet you know and all that.

That only works if the people I’m trying to attract are people who care about working out, who care about being healthy, who aren’t worried about being dressed, you know, to the nine as they say in and and having perfect makeup on and always just shown online whenever they’re perfectly showered and dressed and their hair done and everything, right?

And that’s the thing. So you have to remember what is it that you’re trying to promote, what kind of audience that you have, what are you trying to attract in terms of people and that helps you to define what you do.

But the thing you get remember is that the more authentic you are, the more realer, the more you are, the better it’ll be because you won’t have to work at it.

You won’t have to remember, alright?

I can’t do this, that. I can’t do that there because I’m not in my perfect state right now and if you just be you then you know, if they’re worried about
any of that, right?

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