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So today, we’re going to talk about Facebook basics.

You know really basic stuff now.

You know Course Income Secrets.

We talked about all sorts of different things but one of the things you need is social media presence.

You need to have a Facebook profile.

As a computer geek, I definitely forget that it’s not that simple for everybody else.

It’s super easy for me but that doesn’t mean it’s easy for everybody else and when I help people, I realize it’s actually more common that people struggle with these basic things.

Today, we’re gonna talk about Facebook basics.

Your profile, uploading it, centering it, cropping it, organizing it.

We’re gonna talk about your cover photo.

We’re gonna talk about your jobs and links and things like that you can do and that you should be doing on your Facebook profile.

Alright, so when you look at my profile, you see I have a cover photo.

I have a profile picture of my face.

We talked about profile pictures should be of you, not your family.

Like your cover photo certainly can be your family or things you’d like to do or things like that and then of course you see there’s a little bio here.

I have a set of a list of jobs I’ve done.

I have a bunch of links to social media and websites and and then of course posts that I post on my timeline.

Like this video here that you’re watching or other posts hat I post on my timeline.

So I’m not gonna go and change my profile.

I’m just gonna go and show you on a fake account I set up a while ago.

I use it for test for this kind of stuff and as you can see, there’s no profile picture and cover photo.

All I did is just set a birth date.

On your phone when you upload or change your profile picture, it’s not gonna be exactly the same as this but there’s things you can’t do on your phone very easily.

One of the things that I found a lot easier to do on the the computer is to organize your profile picture.

For example, I go and I click on this and then I just say upload photo and then I go pick a picture of me and my wife.

We’re not supposed to be posting pictures on a profile picture as a couple but you can do something like this.

For example, just upload the picture without doing anything to it and it’ll be well.

There’s a little drag thing down here that’s been use to kind of zoom in and then you can move the picture to show just you.

But we can also skip,crop in here and we can do that after.

For example, you never did that, right?

You never did this thing that I just showed you just now because you didn’t notice it and you didn’t know you could do that so you would have a profile picture now on there that looked like this.

Now you can see that this is a profile picture with two people on there and if you don’t know that Frank is a man, maybe your name is Carol or something, maybe you’ve got a unisex name or maybe you’re from a different country and for me for example is a Canadian or in America.

If I look at your name, I don’t really know whether it’s a man or women and there’s a picture of a man and a woman.

Who is this person in the picture?

What you can do is update this little edit icon.

You can zoom in and just go to my face. Save and the picture on the profile is going to be my face.

And whenever I look through the timeline, it still shows the whole picture.

But the little picture there has just my face.

I know that this person is this guy because it’s a picture of that guy, right?

That’s one thing.

Now the other thing is your bio is just something about you, what you do, why you’re online, what you help people with or what your about.

Click on this add bio here and this is just a test account.

Of course, that’s not what you’re gonna put on there but I’m just putting that there to show you that it’s as simple as clicking the little thing
and then you can edit it.

The other things like current city, work place, all these things.

You can click on and choose a value for it, right?

But what I wanted to talk to you about was the jobs.

Click on the “about” and then you have all these different things.

Add a workplace. Add a school. Add a current city. Add a relationship.

I actually should have checked this before but I thought it was gonna be easy because I’m a computer geek.

I don’t ever think that I’m not gonna figure something out.

That doesn’t mean that everybody’s like that.

So under contact and basic info, this is where you would add a website out of social links.

I can choose what social link it is.

GitHub, it’s gonna be Frank.

I just save this, right?

Now, it’s gonna put

Frank as a GitHub link and then when I go to my my page, my main page or when people visit my page, they’re gonna see right here.

Okay, I’m not sure so I’ll go have to figure out how to do that. Sorry about that.

I wanted to show you how to put all that and choose what you want to show and I messed up and but you know that’s part of it.

That’s part of building your brand. You got to be honest.

You got to be there. You got to do things and you gotta try things and sometimes, it just doesn’t work out.

Obviously, I could have taken the time to figure it out before doing this video.

I’m gonna have to do another video that will show you exactly what I’m talking about here and how to do all that.

And well at least, I’ll show you how to do the profile picture, how to zoom in and know that how to crop it and set it so that you can see just your face.

Hopefully, that’ll help and if you think anybody you know needs to see this then please go ahead and share it.

I’m sure they’d appreciate it and I would, too.

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