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Today, we’re gonna talk about the Top 10 Online Income Secrets.

You know because whenever you’re thinking about the online courses or the online world, they’re making money online.

There’s lots of different things that you got to learn and I just put together this list based on all the training I’ll be doing.

I got a list here of 10 things.

They’re not in any particular necessarily order but they’re all things that you need to learn to do if you want to build that business online.

They’re basically essentials that if you don’t do, you’re not gonna necessarily not have any success.

I’m not saying that you have to do all these things but you probably will end up doing them and if you think that there’s some of these things that you don’t know how to do or you’re not sure how to approach it then reach out.

Let’s have a conversation. Maybe I can help you figure it out for your business, right?

Whatever kind of business you have.

So number one is daily content.

You’re gonna be producing daily content somewhere now lots of times you’ll hear that and it’s a big list.

I’m not going to go into lots of details on every single one but you know for creating content daily, you could be doing three times a week or even once a week depending on your type of market.

But daily content is really best and it doesn’t have to be a video like I’m doing.

It could just be a post. It could just be some quotes. It could be some pictures.

So really, it’s just about being consistent.

That’s number one.

I’m not saying it’s the first thing or the most important thing.

It’s just number one on my list here.

The other thing is you’re gonna need a lead magnet.

Now, a lead magnet is something that you offer for free or for very low price that people can get from you.

We’ll talk about how other things but they get from you and that allows you to start a relationship with them through emails.

It’s different mechanisms but the lead magnet is important to have.

You can produce it yourself. Create it yourself.

It could be a PDF. It could be an audio or it could be something you get from somewhere else.

It could be something from the company.

It could be something from another marketer.

Just you need something to give, right?

The next thing is your value ladder and you got to figure out a value ladder for your business, for your product, for your what you’re trying to help your customers with.

So it could be a free product then it could be a $20 product then it could be a $100 dollar product and a $500, $5,000, $10,000, $20,000 value ladder.

Just kind of describes the products that you have available for your target market that are all connected.

That they would want and allows you to have a percentage of each of your customer base go to the next level and there’s ways to get them through that.

I’m not gonna talk about that today but it’s part of the list here.

So the other thing is you need an attractive character.

Now, that doesn’t mean you have to be good-looking.

It doesn’t mean you have to have nice hair or a great great body or it doesn’t anything like that.

It just means you have to have an attractive character.

You’ve got to be something or somebody. It doesn’t have to be you.

It could be a different character but you have to have some character that you can talk about and and people can relate to.

That they will like and want to hear more from and want to connect with and want to buy from.

So that’s your attractive character and the next item is an email list.

You need an email list.

I know people are saying emails are dead and you get so much spam and everything else but still the email list is still one thing that you can own, that you can build and you’re gonna grow and that you know it’s yours.

It still works as long as you do the right things with your email list.

You can still build a business with that.

So with the email list, you’re going to need to create a soap opera sequence or indoctrination email so every single way that people get on your list.

You need to have a series of 5 emails – typically a good number.

That are basically a soap opera sequence.

That make them want to look at the next email.

The next email that’s related to the way they got in on your list.

So you got to do that.

And I will do a training in the future.

More details on this and if you’re interested in that, let me know. Comment below that you’d like to be on the list so I let you know when
that’s available.

So the next one is a Seinfeld emails.

A Seinfeld emails – it’s kind of part of your daily content.

You’d be producing an email through to your email list that basically has something to do with the products that you’re selling or your target market.

What they’re interested in and something that happened to you during that day.

A thought you had, an event that occurred.

Maybe it’s a holiday that day.

Maybe you went up to and you did some shopping or you know, whatever.

It’s just something that’s going on in your life and you’ve got to connect it to your value ladder.

Then you need a capture or squeeze page.

Now, that’s basically a web page that asks them for their name and email and and that’s something you would use.

Say with your lead magnet where you would give away or sell for very low price.

Your lead magnet and in exchange, they give you their name and email and become part of your list.

Then they get your soap opera sequence and eventually you get their Seinfeld emails and that’s kind of how that all ties together.

And the squeeze page of capture page.

Of course, you can do that with click funnels. There’s funnelizer.

There’s other tools out there. Even Course Income Secrets will have the ability to create a lead page.

A capture page like that so you know there’s lots of tools but you need that to capture their emails and get them on your list.

Then of course there’s digital courses.

Digital courses is one of the ways to make money online.

If you know something, you can create a digital course about what you know.

Now, there’s a whole process involved of course.

You can do a very simple course.

You can do a course in a couple days.

Or you can take months to do it depending on how perfect you want it.

Of course, the longer it takes for you to make it, the longer it will take for you to have income.

The better way is to go through an iterations when you start the course.

You do it a little bit and you improve it over time.

You replace some of the videos in there.

You replace some of the content.

You edit things but you start selling it right away even before your course is done.

Finally, the sales funnels.

Like I said, this is not an order or anything like that. These are all things that are super important.

Things that if you do, you’ll eventually generate some income online.

Sales funnel is kind of like moving them along a chain of your value ladder.

We talked about upgrade offers. Downgrade offers. Depending on whether they want something.

You can offer them something else the way that these pages are organized is.

Once they put their name and email to get your capture or your lead magnet then you get to another page which offers them another product that’s up your value ladder.

If they can say yes to that and then they go to the next one which might be a bigger offer so you have a certain level, certain number of offers in there and if they say no then maybe you offer them something less lower than.

That’s why you need your value.

You need to define all your products.

All the things you have to offer so that you can build a sales funnel that makes sense and that when they go through it, they will agree.

And that’s basically my 10 secrets of Online Income Secrets.

These are not in a particular order.

I just went through this. I’ve been learning this stuff and I’ve been implementing some of these things and you will need to learn these things and other things.

There’s lots of other things to learn but you know it can be simple.

All you got to do is you learn these things.

Put them in place and you eventually get some income online.

Alright, hopefully you got some value from this and if you think anybody else needs to hear this message and please go ahead and share.

I’m sure they’d appreciate it and I would. too.

This has been Course Income Secrets.

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My name is Jean-Serge Gagnon.

Until next time.

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