Hey, my friend. So do you sometimes feel like You can’t even put a plan together because you’re afraid that you’re gonna fail?

You’re afraid that people are going to tell you that you’re not doing it right.

People are telling you that you can’t be trusted.

That’s a terrible feeling to have and it’s also a deliberating thing that stops us from putting planes together.

We’re gonna talk about why you shouldn’t be beating yourself up if you don’t accomplish exactly what you set out to do and why it’s important to actually set a plan in place.

I’m gonna talk about something that I planned and I didn’t accomplish the way I wanted to.

But I’m not beating myself up and you shouldn’t either.

You know, building your brand, building courses, selling courses, building a business online is a lot to do with figuring out what you need to do.

How you need to get there? And putting together a plan to actually accomplish that, right?

There’s so much stuff to do that it’s overwhelming and it’s easy to tell ourselves.

Well, I’m not gonna plan because I don’t want people to tell me that I said I’d do this and I’m not doing it and they’re right that I’m not doing it then they’re right that I can’t be trusted and I can’t do things and that’s just awful.

It’s awful to feel like this but at the same time, it’s something you have to expect because that’s gonna happen and if you don’t plan, you’re much less likely to accomplish anything because you’re setting yourself up for failure.

And planning isn’t always easy but you got a look at what is it that you are trying to accomplish.

Where are you trying to go, right?

If you’re going on a trip to say Los Angeles, you gotta plan the trip.

You got to know how you’re gonna get there. You’re gonna know when you’re gonna go. You got to know how are you gonna get the money to pay for the trip for the gas or for the plane.

You’re gonna plan all that and you’re gonna even figure out days you’ve got to take off from work if you got a day job.

That is planning, right?

But what if you don’t have the money when it’s time to buy the plane ticket?

Are you gonna beat yourself up?

I mean those are the kinds of little plans that we do in our lives that we typically don’t really care too much because we know that people have the
same things in their lives.

They’re not gonna tell you that you’re such a loser. You couldn’t put money aside to go for a trip.

Nobody’s gonna tell you that because everybody’s like that.

Everybody has problems putting money away for future things, for vacations or things like that.

So that’s normal.

But when you’re thinking about building a business online, like only 1% and probably and I don’t even know, right?

Maybe it’s less than that. Maybe it’s a little bit more but it’s really not a lot of people that actually put plans together to build a business.

So it’s normal for all the other people that don’t do that to really really look out and try to see whether you’re doing the right thing and and they’re looking for the the opportunity to tell you.

I told you. You couldn’t do it, right?

I told you! You couldn’t do it and then you feel like crap because you didn’t accomplish your goal but you know what?

You’re forgettingĀ that you accomplished goal A, B and C that you probably wouldn’t even have done if you didn’t put a plan together.

What’s my I failure that I did that I planned that I didn’t do it?

So it’s just this week.

I’ve been working out and my plan is to kind of increase the number of days I work out until I get to five days a week.

I kind of told my audience yesterday that I was proud to have accomplished my getting up every day for the last three weeks.

I’ve been starting to work out and I was proud to have accomplished getting up every day at 5:00 a.m. last week and actually the last two weeks and that I was proud that I was getting to my five days.

And this week where it’s gonna be my five days of workouts because the week before, I did four days.

This week I’m gonna do five days a workout and my plan was to do five days in a row, right?

And yesterday morning, I said Oh my God, this is awesome.

I’m on my third day. This is the first week. I did three days in a row – and this will be the first week I do the full five days and everything, right?

But then last night, I decided I’m not gonna workout today which means that I’m not gonna accomplish my goal of working out five days in the week this week but the thing is that I still accomplished getting up at 5 a.m.

I still accomplished working out four days last week.

I still accomplished all these other things even though I failed at what I said and on top of that, I announced it to my audience and I didn’t do what I announced .

That’s like a blow to my ego, my feeling of accomplishment and everything else and I expect some people to be thinking out that I say stuff but doesn’t really mean it.

That’ll happen but for me, it’s about being better today than I was the day before and I’m improving, right?

It’s not necessarily about the specific goals that I’d put in place, that I think about, that I either document or just think in my head or tell people or whatever and it’s okay that you’re not perfect, that you’re not accomplishing exactly what you’re trying to do in the exact sequence that you’re wanting to because you’re still growing and getting better.

You know, I’m planning on still working out five days this week except it’s not going to be Monday to Friday because I took a break today to get my body recuperate but eventually I’ll get to working out Monday to Friday.

That’s my goal, right? Monday to Friday.

In the weekend, I take a break so that’s the thing you gotta put in place.

A plan and a goal and you gotta be not afraid to tell people what you’re planning because it’s going to force you to do better.

It’s gonna force you to go forward, to improve, to do things that you probably wouldn’t have done if you didn’t put your plan together.

Don’t beat yourself up. You don’t need to beat yourself up for missing out on the little things that you said you do.

You’re still doing awesome. I believe in you.

I know you’re gonna accomplish great things and I can’t wait to see your results.

Let me know, I’d love to hear from you. What is it that you’re working on?

What are you accomplishing? What are you, you know having trouble with?

What is it that you’re having problems that you said you do that you didn’t do but you know think about what is that you accomplish because you said those goes up, right?

Alright, so hopefully you enjoyed this message and if you think anybody else needs to hear that they should not be beating this up themselves up then please go ahead and share.

I’m sure they’d appreciate it and I would, too.

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Until next time.

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