Hey, my friends! So are you wondering what does it mean to crush it?

Maybe you’ve heard lots of people talk about it.

Maybe you’ve listened to Gary Vee’s or read his book, Crushing It! – which I’m listening to right now.

It’s been out for a while but either way you might be thinking, are you doing the right thing?

I know some of the things I do maybe wouldn’t be consider as part of crushing it, right?

One of the strategies is crushing it is doing everything that you can to build your brand so that you can eventually sell your course, sell your products, sell your services.

Get people to join you opportunity.

You’ve got to have people interested in what you’re about before they’ll be interested in what you have.

And that’s part of crushing it.

Crushing it has to do with taking action every day that others aren’t willing to be taking.

It has to do with taking more action than other people are not are doing.

If you’re a person that has a nine-to-five job and then gets home and watches TV and then spends time with the kids and your wife, your husband and then you watch TV again and then you go to bed and then you go to work the next day and on the weekends, you just go out and do
family activities.

You’ve got things going on everything.

You’re not crushing it, right?

You’re just living life like regular people.

You need people like that.

You can’t have everybody crushing it.

You’ve got to have people out there that are just living the regular life, having a job.

That’s okay to be like that but if you are, I’m telling you, you’re not crushing it even though you might be working eight to five every eight to six

So I’m working extra hours and I’m doing lots of stuff for the family and I’m doing lots of stuff and you know I need my break to watch TV.

But you’re not crushing it because crushing it is about doing something other than your day job.

That’s the basics. That’s the one thing. The first thing, right?

The first thing you’ve got to be doing is building something other than your day job.

It doesn’t matter how amazing your day job is.

Doesn’t matter how busy you are.

How awesome you are there.

You’re still not building something on the side and that doesn’t qualify as crushing it.

Of course, if you’re like Gary Vee that your day job is what you’re been doing, you could maybe qualify it as that but even then you know, you’d have to be doing all sorts of stuff that relate to your day job.

Because if you think about something somebody like him, you know his day job is what he does after hours as well.

He’s doing it like not 24 hours a day but almost, right?

He’s sleeping and then that’s whatever hours are left.

So when you wonder, Am I crushing it?

You’re starting to build a brand.

You’re producing content.

You’re engaging.

You’re connecting with people.

You send messages.

You’re commenting and liking on their posts.

You’re doing all these things and you’re doing that all the time.

Is that crushing it?

Well, that’s probably debatable but the thing is that crushing it really has to do with doing things that will take you to a goal, will take you to a business, will take you to sales, will take you to income.

So if you’re just doing that then nothing’s happening, well maybe you’re crushing it because your end goal is still to get there but you gotta have some little bit more focused activities that relate to where you’re trying to go.

Like for me, I might watch. I actually been watching the last couple of weeks.

I do watch a show.

I watch a show probably half an hour.

One hour every day just to wind them before going to bed.

So recently been watching Deep Space Nine. Before that, I was watching Big Bang Theory. I watched Two and a Half Men.

I watch where the comedies and a bit aside for the sci-fi because my daughter’s watching that now which is kind of cool but that’s the
thing so I just need that.

That’s my break. But other than that, I’m working 9:00 to 5:00, my day job.

I’m actually getting up at like 5:00 a.m. almost every day, going out to work out and then for about half an hour, 40 minutes while I’m cooling down before my shower, I actually do some work on the computer with my website that I’m building.

After work, even at lunchtime most days I come here because that’s the cool thing about living to a minute away from work.

I can come at lunchtime and work for 45 minutes on the website again.

After work, as soon as I get here, I started working on the website until I have calls with my family.

Because I’m remote. So if I was living with them, things would be different.

Obviously, I would be spending time with them. I would be doing things with them.

Being remote, being twelve hours away from my family, that’s basically what my schedule is.

If I could go out with people, get to go out with friends, do things, be social, be out there, go see movies, go have a drink with friends or I could do all those things but I’m not doing those things.

I’m building my business and I’m building my brand by doing these videos every morning and posting on social media and engaging so I’m still
not perfect.

I still spent time sleeping.

I spend time going to my day job.

Some days I have lunch with the people at work.

Sometimes I have calls on the phone with my family.

I spend time with my family and I watch a bit of TV so does that mean, I’m not crushing it?

Does that mean you’re not crushing in a few and does and a few little things that give your life a bit of a break from the craziness of building a brand, of doing a business, of doing all this?

I don’t think so. I think that you’re allowed to have some downtown.

Well, I’m not spending any time at all on anything. I’m not watching any TV.

All I do is on the computer and everything but you know that I think that some say you got to go out.

You got to go out in nature.

You got to go for hikes and you’re gonna be part of the energy of the earth.

Which I don’t do and sometimes I think I should once in a while, at least maybe once a week go for a walk or something.

But there’s different things that you can do to disconnect from your crazy crush it activities.

So you do need that?

I don’t even remember if Gary Vee talks about disconnecting a certain amount of time a week or certain amount of time a month but I’m sure he does.

I know he goes on vacation sometimes with his family.

He does certain things. He’s super works like a crazy person.

But he still has some downtime and I think that’s important.

I don’t know what you think but I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Put comments below or send me a message or anything and I’d love to have a conversation.

What do you think is okay to have as an activity that kind of gives yourself a break?

And how much do you think you need to be working?

And what do you need to be doing to be crushing it, right?

What is it that you consider crushing it?

So are you crushing it?

I’d like to hear from you.

Go ahead and comment. Send me a message. Let’s talk.

So hopefully you like this. You enjoyed this message and if you think anybody else needs to hear then please go ahead and share.

I’m sure they’d appreciate it and I would, too.


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