Have you heard that Twitter isn’t dead?

I’ve been not really posting or using Twitter that much.

I still am not but I have over 12,000 followers and I’ve had those followers for a long time and it’s just a machine that keeps giving me leads and keeps giving me contacts even though I’m not active on it.

Recently, I’ve been listening to Gary Vaynerchuk, his audiobook Crushing It!

And it’s just occurred to me that I need to get back on Twitter.

Get it updated. Get a post up there.

And one of the strategies to generate income is to have lots of followers.

I’m not saying that you just have followers to have followers.

That’s definitely not the right thing to do.

You gotta have the right followers.

You have people that are actually interested in what you do and to follow you and that’s one of things I’m gonna show you right now on Twitter, the top 5 things that you would need to be doing to grow your Twitter fans.

I’ve got twelve thousand point two followers and I’ve got following to a thousand so one of the things you’re going to notice is that people who have a high follow to follower ratio is because they’re not really producing the greatest content.

In my case, my content isn’t really geared towards my followers.

It’s more of a numbers’ game and I’m telling you right now being honest, I’m not saying that’s necessarily good.

I’m just saying that’s one way and you got to get there.

You got to grow your your followers to get to the next phase. To get to the next level and I haven’t been doing anything on Twitter for like two years now and that’s why it’s really just the way it is.

But I’ve also not lost really followers.

I probably gone to 13,000 or something but the thing is that over time, your followers will go down because your audience goes away.

Accounts get deleted because some of them that are fake accounts.

So first, you have to have a profile.

You’ve got to have a cover photo and the profile picture.

Those two things are really one thing. Your profile has to be something that shows who you are, what you’re about and you should have a cover photo that matches your other social media platforms.

Like me, on my Facebook page, that’s the same color photo I have, the same profile picture.

Same thing with LinkedIn. I guess Instagram doesn’t have a cover photo but the platform in one of my blogs.

That’s being congruent. Being the same on all your platforms.

So that’s one of things that’s important.

The other thing is if you can have a user ID that. Jean-Serge Gagnon – that’s my user ID.

That user ID should also be the same across your platforms.

If you can get the same user ID, it doesn’t necessarily have to be your name.

That’s a recommendation if you’re doing personal branding but of course, it doesn’t have to be your personal name.

Twitter is pretty much the same as other platforms.

So the first thing is your profile picture and your cover photo, right?

Profile picture, cover photo and profile..

I’ve actually got a profile that says my tagline but I try to keep the same on all my platforms as well.

The way it works is that you’re gonna go if when you first start on Twitter, right?

Go to the home, main page and you see tweets.

Now when you first start out, you’re not gonna have that because you’re not following anybody so you’re gonna start by following people, that’s tip number two.

Go and build your initial followers just finding things that you’re interested in. That you might know you’re going to want to search for things.

Like for example in my case, I’m into online courses so I’m going to search for online course and it’s going to show me a hashtag which then gives me a list of the top posts.

The latest posts and also people accounts that use that hashtag or that post with that hashtag so then you’re gonna want to just follow some of these.

You’ve got to be careful on Twitter. There is a rate limit so you can’t just go and follow a bunch of people.

You got to do it in a certain. You got to like a hundred in a day but you wouldn’t want to do the hundred in one sitting.

You’d want to do 10 and then 10 and then 10 or maybe 20. You just got a feel for it.

It’s the same as the other social platforms.

There’s limitations that will increase like your limitations will grow as you do it, right?

So because they notice that you’re doing it regularly but there is still some limitations, some maximums that you should be following all at the
same time.

That’s number two. Just start following. Start following and that’s gonna get others to follow you back.

The secret with Twitter to get started is that you got to start following people so that they follow you back

I don’t know how it is now but it used to me that it was about 30%.

So if you follow three people, you’re gonna get one person that’s gonna follow you back.

The next thing gonna do is every day you also have to go to your page, to your profile. And so this is number three.

You gotta go to who you’re following and you got to go through your followers and you just scroll down a bit because you don’t want to necessarily to
touch the ones that are at the top but you want to look through here and you want to unfollow the accounts that maybe you don’t..

Of course, there’s tools out there that lets you do this, right?

There’s couple of different tools I use them and they let you go and get all your list of followers and they let you just quickly click.

Just go through a list and I just I have to click twice, right?

For every single one of these that I want to decide to unfollow.

So you want to do that every day and you want to unfollow about the same number of people that you’re following but again, it’s a cycle.

You gotta be careful. You don’t want to do it too fast because you’re gonna be flagged and it’s not good to be flagged by accounts right?

So one of the things you want to do is you want to unfollow things that are not in your interest and also accounts that aren’t necessarily personal accounts.

Unfollow and follow. – that’s number 3.

So number 4 is you want to follow your followers of the accounts that you’re really interested in.

I go back to my course actually. I’d stuff my searches and it was online course.

I just go to the hashtag and then I go to the people which is account and then I look through here. It tells me how many followers they have.

So 4,000 followers, 248, 5 followers, 1,000.

I’m just trying to find somebody who’s got a lot of followers.

I’m going to search Udemy.

Like this is in myspace, right? So if you’re in weight loss, if you’re not any other nation, get a search for the things that are related to your business, to your niche.

But say I go over here and I see there you’ve got 195,000 followers, right? So you go to the account and you click on the followers and that gives you the list of who is following Vatican.

So this is the camp that is in your niche so people that are following, that are probably interested in what you’ve got.

Because they’re in your nation. You just follow these people that look like real accounts.

So you’ll see sometimes, you’ll get a follow request like this because it’s a private account and if you try to follow too many people in the day or in a sitting, it’s gonna give you a message and then it’s gonna block you from following more people until the next day.

So you gotta be careful but those are the things and you got to have it.

Like I said, you got to have a control grant.


Number 1, you got to have a profile, profile set up, profile cut and cover photo and a profile tagline.

Number 2, you got a start your account by following people that are in your niche so you do a search and you search for those people and you just go and follow them.

Number 3, you have to do daily unfollow as well so you’re going to go to your profile and then you get a click on your list of followers and you got to
unfollow some of the accounts that you know haven’t been following for a while.

Number 4, you have to be congruent. You got to have the same profile picture, the same cover photo, the same account name, the same tag line that you have in another social media so that when people find you there, they’ll recognize you. They’ve seen you before.

And number 5, you should be following your fans followers. You should be following your accountsbthat are in your niche. You go to those accounts and you follow those people so that you grow now.

If you do that everyday and you grow by a hundred or so a day, it’s gonna grow your account really fast and you’re going to start to get followers. So here’s a bonus.

Bonus tip is one of the tools that I use is called social jukebox.

I don’t even know if they’ve got an affiliate program but if you’re looking to use this tool, go ahead and send me a message.

If there is an affiliate program, I’d love to help you out and of course I’ll help anybody who joins through my affiliate link.

Reach out if you want to get in on this. But one of the things that this tool that you do is it lets you create these jukeboxes that have a bunch of accounts, a bunch of posts I should say.

I just show you this. This particular jukebox is just a bunch of videos and you can see there’s some errors like I said because I haven’t updated this
in so long and that’s what I’ve been thinking I should go and clean up because some of these things have changed and that’s why some of these are just at one point.

I was doing simple online strategies. I was posting them here and the thing is the cool thing is that I put them in this jukebox and I have a bunch of other jukeboxes like some of my other programs that I’m in.

I’ve got these posts over here that you know, just they’re posted regularly and yeah so that’s the thing.

So you create these jukeboxes then you automatically send messages to people in your Twitter account on your behalf and it just gives your account activity.

Even though I’m not active on Twitter, I’m still getting quite a bit of impressions.

476 K it’s still not that great. I used to get a million or two but it’s still quite a bit and I’m getting retweets, likes.

Like you see, I can see it’s not that much but it’s because I’m not very active, I gotta fix that.

So Twitter is one of the social media platforms that you should be watching out for that you should be using.

I’m not saying use it as primary account or anything like that but it should be on your radar and you should at least have an account on there and
you should have some posts and some followers.

If you got any value from this, if you think anybody needs to hear this message or know about Twitter then please go ahead and share.

I’m sure they’d appreciate it and I would, too.


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