Do you wonder what is it that you should be doing on Facebook?

Or really any other social media for that matter?

What do you need to be doing on Facebook so that you can grow your audience and you can start to make sales and generate income online?

How you can start selling your courses?

I’ve been doing personal branding for years now since 2015 and one of the things that I’ve always done is I’ve always used Facebook.

Not necessarily in the very beginning but now I’m on Instagram and on Twitter and on SnapChat, LinkedIn YouTube – on all the platforms.

But the thing is that on Facebook and any other platforms, they’re very similar but on Facebook, there’s specific things that you need to be
doing if you want to keep your audience engaged.

And the things the reasons why you need to be doing these things is because that’s what the platform demands and if you don’t do these things, you’re not gonna reap any rewards.

Facebook has algorithms that take effect whenever you’re doing certain actions on the positive and on the negative side.

For example, if you spam everybody your link to your product in a private message and you just cut and paste to 10 20 30 people every day, you’re gonna get blocked after a couple days.

You’re gonna get a message from Facebook and it’s gonna say that you can’t send messages anymore and also people that you sent that message to, they’re gonna get a notification that they can’t read your message if they have looked at it right away.

And that’s because you violated one of the policies that Facebook has messaging and on sending spam.

The thing about that is that Facebook, it’s not like people checking things out.

It’s all automated so that’s why you got to be careful.

You got to understand how that works but one of the main characteristics of Facebook and most of other social media is that of reciprocity. \

Whatever you do, you’re gonna get in return. So if you like posts, people are gonna like your post.

If you comment on posts, people are gonna comment on your post.

If you watch lives, people are gonna watch your lives.

If you watch stories, people are gonna watch your story.

If you post in groups, people are gonna see your posts in groups and they’re maybe gonna comment and like them.

So there’s all this reciprocity thing that happens in Facebook and I’ll kind of give you a couple of examples how that works now.

Whenever you go to your news feed which is just a home on the desktop, that’s basically your page.

That’s what they call the feed, right? The news feed.

You’re gonna start scrolling there and that’s just you know things from my friends that I’m seeing on my news feed.

The choices that Facebook makes how it decides to show you this post from Mark Nelson or another post here from Mark Nelson.

See? I mean something here from Cynthia Acorace.

Something here from Aaron. Something here from Jay MacDonald, right?

I keep going. Sharon Marie, Matthew. Some of these I don’t really know who they are.

William Georgeson. I know whom he is. I met him in person then there’s ads of course and Laurie Brooks here.

I’m just pointing out so when I look through my news feed, those posts that are here, they’re there because Facebook decided to show them to me.

Now, why did Facebook decide to show them to me?

I have 4,000 some friends so obviously, I can’t see everybody’s posts in the news feed when I scroll down.

They have to choose some post. They can’t show me everything.

That’s the the way that Facebook decides that is based on my activities, my interactions with other people’s account.

So for example, Michelle’s picture is shown because I interact with Michelle’s posts.

I go to her page or whenever I see her post, I like or a love or I’ll comment. Just comment things something that’s relevant to what she’s
talking about.

You got to be engaging on other people’s posts.

You got to be commenting on their post.

You could be liking their posts but the thing is that if you’re just going to go through your news feed and do that only on your news feed, you’re going to
see only the things that Facebook is choosing to show you and they’re going to interact with those things which is going to make Facebook’s show you more of the things of those people.

And that’s kind of what the interaction work.

So what is it that you should be doing instead?

I’ll go to my friends. The Facebook shows you the friends list is at the top are the friends you engage with the most or the friends that engage
with you the most.

They have an algorithm to give points. You don’t need to worry about the ones at the top, they’re already in your like radar.

What you want to do is you want to scroll down and of course, when you have like thousands of friends, it might take a while to scroll down.

I just pick some of these and on the desktop, I can just press control and their name are in new tabs.

I just go on their profile. I do that to five or six friends a day.

You don’t want to do too much because then it causes that those that pesky algorithm a Facebook to notice that you’re doing too much, right?

So then what you do is you just go to their particular page.

Like andd you can comment on things.

You can love things and if you comment, you got a look at what the post is to make a reasonable comment.

If you make just random stuff, that’s not really gonna work.

I’m gonna take the time to look at the post and see what it’s about, right?

I just do that to each of their friends I have up here.

You can probably like and comment on maybe two or three posts per friends.

And about five or six friends a day. You don’t want to overdo it because Facebook is going to notice especially if you haven’t done this usually.

You’re gonna be flagged as¬†somebody who’s changing their habits and you must be a robot or something so they block you and you’re in what they call Facebook jail for a few days and maybe a week, a month sometimes.

So you’re just got to be careful, right?

I go to the each of the tabs that I just opened and I just do that.

And the other thing I do is similar kind of action against groups.

Go to groups. You’ve got to be subscribed to groups.

You’ve got to be join group so if you’re into weight loss, go and find groups about the weight lost. Go join those groups.

If you’re interested in Internet Marketing, go find internet marketing groups.

If you’re into network marketing, go find network marketing.

If you’re course creation groups, go course creation.

So and then what I do is I have funnel list. I don’t even know how these are sorted.

They’re not sorted by name.¬†They’re not sorted by subscribers.

They might just be random but maybe somebody knows how they’re sorted.

Whether they’re sort of maybe by most active groups or something.

But in this case, all I’m gonna do is I’m just gonna go and search for course. I want to find the online course groups.

So basically what I do is I go to those groups that I chose, that I wanted to go to and I make sure that I like and comment on some of the posts so I’m gonna do that here too.

You know the first four or five or something and that’s the thing with groups, you can probably do 5 or so per group and it’s better if you comment.

But the idea here is that you’re engaging on posts to people that you don’t even know who they are, right?

And like some of these posts and what happens is Facebook registers those as engagements against posts and people that you don’t normally engage with and it kind of matches it up in the algorithm and then it starts to randomize who sees your stuff and this is the secret you want people to see your stuffs or your posts on your profile.

You want people to see them because if they don’t see them, they’re not gonna comment and like them, the only time that happens is if they come
visit your profile like I’m doing to some of my friends that I’m visiting a profile directly.

I’m gonna see their post but other than that, I wouldn’t see it in the feed and most people don’t go to people’s profile.

They just look at the feed, right?

So if you want people to see your posts so that they comment on your posts, they have to be in your radar and to be in your radar, you’ve got to be looking at their stuff.

Alright, so those are the kinds of things that I do on Facebook .

There’s lots of other things that have to do with setting up your account and all these different things but just make sure you do that every day.

A few of your friends. A few of your groups and then you’ll see that your engagement is going to start to grow and you’re gonna start to get more and more people commenting and liking your posts.

I hope that you got some value from this and if you think anybody needs to hear this message and please go ahead and share.

I’m sure they’d appreciate it and I would, too.

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