Hey, my friend! Do you sometimes think I can’t say yes to everything?

I gotta think and it’s better to just say no to start.

You think that’s a mistake if you want to be an entrepreneur and we’re gonna talk about having an open mind and why that matters in a second.

But first this, my name is Jean-Serge Gagnon and I help you generate residual income from digital course strategies.

Welcome to Course Income Secrets!

Right, so this morning I want to talk about having an open mind.

Why do you need to have an open mind and what happened to me recently is I actually came across something that it seemed that all the other stars aligned and everything happened perfectly but the thing is that happened because I have an open mind every time I see something.

I don’t just say no. I kind of listen to it because I stuck with the mindset of, well maybe this is good and I listen to whatever the person has to say.

I’m not saying I spent hours listening to everybody’s pitch or their sales trying to sell me their product or anything like that.

What I’m saying is I just don’t put in my head that I’m gonna say no just automatically because when you do that, with the law of attraction, – it states
that whatever you focus on, you attract more of, right?

So if you’re focusing on saying no, we’re not being open and not wanting to hear what others have to say.

Well you’re gonna have a lot less things coming your way because it’ll be, I don’t know the universe senses that and the other thing is that whenever somebody comes to you and they start talking to you about something, you’re just gonna block them right away, right?

Maybe you block everybody automatically whenever they send you a message about their product opportunity.

Maybe you just ignore it.

Maybe you just automatically don’t even listen but you’ll have less of those come your way.

Yes, I get a lot more people sending these spam messages

“Hey, I got this opportunity, this product, this thing, ….. whatever”

And sometimes I’m not interested because maybe the segment of the industry that I really don’t want to get into.

Or I look at their profile and it’s full of just posting about their products or their opportunity so I don’t really sometimes try to help them out because I think everybody needs to learn how to do proper attraction marketing and spending is not a good thing and all this.

But that’s beside the point when you’re thinking about whether you should do something or not, your mind needs to be thinking I’m not sure, let’s take a look at it then on the side right and this is kind of what happened to me with the company I just joined right now.

I’m excited about it and it’s super cool because you know I had a doctor appointment and this doctor told me I have certain little problems that are caused by a little bit of weight gain.

I’m in my 50’s and I’m starting to gain some weight from just being older and I got to fix some of my eating habits.

I got to fix some of my size habits and then of course, you kind of have supplements and this company has these amazing supplements there.

Anyway so I’m not gonna get into that too much because I don’t want this disease to sound like I’m trying to sell you something but if you’re interested in and if you’ve been looking to to lose a little bit of weight or if you’ve been wondering about changing your habits and becoming healthier and growing older better, just go ahead and send me a message or maybe comment below.

We’ll have a conversation.

But that’s the thing so by me being open, when this came across my desk which is basically my newsfeed, I’ve been seeing this this person getting results and over the last few months and I’ve just been kind of watching and I’ve been like “Oh this looks pretty cool” but I wasn’t there yet and
when I saw the doctor and everything, the tip the scale for me.

I’m like, okay I got a I got to do something about this and this person has been good results and I already know her from – she’s a friend of mine.

So I’ve kind of reached out when we talked and you know because my mind was open, I wasn’t having negativity towards whatever she was talking.

But I was just, okay tell me about it. Let me see what is it. What, what does it do? What do you need to do all this stuff?

So by having an open mind, things happen and when we talk about course income strategies, I mean question comes get secrets.

This is an example of something you might be thinking, okay I want to create a course.

This is why I’m listening to the course income secrets. I don’t care about anything else but the thing you have to realize is that courses you can create, a course after course, after course, after course and eventually you can be like, okay what am I gonna talk about?

Well, any new opportunity like this. This is an opportunity for a new course and you top it and speciality and the way of teaching others about, maybe your experience, maybe what you learn you know that’s what it’s all about.

So of course income secrets is not just about creating courses about the industry, attraction marketing, personal branding, how to grow an audience.

All these things alright? So hopefully you have an open mind and if you think somebody else needs to hear this decision, please go ahead and share.

I’m sure they would appreciate that, they would love you for it and I would love you for it.

So we’ll see you in the next video. Have yourself a wonderful day!

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