Hey, my friend! So do you sometimes wonder whether you should be looking at the camera, holding your phone, holding the camera, looking at the camera like this?

Which way is the better way to record? And why? So we’re gonna talk about that in a second.

But first this, my name is Jean-Serge Gagnon and I want to help attraction marketers like you generate residual income from digital course strategies.

Alright, so you know I’ve been recording videos lives since and story videos for like almost four years now.

Almost every day and I used to do different ways of recording.

I would actually do things like this where I would record a video and talk and I would just be like my face with just one eye.

I would just talk like that which has that kind of a difference to it, right?

Or I would do this, you know and I would walk and I would just record like this and and like that.

I don’t think I ever did this but maybe I should sometimes.

So the thing is that you’re learning things.

You’re trying things. You’re seeing what others are doing.

You’re trying different things and maybe you’re wondering which is the best way, right?

So one thing I can tell you is that the better way, the most accepted way is based on how it’s always been done in the TV industries, been in

It’s typically like where your phone is just a little bit above your eyeline, right?

It’s not like too high, not there but it’s right there that because you know you look more natural.

It feels like people are just coming up to you and walking to you and talking to you, right?

So that’s the natural way and the thing is that what I told us.

I posted in there, you know what is it that this guy told me, right?

What did he say that I remember to this day?

It’s kind of funny but it’s not meaner thing.

I was doing a video like this and he just said, “Hey buddy, put the camera up because I don’t want to look up your nose”.

And that’s what it was. You didn’t want to look up my nose, right?

And that made me realize that when you’re holding the phone like this, I mean, you don’t see up the nose because it’s dark whatever but
you never know you could see, right?

If there was light, you could see something but regardless of that, it’s the feeling that maybe somebody gets when they see that.

They think to themselves – that’s yucky, that’s ugly. I don’t want to see that or whatever, right?

So that’s the thing that he told me which I thought was relevant.

You know I thought it was a not a bad way to think about it and not a bad way to remember that,

You don’t want people to be seeing you know they’re right so the other and then over it, over the time it got me thinking

What! Are they real? Why does it matter? Why does it better like this then like this, right?

And there’s a couple of things, right?

And some of these, they’re not verified.

They’re just kind of my thoughts because I’m not a little bit of a thinker.

I put you things together and kind of come up with explanations of things or whatever.

So one of the things that I think is relevant is there’s the whole concept of superiority, right?

So if you’re like this people tend to see when they’re watching your video, right?

When you’re up like this and I’m looking up at the camera, it kind of looks like I’m below you, right?

I’m not as important as you. I’m not as superior. I’m not as good. I don’t know as much as you do and you know you can approach me and feel kind of superior to me or better or you know, not scared to talk to me or whatever, right?

Whenever like this, it’s kind of like I’m superior, I’m higher than you. You’re looking up at me, right?

You’re smarter, bigger, stronger, whatever! And you know, it’s kind of like, you’re a child and I’m the belt and you know,

I’m gonna tell you what to do and so that’s I think, that’s the main reason why while looking down at the camera’s not good because you give that impression to your audience so you don’t want to do that.

Do you want, you know what your audience to think that you’re somebody they can’t talk to.

That you’re some of these. That’s gonna, you know punish them for doing something wrong or whatever, right?

Just like you know maybe a parent would when you what attend a five-year-old.

That’s four feet tall and you’re looking up that your parents. Sure, you love your parents.

You think they’re great and everything but you know that they have the power to.

You know make you do things or tell you that you’re doing something wrong or discipline you or whatever, right?

So you don’t want your audience to have any of those thoughts or any of those subconscious pieces.

They probably won’t think it but they’re gonna kind of feel it right and so I mean that’s the main reasons that I think it’s important and the other thing is if you do this right, that’s it’s probably better than this but it’s not better than just being kind of eyesight, right?

Because eyesight means you’re equals. You’re able to work together. You’ll listen.

You’re gonna be open to their suggestions, to their comments. You’re gonna be interested in what they have to say.

It’s all about being an equal, alright? So I hope you got some value from this.

And if you know anybody who needs to hear the message or they just don’t know which way to set up their phone when they’re doing the
recording, then please go ahead and share this.

I’m sure they’re gonna appreciate it and I will, too.

And we’ll see you in the next video. Have a great day!

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