Hey, my friends! So do you something just ask yourself what does rapport building mean? What does it even mean to build rapport with somebody?

Maybe you have an idea. Maybe you know but you’ve been struggling with that online and you still hear people talk about how maybe
you’re not doing it right or something.

So we’re going to talk about building rapport and what this is really mean and how to do it in a minute.

But first, my name is Jean-Serge Gagnon and I help attraction marketers like you generate residual income from digital course strategies.

Alright, so building rapport, you know, if you’re building a business online, you know exactly what I mean when we talk about, when I talk about how you need to build rapport.

You know that you need to be talking to people, you need to be engaging with people.

If you’ve heard this before, I’m sure you have.

And maybe you’re just not doing it because you feel it’s not needed because you know it’s a number’s game and you know for me, there’s the thing in my head that was like what exactly does it mean.

You know because I’m so, you know detailed and technical and I was kind of like, okay tell me exactly what it means.

Give me examples and I would listen to other trainers talk about building rapport and how they do it and it just wouldn’t click.

I would miss little pieces. I don’t know if it’s ‘coz I’m a dancer or whatever but I know that one thing’s for sure is that I’m not the only one that has any kinds of misunderstandings’ good things or whatever.

I don’t believe that I’m this unique. I mean, sure! I’m unique if you put all my pieces together just like you are but you know,

I know there’s other people that have the same kinds of struggles or same kinds of questions I do and that’s what this, you know, the building course
income secrets.

All about helping others that have the same kinds of questions, same kinds of problems, right?

So I’m gonna tell you the journey I went through to understand what building rapport means and maybe this will help you to clarify a little bit more.

I started, well first of all let me even back up to before the online.

You know, for me I’ve been building network marketing businesses MLMs for a long time. My first MLM was in 1992.

Anyways, the beginning of the 90’s and you know it was that way and we still around. I’m not in it anymore.

There’s still a great company. They’ve been there, still around but that’s not the point.

The point is that I started in the company that’s that you know, talking in lots of things and I became really good at building rapport in person.

Having the people at the gas station, that grocery store, whatever I could actually start a conversation with people and get their number.

I actually did an e-book on that how I had to get their number. I would get, out of ten conversation, I would get nine numbers, right?

That’s totally insane and I learned that because I was good at building rapport but then when I went online like I just didn’t understand that the nuances and how to do it online and what it meant because for me talking was natural whereas typing it in a message, it just didn’t seem the same thing.

It wasn’t the same, right? So what I did is I started listening to trainings and I would like, for example have Aaron Birch or Brian Finale or Ray Higdon or Diane Hochman.

These mentors of mine that I totally admire and love and listen to regularly. You know not to mention Eric Worre and Dani Johnson and Tony Robbins.

I mean, all these people know how to do all this and they teach it and I was listening to Aaron Birch once.

He’s talking specifically about rapport building, right?

And she was saying that you need to ask people question.

Go look at their profile and see what the profiles all about.

Ask them a question and send them that message and maybe some in the friend requests to connect and all that on Facebook.

That was basically the start of your conversation and then building rapport was about finding things in common and having a conversation, right?

But I didn’t know what that meant.

I mean I know what it means but I didn’t know how to do it online and so I started you know telling people about how they liked horses. “You know that’s a great horse”. But I would always forget the little piece that’s super important about building rapport which is telling them about yourself.

So here’s an example, alright? If you see somebody whose kind of profile that they love horses, they’ve got a horse and you say something like, “Oh my God! That’s so cool. I’d love horses. How long have you had your horse?

That’s not enough. You’re asking them a question to build rapport. You got to also add something of you.

You got to say something in relationship to the question you’re asking. For example, “Oh my God! I love, I love horses. How long have you had your horse? I’ve had my horse for like five years or ten years or whatever it is right. I’ve had my horse. I I love doing I love.

You know doing whatever right, whatever it is that that and then that’s that’s what building rapport is.

That’s how that’s really that simple.

But the thing is the secret is there’s you finding something out about them and it’s really cool on Facebook, on social media where you can actually see
something about them.

Their pictures, that kind of stuff then relating it to you and then adding a question about that thing by including something about you that if somebody say for example if somebody asks you that question what would be your answer?

That’s building rapport so you’re going back and forth telling them something about you asking them something about yourself. You’re not just asking questions and telling them how awesome you think it is.

That’s not building rapport so you got to be asking them telling them and then after you’ve asked a few questions, that’s when you can start to ask about your business.

You don’t want to just blurt about,

You need to get in there.

That doesn’t work because 90 out of 99 people are gonna just ignore you or say no, right?

So that’s what building rapport is.

I hope you enjoyed this video and if you think anybody needs to hear this message and needs to learn better how to build rapport, of course don’t
tell them, “Hey I got a video just watch this”.

Just go ahead and share this.

I’m sure they’re gonna appreciate it and I would appreciate it, too.

So we’ll see you in tomorrow’s video.

Have yourself a great day.

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