Should you get a VA?

Do you sometimes wonder if you should get a VA?

What is a VA?

Maybe you don’t even know what a VA is. It’s a virtual assistant.

We’re gonna talk about whether you should get one.

You might be wondering what is a VA? A VA is a virtual assistant. First, let’s define what that is, right? Why do we say it’s a virtual assistant? We say it’s a virtual assistant because it’s somebody who doesn’t need to come into your office. You don’t need to see them every day personally. They’re not there. They’re remote. They’re in some other country and they can do work that you need them to do and you know they’re assistants. They’ll assist you with whatever it is you need to do.

Now that can be in any kind of business but of course we’re talking about course creation, audience growth, social media posting and interaction with posts and things like that, right? So the kind of things that you’re gonna get your virtual assistant to do or things that you know how to do but they’re repetitive. There’s things that and you know they could do easily as you and there are things that you know, if you don’t do, you can do other things that are more specific to what you’re trying to build right?

What does my VA do for me?

Like for me I’m trying to build an online course platform and that’s taken a lot of my time plus I have a job. I have a day job. I have my family and I don’t have necessarily the amount of time that I really should be spending on social media, on creation of emails, on creation of or a sharing of posts or commenting on post. All those things that are time consuming that really, if I don’t do, my business is not gonna grow, my audience is not gonna grow and it’s just if I do that, that’s probably the most important thing for me to do, for it to be happening on instead of just building my business, right?

So building like online course is platform and all these things, right? So a virtual assistant will help with all those things. Of course, you choose what you want your virtual assistant to do.

I chose those things and I’m like, for example, I’m having a virtual assistant spend time on Facebook every day, spend time on Instagram every day and they’re just liking and commenting some posts. They’re not doing anything that you know is not what I would do, right?

How to make it work

So we have a conversation. Of course, there has to be great communication between them and me and we talk about the kinds of things that I want her to do.

What I need her to do and we have an exchange every day, every week we talk about what she’s done and you know I see the post, of course, because I’m logged in as me and that kind of stuff. So that’s one of the things and the other thing I want to tell you is I think my VA is amazing and if you’re looking for a VA then please go ahead and comment below and we’ll see if she’s available and maybe she knows somebody else that can do the work and I’m not sure if it’s okay for me to say who she is because I haven’t really discussed that much with her about talking about who she is but you know for sure I know that she’s looking for extra hours.

I can’t pay her, I can’t have her work all the hours of the week but she is really really good. Okay?

Getting your own VA

So now the other thing is how can how can you get a VA that is really really good. What are the things you can do to minimize getting a virtual assistant that really, isn’t really that good that you’re gonna have to fire after a couple weeks and then find somebody else right. What are the things? We’re gonna talk about that stuff in the next video.

That’ll be on Monday, next week. We’re gonna talk about, what I did to to get a VA of quality, for you know for a low price compared to what it cost to hire somebody here in Canada or the US. I mean the cost of living is all higher. There’s other countries where the cost of living is lower so, of course, they’re willing to take less but at the same time you have to find somebody who’s quality, who’s smart, who’s got the knowledge, who understands what you’re trying to do and that and what I did.

We’ll talk about that next video so if you think that you should get a VA then I hope that this helped to clarify. If you weren’t sure, sorry, if you weren’t sure, if you needed to get a VA, I hope this clarified and why you might need it. It’s all about your time.

What can’t a VA do for you

It’s about your time, spending time, doing things that somebody else could do instead of you so you can focus on the more important things like creating content that is specific to you. Like me doing these videos, obviously, a VA couldn’t do that because it has to be my face, has to be my personality, my voice, right? It has to be me doing these videos so I couldn’t hire a VA to do the videos, right?

So that’s something I can do every single day. Still I can do my videos and I kind of have my VA. You know transcribe them, create the blog post from them, create emails from them, create you know different, different parts of my business that you know don’t require me specifically, right?

Don’t require me specifically but the content has to come from me because that’s the point. right? Personal Branding. That’s what you got to do and if you want to sell courses, you want to create digital courses, you want to have a big audience, you need to have an audience, you need to build an audience, you need to do these kinds of things.

So hope you got some value from this post and I really appreciate you and if you think anybody needs to hear this message, somebody who’s wondering if they should get a VA then please go ahead and share. I’m sure they’ve appreciate it and I would, too. And we’ll see you in the next post.


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