Hey, my friend! Do you sometimes wonder what is a value ladder?

Or maybe you’ve been asking yourself that question.

Maybe you’ve been hearing people talking about it.

We’re gonna talk about what is a value ladder and why that’s important in a second.

But first, my name is Jean-Serge Gagnon and I help you I help attraction marketers generate additional income residual income from digital course strategies.

Hey, Robert! Thanks for watchin’. Really appreciate that.

So, what is a value ladder? Where did I learn what a value ladder is?

I’ve been listening to Russell Brunson again.

You know I’ve been listening to this Dot Com Secrets.

One of his awesome books, if you look in the post, you’ll see there’s a link to get that book and you
also can get the audio book.

It talks about funnels and everything else and what’s a Value Ladder.

Basically, you have a one product and then another product and another product and another product.

And the value goes up.

So, you could have, for example, a free e-book.

When I started online, I join a community that allowed me to use their products and their free content to build my list.

So I had free products I could actually give out. , And I also build a blog site or consulting, course coaching I guess that you could call it.

And I also had their products which is awesome because they’re great products their courses and things like that I could actually sell on top of my free stuff, right?

there’s all sorts of other things you gotta worry about.

But once you have your value ladder, you can then start to produce your audience to bring them up that ladder.

So, for attraction marketers, for example, you might have a free e-book, audio book, article, checklist, depending on your audience and that’s free.

And you would just have to capture their email and put them on your list.

Then . you would have a $5-$10 course or training or something like that but you could offer them once they’ve gone
through what’s your soap opera sequence.

And they’ve started getting your assigned filled emails.

That’s also explained on some other videos I did.

But once they are accustomed to you, they know who you are then you can maybe offer them this $5-$10 dollar product

And then after they’ve gotten that $5-$10 product then you can offer them maybe a $30 or $50 product.

And then $300 to $500 or $5,000, $10,000, $25,000, $100,000. Whatever. You go all the way.

That’s basically value ladder. All these products that are kind of lined up and they all have to be products at your target market’s interested in.

By the way, let me know where are you watching from

You know what part of the world are you in. Have you ever built a value ladder?

That’s the thing, right? You have to have a value ladder and what is about you matter like I said it’s just a series of products that go up in price that you can offer your audience over time. Now there’s other strategies you got to follow to people to actually use those products.

Use that value ladder and and it’s not as simple but the first part is you got to know what it is right.

You gotta know what is a value ladder you just to have it and build a business online without costing you too much.

With value ladder, you basically don’t present any of the products that you sell to your audience until they’re warmed up.

Until you’re warm and you get them to a warm in a hot state by nurturing them getting to know you, getting to like you and getting to trust
you, right?

That’s all part of the whole process. It’s not it’s not easy to do but it is simple you know.

It’s ABC, right? You just got to go through the steps and get there. But it takes time and it takes effort and it takes consistency.

Alright, so that’s what a value ladder is and if you don’t have a value ladder and you need help, go ahead and reach out. Alright?

I’d love to help and figure out what value ladder you can have to build your business online and get the income that you want.

Hopefully you enjoyed this video and if you think anybody needs to hear this message, needs to know what a value ladder is, then please go ahead and share because they would really appreciate it and of course I would, too.

So hopefully, see you again next video.

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