How do you get results? I mean, how are you gonna get results?

I’ve been doing this forever and I’m just not getting any results.

Does that sound like you? Well, if it does you gotta tune in and watch this.

We’re gonna talk about getting results. The results I’m getting how I’m getting them, how can you get results and what it is that they’re not telling you?

So get into that in a second.

But first, my name is Jean-Serge Gagnon and I help attraction marketers like you to generate residual income with digital course strategies.

Alright, so how do you get results?

What kind of results am I talking about?

Well, first of all I’m gonna tell you I did everything they told me to do.

I watched all the training. I did all the videos. I implement that all the strategies and I did all these things and I wasn’t getting any results.

I was like, Oh my God what the hell am I doing? What am I doing wrong? Why I am I not getting any results?

So you might be there, that might be you, that might be what you’re thinking, that you might be feeling that you might have been doing this for months and listening to all this training and doing all these things and you’re just not getting the results.

The results that you want to be getting, right? So there’s a couple of things first.

The results I’m getting is you know I’ve been growing my leads. I’ve got over a thousand people in my email list.

I had a page of 19,000 and I got that banned because of stupid things that I did and I’m gonna talk to you about that stuff more but you know I have about 20 thousand connections on LinkedIn and I got three thousand more connections on our followers on Instagram. All that.

Those are all the reasons. Some of the results I’m getting is just growing my onions, right? Other results as you know I sold some of my courses I had.

I actually just started a brand new business last week in the health and wellness industry.

I didn’t think I would do that but I actually started that and two days after, I actually had somebody joined my organization.

So I imagine how much more this will grow but that’s one of things how am I getting those results.

How did I get that result? How did I get somebody to join my business, just a day or two after?

Even before I have gotten the products that company sells for me to try out, right?

So you must have been seeing my posts about weight loss.

It’s a health and wellness company and I’m taking these supplements.

I’m not changing my habit. I ate pizza yesterday. I ate nachos and I still lost like almost 7 pounds now.

We’re 6 pounds in the first five days, right?

So it’s totally insane. So that’s one of the results I’m getting.

How am I getting those results?

I’m listening, I’m following the basics and the thing is that one of the things I realized too is that the results that I get are not the results that I want necessarily but they’re the results I need.

This is the thing you got to realize when you’re building a business online.

You’re probably not going to get the results that you want when you start and that’s the big lie.

That’s a big secret online marketers we talk about what you want to hear. We talk about what you want to hear.

You’re gonna make a million. I want to make a million dollars a month.

You know that’s gonna happen eventually but the thing is that when I’m looking for result for training or anything like that online, people are gonna tell me that I can make that million a month.

You know what, come on over. We’re gonna help you and we’re gonna show you what you need to do to get there, right?

But the thing they don’t tell you is that those kinds of results are not the results that you gonna get in the first few months.

You know obviously a million dollars a month? It’s an insane example, right?

But the thing is that we often are sidetracked by the fact that we think we’re gonna be getting these amazing results of income or big organizations or things like that right away and there’s so much to learn.

Itt takes time and you know the results I’m getting are the results that you’re gonna get too if you just follow some of the simple strategies I teach here in my videos.

If you just like my page, if you look at my videos once in a while or every day obviously, that would be better if you just watch those and you learn the
little tips over time.

You’re gonna learn the strategies that will get you that big result that you’re looking for but it won’t be in a month.

It won’t be in probably not even in six months, it depends if it’s possible. There I go, that’s the marketer giving you this unrealistic expectation.

You know I’m not saying it’s not possible to make it in six months. What I’m saying is that it’s not typical of somebody who’s starting out so if you’re starting out, chances are it’s gonna take you a year, two years, three years, even five years to get amazing results but you can speed it up.

There’s lots of things you can do to speed that up.

You gotta talk about the little results.

Thanks everybody for watching. I really appreciate you.

If you’re getting little results, celebrate those little results because it’s going to make a difference and it’s gonna give you bigger results faster.

If you don’t acknowledge your results, well you’ll never get those big results, all right?

So that’s how you get results is by acknowledging your little results and by seeing them. Just pay attention, all right?

So hopefully you enjoyed this video and maybe you think somebody else needs to hear this and please go ahead and share.

I’m sure they would appreciate it and I would, too.

And we’ll see you in next video.

Have yourself a great day! We’ll talk to you again soon.

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