Hey, how’s it going? Do you sometimes wonder how are you gonna attract people to you?

What’s the secret to attracting people to the people that you need in your business?

And surrounding to build your business on much sounder course?

We’re gonna talk about that little secret in a second.

But first my name is Jean-Serge Gagnon and I help attraction marketers like you generate residual income from course strategies.

The secret that I want to talk to you is it’s important to build your audience because if you’re trying to sell courses, trying to build a business online, trying to get people in your business, you need to be building an audience, right?

And you’ve heard me say this before, right? Build, engage, sell.

You got to build your audience so they can then engage it and if you’re not engaging drive, they’re not gonna buy from you.

So you won’t be able to sell. So you got a build, engage and sell and one of the things is how do you build there right out of it, how you build people  that you want?

Like for me, I want entrepreneurs. I want people who want to make money online.

We want to understand that the basics of building online and social media, right? But I also want people who think help is important.

We think exercise has been important so I know that you know if I post something like this with me, all sweaty after a workout, I’m gonna repel people who think it’s disgusting, who don’t like to workout, who think that they don’t need it or just plain you know don’t like it.

And that’s okay. That’s the secret.

The secret is you have to do things that you want your audience to like.

If they don’t like you working out, they’re not gonna follow you and that’s okay because you don’t want people that don’t like working out.

For example in my case, right? It doesn’t matter to me if you don’t like working out.

If this turns out that you’re not gonna follow me then that’s fine because I’m not gonna produce content that it’s going to be an adventurous to you so you’re just not gonna like what I do and maybe you’ll even unlike my stuff for me, you’ll report me a spam or something so I don’t want that.

I don’t want people that don’t like working out, that don’t like living in the city, that don’t like working on computers, that don’t like social mediaso th at’s the stuff that I post about.

So you post the stuff that you like, that you want your audience to like and they’re gonna stick around.

They’re gonna like you for you. They’re gonna like you for what you do and they’re gonna follow you and they’re gonna relate to you the same thing with story of how you grew up, where you lived.

All these different things, those are the secret.

That is the one secret to attract the right people to you, all right?

Just remember that if you want to build the audience that you want, remember the things that they like.

When you’re choosing your audience, you’re deciding what your audience is like, what they want, what they don’t like.

So you choose that. That’s when you’re building your audience, your avatar, right?

You’re choosing the things they like, they don’t like so post about that stuff.

Post things that you know they like and that the ones that don’t like it, you don’t want around anyways so don’t worry about…

“Am I gonna look good? And you notice my clothes on right? Is my makeup on right? – If you’re a woman

If your hair is done. Everything. Don’t worry about any of that because if you want people to be around you, to like you for who you are,
for what you are then that’s that’s what you do.

You post you, alright? So that’s a secret.

Keep posting you. Keep posting what you like, what you don’t like and you’re gonna attract the right people.

That’s how you attract people to you, right?

Hope you like this video and if you think anybody needs to hear this message then please go ahead and share it.

Really appreciate it and you know if you’re wondering about how to build a business online, how to generate income, how to excel courses then let’s have a conversation and I’d love to help you get the results that you deserve, alright?

Have yourself a great day!

We’ll talk again soon.

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