Hey, how’s it going? Do you sometimes wonder where the top of the world is going?

And we’re gonna talk about that in a second.

But first my name is Jean-Serge Gagnon and I help attraction marketers like you generate residual income from digital course strategies.

It’s quite amazing to live in a place where you can have this kind of view.

But anyways, that’s the top of the world – one top of the world, top of the building.

What I’m talking about is finding your why your vision, your plan, your goal, right?

What is it that keeps you motivated?

You know finding the top of whatever, it is in your life, That would be the top of everything is the most important thing you can do or one of the most most important things.

Coz you know if you’re not motivated, if you don’t find what it is that motivates you, that keeps you going, that keeps you getting up in the morning like for me, if you’ve been following me, you already know, right?

For me, it’s being with my family. It’s not having a day job, not having a schedule, not having to worry about bills, being free from you know, the 40-hour week right?

It’s being able to do what I want with my family, when I want to and like I said in the post the last couple weeks, there’s been things that happen that really bring that home.

Today is actually a special day and you know it all reminds me of that and I was thinking, I’m going up this to the top of my roof here, to do the shot because it’s such a nice day and the weather’s great.

And I thought okay so and this is kind of how I do things. How do I come up with my topics?

I don’t plan them weeks ahead of time. Sometimes, I can come up with them right then and there right the morning.

I’m thinking okay what am I doing? How can I relate that to my course income secrets, right?

And this is what I put on – what is your top of the world? What is your most awesome day?

You know what is it that would make your life the ideal life? The life of do you want to have.

What is it that you would want to do? Who would you be with? Where would you live?

You know it’s great to live on top of a building like this obviously but it’s not being with my family unless they moved here and we live together here but I’m 12 hours away so it’s kind of a very specific life that I’m living – trying to build the life where I can be with them.

And you know living on a place like this is awesome. It’s great but that’s not my goal. That’s not where I want to be. That’s not where I want to go.

My goal is to be with my family. Hopefully, you have a goal.

You know what it is. Maybe it’s the same goes with me. Maybe you’re working 9 to 5.

And you’d like to quit your day job and you’d like to not have to worry about bills and you know not have to ask your boss for the day off, for the vacation. You know 6 months at a time.

Maybe you’d like to just take a plane and go wherever you want, whenever you want, right? Maybe you want that.

I know, I do. So you know, just find your top of the world. Define your top of the world.

What is it? What is that that’s gonna keep you motivated?

Put that on paper and you know maybe let’s have a conversation.

I’d love to hear from you. I don’t know if you’ve been following me for a bit, you might have noticed that I started losing some weight.

I’m actually diet today. I’m going to be posting the details of that but I’m down to 7 pounds or even 8 pounds maybe. But it’s insane.

I didn’t think that that would be possible so if you’re interested in trying this out, let me know.

Let’s have a conversation and if you think anybody needs to hear the message of finding that top of the world and please go ahead and share this video.

I’m sure they would absolutely appreciate it and I would, too.

And we’ll see you in the next video. Have yourself a wonderful day.

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