Hey, how’s it going? You know there’s a big lie in the online world and that’s you should be better than the other person.

That you should be better than the neighbor.

And instead I’m telling you that you should always be you and we’re going to talk about being you and why that matters and why so important and why you shouldn’t be believing that big lie.

But first this my name is Jean-Serge Gagnon and I help attraction marketers like you generate residual income from digital course strategies.

So that’s the big lie that we should be better than the other person.

That we should be better than neighbor.

I mean, that’s how the society teaches us.

That’s what we see on TV.

That’s what we see in the papers.

And now on social media, right?

To know what you’re looking through social media, you’re going to see the stuff that the social media platform want you to see of course.

They base it on your likes and your activities and things like that, but they’re still going to show you things that they think your age or democratic, your location, your education wants that you want to see right?

On top of the stuff that you’re kind of engaging right?

That’s why it’s important to do engagement, to be proactive to be liking people’s, to be visiting the pages – all these other things that’s beside the point.

The point is why do you need to be you? Why do you have to always be you when your building a business online?

The main reason is that no matter what you do, eventually people will know what the real you is, right?

So if you’re like me, I work out. So this morning I am doing this live before and after my work-out

Before getting ready for work and all that and you know, I’m not perfect. My hair is all messed up and I’m sweaty, right?

And that’s me. My place looks all messy.

This is what it’s all about.

I’m not saying that you talk about your problems, that you talked about all the negativity or whatever it is that’s in your life is having trouble with and I’m not saying to talk about those things.

Because some people do that and that turns other people are afraid. You’re going to be careful.

Now what I’m saying is don’t try to pretend. When you go to work, you’re dressed in sweatpants or you’re dressed in a nothing fancy and then you start recording videos online or you dress up and if you’re a woman, you put the ton of makeup on and you look really like if you’re going out like you do once a week or once a month and that’s how you do your videos.

But that’s not really you. I’m sure if you put on makeup and you dress really nice every single day to go to work then yeah, that’s you.

So go ahead and do your videos that way.

What I’m saying is do them the way you are normally,.

Whatever, whenever you wear your dress, whatever, where you’re working. Whatever way, your kind of makeup you have on if you’re woman

And you know, if you’re a guy, you wear make-up then geez! Don’t worry about it, that’s you.

Coz you’re going to attract people that like you. You don’t want to have people who like whatever this made-up person is because eventually you’re not going to be able to continue being that made-up person.

You’re going to become you eventually so why not be you right away!

Right away right now be you, you know, post content that is what you like, what you want to track.

You know, we talked about your your your target market. We talked about attracting your your first your perfect person. We talked about, you know, figuring out who your target market is.

Typically, that’s you. That’s kind of like you what your personalities like.

You’re going to want to attract people similar to you, right?

That’s the easiest thing to do. In the online world is to track people like you so be you so that you can attract people like you.

And people that aren’t like you, that don’t like you well, they’re just not going to follow you.

They’re just not gonna become your target market.

They’re not going to become your audience.

And that’s okay because if you want to track people that like you for you, the way you are, right?

And I really appreciate you for watching me because I know that if you don’t like me, you’re not going to follow me.

And that’s fine because I want you to like me for me.

So I’m not going to hide behind some made-up stuff for you know, what bleach do I use?

I don’t I don’t bleach my hair. I put something as part of my daily thing and it’s the sun that bleaches my hair.

But anyway,so you gotta be you. like yeah I’m me. This is what I do.

You shouldn’t be afraid of what you are because when you’re up there, forget about social media – you know building an audience.

Forget about any of that stuff and if you’re going out to a party or something.

Well, you’re you. People are going to like you.

If you pretend to be somebody else, it’s going to show, you’re not going to like it.

So online, it’s the same thing. So always be you.

It’s really the most important thing. The biggest lie out there is that you got to be better than the other guy.

Got to be better than neighbor.

Just don’t believe in that big lie.

Be you. Always be you and you’re going to succeed online.

It takes a while, but it’s going to happen.

Just be you.

I hope you enjoy this message.

And if you think anybody else needs to hear it, and please go ahead and share them. They’d appreciate it I’m sure and I would, too.

And we’ll see you in the next video.

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