Hey, are you the one I’m looking for? That’s the question you gotta keep asking yourself whenever you’re posting content or recording a video.

You gotta be asking yourself, “Is the person watching the one you’re looking for now?”

We’re gonna talk about that what that means and why in a minute.

But first this, my name is Jean-Serge Gagnon and I help attraction marketers like you generate residual income with digital course strategies.

Alright so, are you the one I’m looking for?

What does that mean?

You know when you’re thinking about your content, when you’re thinking about your videos, when you think about your courses, whenever you’re recording all these things, whenever you’re thinking about the content, you got to be thinking about the person that’s going to be watching it.

The person that’s gonna be buying your course, the person reading your posts, the person that’s gonna be receiving your email.

Those people have to be the ones that you’re looking for, right?

So you can’t be just sending out these things to just anybody right?

Same thing with me in my content. Income secrets – something that you’re interested in.

Obviously if you’re not then you shouldn’t be here, you shouldn’t be wasting your time listening to me, right?

That’s just the way it is.

You need to be the one that I’m looking for.

I’m also looking for a web designer for a website and I’m doing this journey on weight loss, right?

If you’re here watching my video, you should be subscribe to my YouTube channel.

You should be following me on Instagram. You should be my friend on Snap Chat.

You should be the one that’s interested in everything I have to talk about everything I have to say.

When I produce the content, I should be asking questions that you’re interested in, asking questions that are talking about problems that you have.

The danger is if you’re gonna be changing what you’re doing, you’re gonna lose your audience so I can’t be just all about weight loss all the time.

I’ve bring it up a little bit here and there because it’s something that’s changing my life right now.

So I want to talk about it but I have to be careful.

I can’t be talking about that all the time. I got to keep focus on the course income secrets.

You know you’re here because you want to learn how to generate income from the the eCourse boom.

You want to learn how to create courses. But my big thing is not the income from courses you create but it’s about the infrastructure around.

That it’s about the affiliate programs. It’s about the the income you get from from sites.

And so you know why I’m looking for a web designer and I I don’t want a web designer who has no interest in courses, who has no interest in making income online.

I want somebody who’s an entrepreneur.

I want somebody who wants to make money online, who wants to generate residual income from the digital course strategies.

I want something like that but you know I’m looking for somebody who has this extra skill, right?

Who has this this skill of being a web designer so if you’re that person, let’s talk I need I need to talk to you.

And same thing with my weight loss, I want somebody who wants to lose weight but who’s also interested in making money online.

Somebody who who is interested in the digital course strategies as I teach.

Somebody who wants to make money from affiliate income and also wants to lose weight, right?

So that’s the thing. So you’re gonna weave those things into your audience.

What is your audience? And when we talk about your avatar your specific avatar, that’s specific perso.

When you listen to almost any marketing training, they talk about this avatar – this one person.

Give them a name. Give them an address. Give them you know, do they have kids or not? What’s their education level?

That’s your avatar. That’s the one person.

Are you the one I’m looking for?

When I’m posting videos, I’m always thinking are you the one that I’m looking for?

You, right now, listening to me, right?

You, right now,  so are you the one that’s going to build a business online that’s gonna make a residual income?

Or you could get enough income that you don’t have to work anymore.

That you’re building more and more residual income every single month to get to a point to a freedom, spend time with your family.

Are you that one?

Well, if you’re that one, let’s connect.

Let’s have a conversation and if you think you know anybody who needs to hear this message, then go ahead and share.

They would love you for it, I’m sure. They’ll appreciate it and I will, too.

Alright, so that’s it for today. I hope you are having a great day and we’ll talk again soon.

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