So what do you think about getting a blue ocean and a red ocean?

Understanding the need to have a place where you can attract the right people and sell your products, sell your customers, sell your services, sell your courses, right?

So you need to figure out what your blue ocean is. We’re going to talk about that in a second.

What is a blue ocean anyways, right? So we’re gonna talk about that in a second.

But first this, my name is Jean-Serge Gagnon and I help attraction marketers like you generate residual income from digital course strategies.

Now we’re gonna talk about blue oceans versus red oceans.

I don’t know exactly where this term comes but I know it comes from somebody else before Russell Brunson but he talks about it in his experts secrets book which of course you can get in the link I posted there.

But the thing is in his book, he talks about the fact that if you want to really have success online, if you really want to succeed in selling your product,  selling your services, selling your courses.

You know having people join you in your business. Having people just follow you.

If you want to have success, you’ve got to figure out what your blue ocean is and what this is?

What the blue ocean is versus the red ocean?

It’s basically your place where you find your customers.

So they talk about red ocean and blue ocean.

Because a red ocean is basically a blue ocean in the beginning and then there’s a bunch of competition and then there’s every person that’s trying to sell the product.

You know they start fighting for the same customer and it’s the reference of blood in the water and all this stuff.

Because everybody’s fighting and the ocean becomes red, right?

So it comes from the days of war and all this stuff.

But the thing is that your blue ocean is all fine and dandy.

You know go find a lake someplace that there’s no blood in it or whatever.

That’s all still blue. But how do you find that?

How do you figure out what that is?

How do you find a blue ocean?

Because let me tell you about it.

Most online entrepreneurs, we’re all in the same basic markets, right?

We’re in that in their work from home market. We’re in the health and wellness market. We’re in the relationship market.

You know education it’s it’s theirs.

They’re mostly all red oceans so how do you find a blue ocean in those red oceans?

Well the secret is to figure out a self niche.

It’s not about like say for example you’re in in the health and wellness and you’re in a weight loss, right?

Well if you’re in weight loss, there’s there’s millions of other people in weight loss.

You can’t just be saying , “Hey, I want to help you lose weight. I want to help you.”

You know, whatever. You got to figure out something specific that you want to focus on that has to do with your target market.

So for example, it could be, I’m gonna help ya 50-year old men that are starting to notice that they need to lose a bit of visceral fat.

They might have you know just like me for example, right? I’m not that age where when I think about my weight.

I certainly don’t think I’m  too big or whatever but at the same time I know that health-wise, I need to lose a bit of weight and that could be my blue ocean, right?

All the men that are in that scenario, there’s still lots of other people trying to sell to those to men but they might be also trying to sell to women at the same time.

Trying to sell to younger man even older man and it’s not a specific age. It’s not a specific maybe education level.

It’s defining your avatar. Kind of trying to figure out who your avatar is.

It’s so important to figure out what your blue ocean is and if you figure it out then it becomes a lot easier to produce your content, to do things that are related to that blue ocean.

Now me, I still have to work on that. I’m still working on it.

I’m not saying I’m like the most amazing expert in that but I’ve learned a lot and I’ve been doing things more and more towards that.

I’m defining my blue ocean for my online course, for the weight loss I’m doing, for the attraction marketing that I’m building, my personal brand.

I’m defining those things as I go doing a better job day by day.

And that’s the secret. You got to get in there and start working on it now and just just move ahead.

You can’t define your blue ocean completely and then start working.

You got to kind of work it. You’re gonna get in there and then start the process of making it better and better and eventually figuring it out, right?

But you do have to figure it out because if you don’t, you’re gonna be just one of those in that red ocean and you’re gonna get beat up and you’re
gonna not succeed the way you should, alright?

So make sure you define your blue ocean.

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