Hey, how’s it going? So do you sometimesbthink about getting a virtual assistant?

How do you find a great one?

I mean you can find lots of virtual assistants out there.

It’s not that hard but how do you know that they’re gonna be a good one for you?

And how do you know you even trust them?

How do you know you know all that stuff?

So we’re gonna talk about that in a second.

But first this, my name is Jean-Serge Gagnon and I help attraction marketers like you generate residual income from digital course strategies.

Alright, so getting a VA is super important. You know getting an assist.

I mean, eventually no matter what kind of business you’re in, you’re gonna need an assistant or more than one, right?

You’re gonna need people to help you build your business because let’s face it.

We’re all just one person and there’s only so much we can do as a single person, right?

Especially if you’re like me and you’ve got a daytime job and you’ve got a family, you’ve got this all these other projects you’re working on.

All that it seems like you’ll never have enough time to do your thing, to do your business, to build your business.

So that’s when you’re gonna need an assistant.

Now like I said in the post, I’ve been wanting to hire an assistant since the very beginning of my online journey because there’s a lot of things that I know that somebody else could do that.

You know that’s something I do every single day and you know these processes that are basic things but they need to get done.

So you know getting a VA is gonna help you with to free your time, to do the more important thing.

It’s same thing as say for example doing the lawn.

I mean if you’re gonna be making you know 100 200 500 dollars an hour or something in your business eventually whether it’s at the starter or whether you expect it to be after a while.

Well, it doesn’t really make sense to spend you know four hours more in your lung when you could pay somebody ten dollars an hour.

Maybe five an hour. Maybe 20 bucks to get it all done versus wasting your time that’s worth maybe $500 an hour.

It doesn’t matter if you choose to value your time based on how much you think you’ll make eventually and that’s kind of how you judge whether you should be doing a certain thing or not depending on how much you pay somebody to do it, right?

So same thing with your virtual assistant.

Like me, I’ve gotten the virtual assistant now which she’s doing awesome.

She’s doing things like creating my emails that go to my list from my blog posts, creating my blog posts from my videos.

She’s going through my social media, liking and commenting basic comments.

You know things like that’s great or looks yummy or things that you know she knows that I do all the time.

We’ve had conversations about it so she does these things about an hour a day doing things for me so over a week it’s five hours, right?

So you might be thinking,”Oh my God, that’s gonna be expensive”.

You know you can hire somebody for probably 10 to 20 bucks an hour to do that kind of stuff in the States, in Canada but this is a thing you’ll find somebody in a country that the cost of living is lower and they’re willing to to take less.

So how did I find this this person and how do I know that they could be trusted and how did that I do that, right?

So this is what I did alright.

Number one, first of all I I decided I’m gonna go to the countries that have a lower cost of living that’s on their website. I forget the name but just google that.

You know cost of living in country X or something and you’ll see that they have a whole bunch of different levels and shows you price of things and whatever it so but the best country rthat I found is the Philippines.

The he reason for that is because in the Philippines, their education system includes in English so everybody there does the good English.

You can find lots of other countries but they don’t speak very good English, right?

Like India for example is another country that would be great for that but you know typically it’s hard to find somebody who has good English there.

At least somebody who’s willing to take a little low payment, right?

There’s also Morocco. There’s a lot of other countries.

And sometimes it’s hard to find somebody speaks English that’s why Philippines is my favorite so what I did then I posted on a Facebook group Philippines work from home job, right?

There’s a bunch of groups like that so I just posted in there saying I’m looking for a virtual assistant and I said something like if you know how to do social media.

If you know how to based on Facebook. If you know how to cut and paste.

If you know this like I listed a few things then you know comment below and I’ll send you an application, right?

Now remember social media, you want engagement because if you just post a link right there in your post, you’re not gonna get too many people that will actually see that because Facebook doesn’t want to show they put a post with links.

The other thing is you won’t get the engagement because people will just click the link but if you ask them to comment first of all, you’ll know that they follow direction a little bit and secondly by adding their comments and your comment and telling them you’re sending a private message.

That kind of stuff adds to the engagement and the post gets seen by more people, right?

So don’t forget that.

So the second thing I did is I created a hidden blog post on my site.

If you go to my site/VA, I told them to go there and on that page, I list what the responsibilities are what I was looking for a person and I tell
them what to do to apply and I say send me in the email, give me details of you know how much you expect to be paid, what kind of hours you can
put in, you know anyways things like that.

So for me it was like, okay I gotta find somebody who’s gonna actually you know reply, who’s gonna follow direction then they’re gonna do that.

The next thing I did number three was I did a zoom session with them so now out of all the applications I had, maybe 50 people asked to get the information in the post in Facebook.

Out of those 50, I had five to ten people send me an email, right?

There’s only three that I responded back and they replied back so we had a conversation.

And after those three, I had two zoom session scheduled with two people now.

I could have done more. I could have tried to meet more and in the end, out of the two I picked one, right?

And actually to be totally transparent, one of them didn’t even show up at their zoom session.

They were late by like five minutes and then I just cancelled it and then I got an email from them saying, hey I’m waiting for you like seven minutes
after I started the thing, right?

So I just like if you can’t even you know be on time, I can’t see you being you know on time and doing things and whatever right?

So that’s the thing so now then last the person that I did choose, I had another zoom session before actually hiring her and we talked about her skills, how she could help me, what are the kinds of things I needed to do.

I want to make sure that she understood. I wanted to know that she could speak English well, that she understood English,that  understood what I was asking.

She did really really good of course. The next part is securing your accounts now.

The thing that I figured when you’re running a business and you’re hiring somebody and they come into your office, you give them a key to the door or maybe you’ve got a cash there. You trust them with that.

Anybody can steal things but in the end, you’re running a business, you’ve gotta trust.

You gonna make that risk, take that risk, right?

So this person could have been somebody who wasn’t trustworthy.

So what I did to kind of secure things as I set up an account on the LastPass so that she could get my passwords without having to without seeing them in the browsers, right?

So she could log in and that way if anything happened I didn’t like it after a week or something, I could just change my passwords and then she wouldn’t have access to them, right?

And so that’s that’s the extent of what you can do.

The other thing is the social media like on YouTube and on aWeber and on ManyChat.

I gave her admin account access which isn’t use of my password, right?

So that way for those ones again that I could just shut it off.

So because I wanted to go through the process like I said, I created a post in the Facebook group in Philippines work from home.

The other thing I did is I create a blog post with listing of what I’m a suspect in them to do and ask them to send me an email with the details so I knew they were serious and number three I did a zoom session with them to find out about their English and make sure they can talk, they they’re a good fit and then of course number four is I used a tool to secure my account passwords, alright?

Hope you enjoyed this video and if you know anybody needs to hear this message and of course, please go ahead and share.

I’m sure they’d appreciate it and I would, too.

And we’ll see you in the next video. Have yourself a great day.

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