Do you sometimes wonder how are you gonna balance family and business?

Your business and your family.

How do you balance that enough?

I bet you heard a lot of stuff but you keep trying and trying and it’s just not working.

You’re getting your arguments.

You’re getting upset the family members.

You’re getting people that you feel they should know but they don’t and how do you do that?

What’s the secret to the business and family balance?

You might be thinking okay what is the answer, right?

What’s the answer?

It’s really a very simple thing.

It’s called communication.

And it’s called family comes first.

So why communication?

You’ve heard family comes first.

For me as a man, I feel that’s what I’m doing.

I’m putting my family first.

I’m building this business.

I’m thinking about them all the time.

They’re on my mind the reason why I’m doing it.

I want my family to be happy.

I want to have the income to pay for the cool things I want to have.

I want to have the income to be home.

I want to not have to have a job.

All these things to me is because my family’s come in first.

But the thing is you have to understand is there’s the principle of inclusion.

There’s a principle of the communication and scheduling things.

It’s all part of that and that’s the things we usually forget.

I know that obviously this is stereotypical.

There’s differences between men and women all over.

But typically at least for me, this feeling of putting my wife first and her feeling that she’s first is two different things.

Because we’re different people.

We have different ways of seeing things.

We have different understandings of the world, different understanding of what a priority is and putting somebody first and all that.

Those are things we see differently.

You have to understand that there’s a difference between you and your spouse.

Whether you’re a man or a women.

There’s a difference you’ll sees things a certain way so the most important part – the secret to work family balance.

Saying work because it’s because you have to have a schedule communication of what you do, what you need to do and have a schedule and agreed-upon schedule when you can do things and when you should not be doing things.

This becomes something that we both can clearly know what’s going on.

Like right now my wife is here and I’m doing this video.

She understands because we’ve had really good communication and now things are pretty clear.

We understand and when I say I have to set up to do my video in the morning, she knows already.

And she’s okay with it because we’ve talked about it.

It’s clear because she understands why.

Because we’ve had communication and she feels included.

She feels first.

She feels like I care about her.

I care about what she thinks.

And the secret is communication and caring that the other person understands what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.

So remember that you’re secret in business family balance is communication and scheduling things and being clear as to what you need to do and why you need to do it.

Just remember that make sure you communicate and you have a schedule.

If you think anybody else needs to know this message then please go ahead and share.

I’m sure they’d appreciate it and I would, too

This is Jean-Serge Gagnon.

Until next time.


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  1. thanks! that is really great Jean-Serge Gagnon. I wish all men and women were like you.

    Family is really important

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