Hey, my friends!

So do you sometimes wonder what is a persona?

Have you heard that?

Have you heard about personas?

And somebody telling you that you need to define your persona.

You really need to select your persona.

You had to select your persona so that you can define your attractive character.

Alright, so first of all what’s a persona?

A persona is a definition of your personality, right?

You could be an entrepreneur, a leader or a reluctant hero.

It could be what else is there.

There’s different personas in the online world.

If you listen to Russell Brunson’s audiobook or read his book, DotComSecrets, he talks about that a lot.

He talks about the persona.

He talks about the attractive character.

He talks about defining that.

He talks about all these things

This is where I learned it from.

I’ve been doing this online stuff for years and recently I realized that one of the things I hadn’t done was define this persona.

Define this attractive character and and put together a proper email sequence.

I haven’t done that because I didn’t really know.

I didn’t know that was important to do.

I learned other things from the other marketers that they did 5-10 years ago.

With the online world, with social media, things are going so fast that things change regularly.

It’s not about the fact that social media changes because social media is really just the extension of our communities, our world, right?

Whatever’s in the real world, if you think about communities a 100 years ago how that worked, people would go to church every weekend.

They would live in small towns and they would all congregate together and they would all talk about their lives.

They would all be interested in other people’s problems or successes or whatever.

That’s just kind of how do social media.

It’s no different but the thing is that we’re still learning how to use our skills to be more seen as somebody that’s valuable to learn from and to listen to.

To create an audience that’s really interested, that knows likes and trusts you, you need to have the way to communicate them regularly.

That one way is to post daily like I do on Facebook and talk about things and just get people to know you a bit.

The other thing that is important is getting people on your list because you never know tomorrow Facebook. You would have no more audience.

You got to build an email list and to keep that email list interested and engaged.

You need to send them regular emails and one of the things you got to do is send them the initial introduction emails which Russell Brunson describes as the soap opera sequence.

He explains what that means but they even create the soap opera sequence, you need to have an attractive character that people are gonna be attracted to, that will be interested in actually looking at your emails and reading your emails.

To get to the attractive character, you need to choose a persona.

That person can be whatever you want but you’ve got to choose it and you’ve got to stick to it.

That’s how you define the rest.

Your persona gonna define how you’re gonna think of your attractive character.

For example, your persona is a leader, well when you talk about your attractive character, you’re gonna be talking about things that the character help others to learn, helped others to grow, helped others to follow. Because the leader leads.

A leader shows others how things are done.

The leader shows by example by doing right.

so how you would define your attractive character.

Be somebody who is showing others how to succeed, who’s getting success in sales.

That’s a leader.

So you got to define that persona.

If you don’t define the persona when you’re trying to create your attractive character, it’s gonna be kind of hard to do because it’s not gonna be precise and specific.

You got to make sure you define and you choose your persona.

If you think anybody else needs to know this message then please go ahead and share.

I’m sure they would appreciate it and I would, too.

And we’ll see you in the next video.

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